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15 Great Black Doors in White Room Design Ideas

Doors dark and very dark shades best suited for modern styles of interiors, for example, modern. It is very important the material from which they are made. A good option would be a door of such precious woods like walnut, wenge, merbau, oak-exotic, ash-tropic, tick, Panga-Panga, and others.

If you follow the advice of designers, the dark interior doors also perfectly complement the luxurious and opulent interiors of the Baroque. Usually the color of the doors is chosen identical to the color of the floor. Although, to be honest, this design rule, does not exist. Very effective option would be to create a contrast color door with the floor. Because the main condition says that the door was in harmony with the style of the decoration, however, it can be absolutely any color.
What are the design techniques of color matching doors to the interior
The color of the doors and floor coverings need to pick the right. On this depends the success of the design space as a whole. The most common techniques designers are the following combinations:

doors and floors dark color;
dark doors and bright floor;
door and floor light color;
light doors and dark floor
The combination of dark doors with light floors
The color of the doors you can pick up, focusing on the color of the walls, floor or furniture – anything. And you can just buy doors that do not fit, and Vice versa, contrast – if the floor is light and the dark door. In this case you need to purchase and trim in the color of the doors and skirting boards that surround the room. In this embodiment, the door will not come into disharmony with the overall interior design, and Vice versa, will be very advantageous to look. Yes and from a design point of view, extremes always look extremely impressive. Among other things, the doors of the dark colors in the interior help to create a climate of austerity and elegance.

However, it should be remembered – the contrast of the door and floor is very bold and original design solution, which is possible only in large rooms. Contrast this should be pronounced. Otherwise, the interiors are extremely bland and blurry. And, of course, do not forget that there is the likelihood that the doors are too hard to stand out against the bright interior. And in order to mitigate this undesirable effect, it is necessary to correctly choose the baseboard, or rather, to choose the exact same shade, flooring and doors.

The combination of dark doors with dark floors

This variant, in which there is a single color scheme, are much more common and is no less advantageous, if the door leaf will be one or two shades lighter than the floor. Because on a subconscious level we read picture of the interior from top to bottom. And if, for example, indoors ceiling light and dark on the floor covering, door in such a case, act as a liaison. Also, it is not desirable to use a combination of dark doors with dark flooring in small rooms, because from an overabundance of dark color it can turn into the most natural mink. Thus, the main conditions for such design decisions is the availability of the room large Windows and high ceilings. Nor less important and the degree of illumination of the room. Otherwise, this option should simply be abandoned.

Black door bright interior

Black interior doors the interior is very stylish and elegant. However, you should follow the basic rules of harmony and combination of all interior items. If you use door black, the walls must be white, and the floor must still be a few shades lighter doors. This contrast is used to provide a feeling of spaciousness, and also, for aesthetic purposes – in this scenario, the colors will play better in next door to each other. While the versatility of the black color provides the ability to use accessories from the most unexpected shades.

The benefits of dark doors

Recently dark interior doors have become very popular. This is due to the fact that, according to contemporary designers, they are perfectly in tune with most interiors. In addition, dark doors give the interior of nobility and are less easily soiled and practical. And they look very personable and respectable, because they are made usually of arrays of trees of valuable species. They are available now in a fairly decent quality, and the prices of domestic producers readily available to all consumer groups.


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