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20 Warm Ideas For Pink Living Room

More recently, the color pink can be found mostly in the interior of a bedroom. Today, this color is widely used in design, and even in the design of the living room. And this is due to the fact that pink brings a lot of positive emotions such as tenderness, lightness, sensuality, sensitivity, warmth and even hope. Don’t believe? Try to design the interior of your living room in pink and understand how extremely comfortable it will be, because you will possess peace and balance, and bad thoughts instantly recede, giving way only to the positive. Actually, this space promotes relaxation and introduction of optimism.

How to use pink in the interior

Like any other color, pink has a lot of very pretty shades. For example, color tea rose is perceived in the interior is very comfortable, warm and cozy. To it will perfectly fit any accessories bright and saturated color.

Designers have to combine pink color in a different shade, as if in half. Good combinations include the combination of pink with shades such as chocolate, white, black, grey, green, blue and beige.
The combination of rich pink color with a darker shade is able to visually reduce the size of the room, while bright lengthen the space.
A great option is the design of a living room combined light pink shades with vibrant.

The most popular and dramatic combination

Consider the most common and winning combinations with pink color:

pink and white – this combination is considered traditional, can be used various shades of pink, giving a duet with appropriate mood white interior: softness, lightness, ease, gentleness, relaxation, freshness, etc.;
pink and creamy – this combination gives a living extraordinary elegance and femininity, the interior looks very elegant and provides a soothing effect;
pink and grey is a very noble and elegant combination, perfect for living rooms design, to enhance the effect, it is recommended to use the mirror, and deep velvet or shiny silk fabrics, fits and metal accessories, and if you use a grey for the walls, you get a wonderful background to create a very dramatic interior;
pink and green – at first glance, this combination seems incongruous, however, using this combination, the interior gets an amazing spring freshness and appeal;
pink and yellow – the combination of these two colors creates a sense of sunshine, uplifting, if only to use not a deep and muted shades, otherwise visual space can be reduced and become darker;
pink and blue – at first glance, the combination of looks wrong, however, this combination is very fresh and impressive looks, especially if you use a light delicate shades, and if you add white color, then it will give more and airiness;
pink and red for these colors refer to the same range and wonderfully complement each other, though, the most spectacular Burgundy color looks in combination with pink, giving a feminine interior of some of masculinity;
pink and purple – in properly selected proportions obtained a wonderful combination, which can be supplemented purple color, giving the interior of mystery and romance;
pink and black – this combination requires careful thoughtfulness of the design project, because it is not so simple, but the skillful use of colors, the interior is very striking;
pink and brown – this combination is a classic, always looks terrific, especially if you use a shade cocoa
The basic principles of interior design living room
The main advice that designers usually give is to try to minimize the color pink, which will immediately attract attention. It is enough to put a sofa and two armchairs pink color and the interior will be considered pink.

Amazing pink living room design ideas

Also, keep in mind the basic design rule – if decorate the walls bright pink shade, the furniture should be chosen necessarily neutral colors. And Vice versa – if the walls are issued in neutral subtle colours, the furniture is bright and juicy.
Classic living room also looks great in pink, as in ultra-modern style, because the shade is very versatile and harmoniously in almost any design.

Women note!
Using the pink color, you need to always remember about the sense of proportion.

This is especially true of married couples. Because the pink color in excess of able man, figuratively speaking just to stun. Yes and the woman he can fairly quickly get bored if its amount will be uncontrolled.

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