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20 Simple Decor Ideas: Two Windows in Living Room

Living in each house is one of the most versatile rooms in which you and guests to take and hold a gala dinner and just relax on the sofa in front of the TV after a busy day. Poet to the choice of the interior of this room should be taken seriously, consider all the details. Here you need to create a special atmosphere which is both cosy, comfortable, festive and welcoming. One of the main decorative elements in the living room is always a window decoration. And the more Windows in the room, the more interesting it becomes a problem. In this article we will talk about a living room with two Windows. We will consider all of the advantages of such rooms, as well as all the details regarding the arrangement of furniture and the design of window openings.
Playing with space
For anybody not a secret that the city apartments do not have large bathrooms, but because there is never appropriate various design techniques aimed at visually expanding the space. First assistant in this matter are the mirrors between the Windows or on the opposite wall. A good companion to this judgment will become bright walls and ceiling, through which the room will seem light and airy. But when using dark and saturated colors, the room will seem small and compressed. On Windows in this case it is better to choose a translucent light curtains or very thin curtains that will not aggravate the space. It is also very important a drawing not to clutter up a huge amount of furniture and decorative items.
A not unimportant role in the interior plays and lighting with the help of which you can also make the room look bigger. Living room this is the room in which will be relevant Central chandelier, all kinds of lights on the shelves and niches, as well as sconces and floor lamps.

How to arrange furniture in a living room with two Windows

Save space in a small living room is one of the main tasks, and therefore it is very important correctly to pick up and arrange the furniture. And if in a room with one window that task difficulty is virtually, if there are two Windows on one wall or on adjacent walls, then there will have to dream a little. This is best done in an empty room, so if you have some furniture, it is better to learn from the living room.
First of all you should decide what furniture you want to see in your living room. This can be a standard couch or sofa, coffee table, Ottomans small chest of drawers and bookcase. It all depends on the quadrature of the premises, and of course personal preference. In the little room under symmetric window you can put chairs, excellent companions will be the floor lamps and small tables. In the space between the Windows excellent fit artificial fireplace, however, it is necessary that the distance between the window openings it was not less than one meter. Near the opposite wall you can put a sofa. If you imagine their living without a TV, it can be put in place by the fireplace. And he would originally look on a special table or attached to the wall. In the first case above the TV as a decorative element will perfectly fit family pictures or matching the style of the film.

If the quadrature of the room allows, the ensemble of armchairs, sofa and coffee table can be moved to the center of the room, freeing approach to Windows. Such arrangement will make the living space more functional, though not quite the usual for our country. This version of space planning popular in Western countries, but there’s room and decided to do several times more than ours.
What to do if Windows on adjacent walls?
If you are happy living room with two Windows that are located on adjacent walls, it is precisely this feature of the design space should be made a focus of the entire room. Primary, you need to make the angle, which converge these two walls, namely, to set there the sofa or do in this corner fireplace or a chest of drawers and decorate it with various decorative elements. Although this is not a mandatory rule and in this room, you can arrange furniture in a familiar way: along the great wall sofa, coffee table before him and finally two small chairs.

Rules window decorations

The basic rule that must be followed to create in the living room with two Windows harmonious interior is that the window openings need to make absolutely identical, the only thing that can be done graphically design in mirror reflection. But the color, fabric, layers, and elements of all kinds of curtain should be the same. Even if the room has an elongated shape and is divided into zones, should be selected such textiles, which will not only link the two areas, but ideally will suit the design of each of them.

It should be noted that the textile in a small room plays a very important role and it can, how to breathe ease, and to keep all the space. And in the case of a living room with two Windows, this problem becomes even more acute, so the room is better to prefer light fabrics with vague patterns. A great option would be the pieces of furniture or cushions in the color of the curtains, which will make the image of the room is harmonious and complete.

In the new-fangled styles of interior design will perfectly fit Roman blinds, which are located directly in the window opening and not take unnecessary parts of the walls, making the space larger. For small Windows, you can use blinds, which are also well save space and add lightness to the interior.

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