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20 Cool Dark & Black Ceiling Design Ideas for Modern Home

First of all, black is a very versatile, simple and without frills. He has an unusually stylish and expensive looking, and perfectly creates a special atmosphere of presentability. Of course, this color should be used within reasonable limits – then he will benefit and will give your interior elegance, nobleness and elegance. Generally this color is chosen by many designers to create unique and exclusive interior. After all, black is beautiful in combination with dairy shades and bright decorative spots. Glossy black ceiling just great for making the most creative and unique ideas. However, many of this color scares. And it is in vain, because if it skillfully use and not to overdo it, you can create a very stylish interior.

For any style he is best suited? First, for a bold urban. Secondly, in minimalism, thirdly, art Deco, modernism and the avant-garde and even in the classics. Moreover, black ceiling good as in the veins of the premises, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and other rooms.

However, there is one BUT it is not advisable to use black or dark ceilings, where their height is less than three meters in rooms with small Windows. Also, to avoid the gloom, it is desirable to frame the ceiling plinths white.

Black ceiling in bathroom

Let’s start with the fact that this room is designed for daily water treatments. This means that its design should be approached very carefully, because you need to create maximum comfort. If you want at home to create a comfortable atmosphere of the hotel, you can arrange a private black tile entirely. Then the tiles will be wonderful to reflect the glare from the lights. Ideal for the decoration of the ceiling of the bathroom will be black stretch ceiling. Judge for yourself – this cover perfectly withstands moisture and vapor, easy to clean, goes with any plumbing, and just looks fabulous. But, if for some reason you do not wish to use it, there are other options for the black coating, for example, metal or lath ceilings, tile, plastic or water-resistant tile. However, for tile ceiling should be perfectly smooth, because it repeats its relief.

Black ceiling in the kitchen

Kitchen design should consider the hostess herself, because this premise is its possession. If she prefers black ceiling in the kitchen, in this case, the furniture in the interior implies quite simple and without frills. For example, light wood, with natural shades. For countertops perfect dark-brown colors, as well as for the working zone. In any case not to overload the different kitchen décor, because it should be freely and easily. As for materials, t by far the most popular is the black ceiling, perfectly reflecting the glitter and all sorts of effects from the use of lighting. Of course, there are other finishes, for example, dark Wallpaper, black panel or the cheapest form – drywall construction.

Black ceiling in the bedroom

For premises bedroom black ceiling floor is also ideal, strange as it may sound. Moreover, the ceiling will give the interior a special elegance, luxury and extraordinary fashionable appearance. The bedroom is a quiet place for rest and relaxation. And the ceiling is rich black color perfectly helps create a comfortable relaxing atmosphere. As a finishing material selection there is pretty big: latex paint, Wallpaper, panels. But the most popular today are stretched ceiling, outstanding usability and great design variety. For example, matte black ceiling will contribute to a comfortable but simple appearance, muting all the glare from the lamps. Glossy option for their own good, looks bright and even creates a light intimate atmosphere. And if you hang ornate chandelier, it will create an incredible effect by reflecting light. And of course in the interior should still be present details of black color to create integrity. Black goes well with yellow, orange, gold, green, blue and pink shades.

Black ceiling in the living room

Stretch black ceiling (better yet glossy) for the living room is the best fit. In combination with bright furniture and many small decor comfort for the living room will be provided in order to spend her time. To create a quite restrained and austere interior best black and white combination, representing the classics. These colors perfectly soften and complement each other.

In General black has the property, muting the rest of the shades. In this regard, it is typically used in combination with bright colors, because pastel colors it just makes invisible.

What should be taken into account, creating an interior with a black ceiling
The main feature of the black color is that it creates a great contrast with the rest of the design elements. The maximum effect is achieved if the interior walls are white. Such premises very stylish look.

Do not forget about the chandelier, which in this interior should be quite bright, because black tends to absorb light. Stretch ceilings are dark shades add to the interior special colors. The contrasts in this best created between the ceiling and walls. Although, in the flats black color is still not being used as often. But for people unusual and creative is just what you need.

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