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20 Amazing Modern Victorian Interior Design Style

The modern world is replete with many styles of interior design and man, sometimes, it is difficult to decide what style he likes. In one style, it attracts a classic color palette, the other elements of the exotic, in the third – items “bygone days”. And in this situation, the Victorian-style will help him to combine his every whim. However, there is one “but”: the person wishing to carry out the interior of his apartment in a Victorian style, must have quite a lot of money, because the apartment is in a Victorian style, which is an expensive pleasure. What is this original Victorian style?

Victorian style in the interior

The second half of the XIX century is considered the beginning of the formation of the Victorian style. The name “Victorian” style was named after the reign of Queen Victoria, who in this period he reigned. Its appearance is due to the fact that in this period the English bourgeoisie, by the rapid development of industry in the country, began rapidly to prosper. Wealth gave birth to a natural demand for luxury apartments, expensive interior. Appeared during this period the opportunity to travel, gave the British the chance to experience different cultures, life, life and art of other peoples. Favourite foreign styles of interior of the houses, the British enjoyed incorporated, which was a sign of good taste of the owner, his solidity and prosperity. As a result of this and appeared Victorian style interior.
The Victorian style and its characteristics
high quality, reliability and high cost of interior
the presence in the interior of the old classic items
the combination of interior elements several styles – classic, exotic (Chinese, Indian), Gothic and Rococo
respectability, a sense of proportion in all parts of the interior
the interior of each room is made in a separate style, but most often it is the fulfillment of interior in several styles
the furniture is red-brown and light brown tones are made from wood of valuable breeds.
the presence of flowers, plants, not necessarily living
the rich library
heavy curtains, made of the best curtain fabrics, always in harmony with tulle lace curtains
Rules interior Victorian
In order to properly execute an apartment in a Victorian style, its owner should have at least an idea about the elements of those styles of interior that he would like to see in this apartment. Using the elements of exotic styles, not to make them dominant, otherwise it will be the apartment is not Victorian.

How to decorate the walls in Victorian style
Victorian style in part of the wall design differs from other styles of interior. It provides for the walls only fabrics or Wallpaper. They should have a certain pattern: stripes, realistically depict flowers, birds, animals. Much less commonly used volumetric ornaments in low relief.

Used wooden panel from valuable breeds, decorated with various ornaments. Should be no more than one-third of the wall height. Often used this element of the Gothic style, as the multicolored stained glass in the form of arches. Stained glass – the most striking and easily recognizable element of the Gothic in Victorian style.

Classic style with an attitude of respect to the family relics and values. This is evident in the paintings, and portraits. Portraits, paintings, paintings are hung on a special rack.

The color palette of the walls of modest means. Mostly preferred dark red-brown tones and light brown color. Light gray walls partially used and rare.

Often in the interior of one room you can find several styles. So Rococo welcome large mirrors. Preference is given to full-length mirrors, but this is rare. The Gothic style can be represented in the form of stained glass, fireplace with carved frame

The design of the floor Victorian
Victorian style does not provide much variety in the design of the floor. Most often preferred parquet floor, made of natural tree species. Currently used linoleum with parquet design. The color of the floor should match the color of your walls, furniture.

As a floor coating can be applied and the art ceramic tiles

However, recently became popular flooring laminate. This floor can be covered with inserts of a different pattern and color, of course, compatible with the surrounding background color.

Of great interest to fans of Victorian style will present carpet flooring. Red carpet goes well with the classic color of this style is light brown.

Features interior rooms in Victorian style
Victorian style in the early stages of its development was quite bulky interior with a lot of fancy patterns and ornaments. The furniture also had a rather massive appearance and many of the carved decorations. But over time this style was different sense of proportion, although still echoes motifs can still be found.

Mandatory attribute of the interior is the fireplace. His presence is always in the living room. Perfectly fit the elements of the Rococo style. They are presented in the form of furniture made of mahogany. Furniture legs necessarily curved, the furniture is carved decoration.

The furniture is made of natural precious wood: walnut, mahogany, stained oak. Often the furniture is carved decoration, sometimes inlay of precious stones and metals.

Victorian style is unthinkable without the library, its contents should not remain indifferent to any indifferent to literature person.

Since the interior of a Victorian style incorporates elements of several styles, there is a certain dependence of these styles from the destination room. Elements of the Gothic style can be found in figure moldings, huge Windows, high ceiling, in a mandatory attribute for Gothic – the fireplace. The presence of the carpet with intricate drawings talks about the presence of Indian style.

Victorian style perfectly combined with elements of Rococo style, which is characterized by pastel colors, furniture with curved, carved headboards. Here you can find a Gothic heavy metal chandeliers, Cabinet handles from metal.

Pastel colors, the presence in the room of flowers and plants, a massive chandelier above the table give the elements of the Indian style.

Design Victorian style is also based on a combination of walls, ceilings, pastel colors (cream, pale yellow, light green and so on) with warm colours, parquet, furniture, characteristic of the classical style.

A kitchen in a Victorian style determines, firstly, a massive table in the center of the room. Kitchen lighting provide a massive chandelier and a few extra lights. And of course, the walls, the furniture should be soft, soothing tones. On Windows at least textiles.

As the living room of the British mainly intended only for meetings with family members for a modest dinner (the British do not like the presence of strangers in her apartment), this room and looked accordingly. The table is round in shape. Around it chairs or sofas. And, of course, a massive chandelier in the center of the table. English Suite no candelabra is not conceivable. Because without it, it is impossible to create in the room the comfort and warmth of the atmosphere, feel the breath of the past centuries.

Victorian style is a perfect style for comfort lovers, for lovers to gather in the evenings by the fireplace in the living room on the family tradition. If you enter the number, if you are a wealthy person, then this style is definitely for you.

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