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20 Fabulous Green & Lime Wallpaper for Walls Design ideas 2015

For anybody not a secret that color can affect the psychological state and even his health. Therefore it is very important making repairs in the apartment to correctly choose a color scheme, in which the interior. And in this article we will talk about shades of green, but rather about the Wallpaper in shades of green.
The psychology of color
Professionals say that the shades of green have a positive effect on the human psyche. In the interior there is always a harmony, tranquility and warmth, which sometimes is lacking in everyday life. The room design in shades of green helps reduce negative emotions, immersing the person in a calm atmosphere balance. All of this color palette, ranging from rich green to the most delicate shades, very close to nature, and therefore the room in these colors coming out that are spacious and spring freshness.

Shades of green and interior styles

In addition to the General characteristics and each of the shades of green has a value characterizing traits of the person. So, for example, malachite and emerald symbolizes luxury and wealth, and therefore is ideal for those who love the pomp and luxury in the interior. But the subtle shades of sage on the contrary will make the room note of moderation and peace and people will go, confident, with a clear position and principles of life, boldly going towards my goal. Such shades of green will fit in almost any decor, but especially good, they will look classic and French styles.

For country style would be ideal Wallpaper with vertical stripes or cells gently olive and rich color of the first green. These Wallpapers will visually increase the height and will make the room cozy and inviting.

The green color is so versatile and multifaceted that the set of saturated and bright colors can be used in the most modern interiors in the style of hi-tech, art Deco, modernism and minimalism. Not necessarily Wallpaper paste over the bright green color of the entire room, in color may be accomplished one of the walls, which will set the atmosphere of the entire room.
Choose green Wallpaper for apartment
Each of us strive to create in her apartment a unique atmosphere in which you will be comfortable all members of the household. This raises a basic question: concolorous or with a pattern? Of course you need to come from a goal and desired result, but it also happens that it is suitable Wallpaper will set the tone, mood and style throughout the interior. And the thing is that the producers of this wall finishes offer such a wide range that does not get lost in such abundance will be only one.

And here you need to follow only their own tastes and preferences. However, when choosing one or other of the Wallpaper should follow the simple rules relative to further processing facilities.

So, if the Wallpaper is plain smooth or textured, in the interior can be safely included colorful carpet and a variety of contrasting elements. But if you choose Wallpaper have contrasting transitions or a clear pattern or picture, then the rest of the decoration and furnishings in the room should be as quiet as not to disturb the harmony and not to overload the space.

It should be noted that when a saturated pattern Wallpaper all the decorations, textiles, and even furniture should be chosen very carefully so that no detail is lost harmonious design pattern. Also important is the fact that patterned Wallpaper green shades are able to visually expand the space. It is therefore advisable to paste Wallpaper such small rooms to make them seem bigger.

What to use green Wallpaper

That correctly selected the Wallpaper and furniture pledge of a spectacular interior knows each of us, but that’s not all known techniques to help achieve the highest possible combination, it would seem, in principle, incongruous details.
Take, for example, a children’s room where all the walls and ceiling in white, and one of the walls papered with white Wallpaper with deep green animal figures. What is the secret of such a spectacular view? The point here is in the details. You should pay attention to the dark floor that blends with the frames on the wall and the walls of the crib, as well as the pictures are hung paintings in warm, practically solar shades that are ideal under a striped floor Mat. And the final touch in this picture – pillows and blankets are light olive green hue, which is located on a white chair. It is these small details that complement each other and create finished interiors, which even bright accents don’t hurt the eyes and don’t seem to be superfluous.
Combine green can with any shades. Foliage color, the color of pine needles and green grass will look perfectly with all the warm tones of natural wood. And all saturated bright colors: yellow, purple, blue, red, orange and others. But for the gentle green tones great companion will be pastel colors that accentuate the freshness of greenery.

The diversity and energy of the green color makes it unique. Wallpaper in shades of green will fit perfectly in any room – and where desired aesthetic beauty, and where the important impact of color on the emotional state. Delicate shades of green are perfect for a bedroom, nursery and kitchen, but in the living room or office it is possible to use saturated colors that will give the room grandeur, luxury and importance.

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