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20 Best Zebra Print Interior Design Ideas

The apartment of the man, especially, modern, should be the place where it is warm and cozy, and the environment is pleasing to the eye. One furniture and Wallpaper this area do not create, will be a very ugly kind of apartment. To prevent this from happening to the apartment reigned comfort, desired aesthetics. It must be all – in upholstered furniture, floor covering, bed linen, curtains, wall panels. Not excluded, however, and exotic solutions. It is often used ornaments, drawings, textile products, made in the style of exotic countries and continents of our planet, for example, Africa. The design in this case is done with emphasis on the fauna of Africa. Particularly spectacular use as elements of the interior of the apartment with natural skins of lions, zebras, reptiles or by the imitation of these materials (floor coverings, upholstery, textiles, wall panels and so on). These items will help to create a real sense of huts distant African village

African elements in the interior of the apartment

African motifs are quite popular among lovers of the exotic. The interior of the apartment with the inclusion of hides and skins of exotic animals (Zebra, lion, Panther) or their fragments outside the African style looks pretty exclusive and original. This includes the possible use as natural skins, and they are very good copies.

Living room
Use in the sitting room of contrasting colors skins Zebra, brown and white, in combination with a leather sofa, and fireplace will allow you to spend a winter evening in the family circle, in the circle of friends. And, of course, unobtrusive to brag exotic your living room

Image zebras, of course, it would be best to blend in with the other characteristic attributes of African style, such as a chair or Ottoman with coarse braided brown cushions, sofa cushions with contrasting colors

A great addition to the skin of a Zebra will be the presence of other skins of exotic animals, in particular, the African leopard. This enhances the feeling of nature, wildlife

Well, if you are wealthy, you can afford to throw on the floor near the table (chairs, beds – your choice) the real skin of a Zebra that will beautify your bathroom. While the Greek style of your room will perfectly blend in with African motifs

Harmoniously chairs upholstered in Zebra with light brown color, the color inherent in African motifs

When the interior of the figure zebras, be aware that in large rooms looks better big picture, rather than small. This will be a more harmonious look, especially if the room is not overloaded with furniture

Well furniture, upholstered Zebra, with sofa cushions that have the same accent stripes, like the skin of a Zebra, complemented by the presence of exotic items

The bedroom should always be warm and cozy. And if the floor of your bedroom concrete and cold? A concrete floor can be insulated, and at the same time to Refine, laying carpet, carpet, carpet, imitating the skin of a Zebra. In conjunction with African motifs tone walls, furniture, curtains, the skin of a Zebra on the floor looks very harmonious, and the bedroom is warm and cozy

Looks great pillow with a picture of a Zebra. The feeling of touching your face to the pillow, covered with the skin of a Zebra, in some distant African hut, which is twice pleasant after a hard but successful day

And if before you go to bed, your feet still touch and skins Zebra – this will be the height of bliss and oneness with mother nature

But the culmination of your creative thoughts, of course, there is room to go up the ceiling, reed or straw blinds, chairs, upholstered in under the skin of a Zebra and pads, with a similar figure. Light brown tone of the walls of the Palace completes the harmony of your room huts

Children’s bedroom is no exception for exotic motifs. Walls you can hang Wallpaper, interior labels that mimic the skin of a Zebra, in a form that is understandable to the child’s imagination. This will make various colors of the nursery and the favorite place of the child

The inclusion of the figure “Zebra” in the children’s bedroom in harmony with other elements of design: curtains, bedding, upholstery, wall panels. The color palette is made in yellow, orange, brown, red and beige.

Zebra is perfect for your working office. Currently very popular decorating the walls, which can be done using photo Wallpapers, interior labels. Motives African style, the easier and cheaper it can be expressed as Wallpapers with views of African animals, in particular, zebras

Kitchen room
The contrast of the black and white flooring, wall panel adds some freshness and coolness of your kuchnie that will undoubtedly prove to be useful in the hot summer season.

To find the use of the figure “Zebra” in the interior of the apartment is not so difficult. You just turn on your imagination and the result will not make you wait long. Figure skins Zebra can be used in the most unexpected places of the interior of the apartment, for example, in the bathroom

Often, African motifs are expressed in the floor covering in the form of skins Zebra. It can be carpet, carpets with a pattern resembling the skin of a Zebra Carpet in the hallway flooring, laminate wood, and made in the form of skins Zebra is not only the decoration of its interior, but also protect the floor from wear and tear, because the corridor is the most active and subject to wear zone in the apartment

Wall panel with an image of zebras, in combination with figures exotic animals and plants will be a good addition to any other interior style

The presence of Zebra in the interior elements will allow you to create a unique atmosphere in the apartment, even if you are planning to perform the repair is not in the African style. Exotic elements will allow you to create exactly what you want from each apartment, each room is comfort and convenience, allowing us to forget the routine and its troubles. And most importantly, not compared with anything, the feeling that you are part of nature.

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