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20 Simply Ideas How to Light Your Bathroom Right

The led bathroom there are many, including not only traditional with a large chandelier in the center, but also very romantic in the form of a “starry sky”. The question is how to properly and correctly install all kinds of lights, so the room has got the highest comfort and functionality. There is an opinion that the bathroom needs to be not only bright, but close to the lighting characteristic of the adjacent premises. In such case there will be discomfort at the exit. Also there are many disputes as to whether or not to correlate quality decorative lamps with functional whether spotlighting on shutdown to serve as a decorative element in particular. But to find the answers to all these questions can only be based on the kind of stylistic is your goal and what preferences you have.

The light should match the design

First of all, you need to remember that the light in the bathroom must conform to the General design, which includes both sanitary equipment and accessories placed around the room and usually purchased in a single collection. Anyway, it will be correct. For example, if the room is loaded with various shining decor, it is advisable to use visible or even hidden from the eyes of the lamps. And Vice versa if the premises are discreet plumbing, faucets and decorative elements, in this case will be the most suitable ceiling lights, which are bright enough and will serve as wonderful as decor.

In addition, the decorative properties of the illumination is on, can change significantly when it is off. For example, with the lights off in the bathroom non-light small size can not to attract attention. However, as soon as the light turns on, it instantly transformed and produces the show. It can be colored flare, refracted rays glittering face or a game of shadows. Fortunately, modern led or spotlights are made with the expectation that even normal water treatments to look more aesthetic.
However, do not forget about the observance of safety regulations, as missteps are simply unacceptable. Any source of light must be securely protected from direct exposure to water, and the metal fittings of high-voltage devices must be grounded. By the way, halogen lighting gives a better light than normal bulbs, and this despite the fact that the power consumption is the same.

Modern bathroom lighting design ideas

If the room the bathroom is quite small, sometimes missing one lamp to provide the desired illumination. The spacious premises usually set a few lights to light more evenly distributed. By the way, the presence of a large number of lamps allows to reduce the power and size. For example, became particularly popular small lamps with halogen bulbs, because they have very small size. Halogen lamps can be of two types: embedded and open. In suspended ceiling mounted recessed light fixtures, ceilings can be made of any material. There are also fixtures that are directly fitted in the ceiling. The light beam recessed ceiling fixtures usually goes straight to the floor.

However, this is not always a rational decision. In this connection, for General lighting are used most of these spotlights, the angle of which is adjustable. Design based on conductive strings and tires, the variety of forms which allows you to mount them to the ceiling and to the wall. Thus, you can create all sorts of unique combinations. Fortunately, the light sources are very mobile and easily rotate in the desired direction. And can even be removed from the entire system, while not disturbing appearance.

Overhead ceiling lights too, has not yet been canceled, especially because they are almost ideal solution to the issue of illumination of the bathroom. They are easy to use, economical, easy to install and provide a comfortable environment for water and for cosmetic procedures.
Backlight furniture
In any bathroom, there are various shelves, bookcases, drawers, lockers, etc. If you equip them with illumination from point lights, in addition to wonderful decorative effect and an additional charm, you will be able to quickly and easily find the right things among which stores them in a variety of sundries.

Light zoning
The bathroom, like any other, needs to zoning, not even technically complex. In any bathroom, it is recommended to allocate, as a separate functional area, located near the mirror. If the design space is more complex and has different podiums, niches or other frills, then zones can be much more, in this case, the light zoning is performed using local sources of lighting.

The space around the mirror is a working and has a number of nuances:

this zone requires a fairly bright light source, but not loud and not blinding, perfect solution – scattered light which can be any of the shades of frosted glass or white plastic (why white – because other shades can create a reflection on the unpredictable changes);
lighting near the mirror can be implemented in different ways, but the most common and is considered a convenient option in which symmetrically placed pair of lamps – this eliminates the cut-off transitions, and provides even distribution of light;
if the mirror has a large width, it is possible to achieve uniform illumination can be achieved by placing lamps horizontally along it, keeping a height of about two meters from the floor;
if the mirror is of average size, it would be best to equip lights around the perimeter;
the mirror can be illuminated by lamps absolutely any type – it depends on the design of the lamp, while its range is preferably as close as possible to a natural spectrum lighting
mount fixtures can be made as to the wall, and directly to the mirror, and you don’t necessarily have to resort to drilling the mirror surface, there is a special glue with which the lamps are bonded
Directional light
In order to relax and have fun in the bath, it should be made separate from other plumbers. Today many manufacturers produce bath, which has an Autonomous light, which creates a very impressive and spectacular sight. However, to acquire a bath have the opportunity not all. So let’s talk about what are the ways light zoning for holders of ordinary baths that don’t glow on their own:

the bath area can be selected with the aid of a beam of light aimed clearly at her, and the rest of the space immersed in gloom;
can be hung sconce with shade of colored glass if the lamp is off, you can install it in two lamps of different colors, which may be switched on either simultaneously or separately;
if the ceiling is low enough, and the room itself is spacious, it is a good idea to group it in a certain sector of multi-colored lights – this will give the effect painted in different tones of spaces that will gently flow into each other;
if you want, then light the zoning can be done by hanging one lamp on each item of sanitary ware
Outdoor lighting
Additional outdoor lighting can create a beautiful atmosphere and a special mood in the room bathroom. This can be done using special lamps with special high strength and integrity – those that are used to illuminate garden paths. They usually have the size of the outside diameter of approximately five inches, and the depth to nine inches, and light bulbs they need with a capacity of no more than 5 Watts. Because the materials used to finish the bathroom, usually glossy (tile, metal, glass, mirrors, lamps DL bathroom should have a faint glow.

Finally, the Aqua show “colored water”
Today in the age of technological progress almost every, if desired, to arrange in her bathroom now the Aqua show, providing, thus, a great relaxation. And this is done using a special led shower heads, faucets, and using colored ribbons. Such illumination have several colors, easy and quick to set up, and also have a number of interesting and even useful features that make the adoption of water treatment more pleasant.

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