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20 Best Modern Greek Interior Design Ideas

A wonderful history of Greece, especially the Ancient, its cultural wealth, expressed in art, architecture, still not indifferent to his millions of fans. Greek style in architecture, interior design has become an object to follow. As the main feature of the Greek style is the absence of any elements of luxury, ease of finishing, with almost ascetic appearance, it is quite natural that fans of this style are practical and Thrifty people, but at the same time, loving comfort. In the Greek style is a blend of antiquity and modernity. He is characterized by cool colors, the presence of ceramic tile and marble.

The history of Greek style

The history of any culture is inextricably linked with the stages of development of their country, and often nearby. It is believed that the Greek style originated in the period VIII – VI century BC.

The history of the development of Greek style has several periods. For early periods in the history of the development of the style of typical mythological orientation, in which the most important place was given to the ancient mythological gods, which symbolized the power and prosperity of the Greek Empire. At a very early stage (VIII-VI century BC) was the formation of the basic principles. In the period from the sixth century in 470 BC began a gradual change of the principles and elements brought from Egypt, Asia, in appropriate religious views of the people of Greece, his spirit form. In the period from the fifth century by 338 BC in the Greek style has changed significantly. The style becomes more noble, harmonious. The materials, shapes, decorations has elements of luxury. For the next period (IV century – 180 BC) the history of the Greek style is characterized by the influence of the East. Structures are more lush and spectacular. In the last period, after Greece is in the power of the Roman Empire, Greek style merges with Roman art. But he still retained their basic features – simplicity and practicality, while the Roman style was characterized by luxury and pomp.
Greek style is characterized by:
high ceilings
columns with stucco
meander patterns
color palette of natural colors, no bright colors, at least gilding
granite, ceramic tile, marble
the furniture is simple in form, made of natural wood, handmade, leather upholstery, velvet excluded
the vertical orientation of all interior parts
textured plaster walls, Wallpaper excluded
decorative items such as vases, vases, figurines, sculptures
minimal use of fabrics on the Windows
Before you can realize your dream apartment in the Greek style, make sure, like your apartment for its design in this style. Otherwise, whatever is done, the apartment will not correspond to the classical notion of Greek style.

Ceilings in the Greek style

Ceilings should be high, to give the occupants a feeling of freedom, space to draw the eyes upwards. To emphasize the greatness of everything in the room, the ceiling back monumental columns with stucco.Sometimes the ceiling is imposed meander patterns

Often framed ceiling plinths of the art of molding.

If available, ceiling mounted box in the form of a square, which improves the illumination of the room

The heart of the ceiling is usually a massive chandelier hanging on a gold-plated chains, and small lamps positioned around the perimeter of the ceiling, it is advantageous to allocate ceiling moldings.

The ceiling is finished textured plaster. The tone of its color should be in harmony with the color of the walls. But most often the color of the ceiling and walls the same.

Greek style does not exclude different level ceilings, allowing you to get out of a sticky situation at a different ceiling height in the room.

The walls in the Greek style

The wall requires a special approach, because not all suitable for their decoration. Applies only textured plaster, which gives the austerity and simplicity of the room.

Occasionally used panels of wood or any other cladding material (ceramic tiles, stone “Lastouski”, etc.)

Greek style allows niches in the walls that run through the drywall. Often this is done at the expense of room space.

Sometimes, the owner, set columns, cannot be implemented because of the small space. In this case, Greek style allows to solve the problem by installing polyurethane pilasters.

Color in Greek style

Use only natural colors – lemon yellow, white, various shades of blue and green.

Gender in the Greek style
Greek style does not set clear rules for the design of the floor. But carpets are not welcome Classic floor is laid out with marble, mosaic tiles in the form of a meander patterns,

But does not exclude other types of coverage.

Pets combination of different coatings that by no means diminishes the beauty and originality of the floor

The furniture in the Greek style

Furniture in the Greek style is characterized by:

simple but sturdy upholstery of chairs, sofas. Leather, velvet does not apply
the legs of chairs and tables curved on the outside.
made from natural wood.
Accessories Greek style
Accessories interior room usually presents ceramic, marble urns, jugs, statues of ancient heroes,

mythical beasts,

wall ornamented lamps.

The fabric on the Windows are extremely rare. Mainly found in residential areas in the form of natural cotton, flax. Flower vases are found in the Greek style is very rare. Ceramic cookware is present in abundance.

We wish all of you who like simplicity and asceticism in harmony with the past, the ancient beauty of the Greek style, to make my dream a reality, the benefit that it is not so difficult and means possible.

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