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200 Sq Ft Bedroom Design Ideas: New 2015 Slideshow

Sleep quality determines the activity, mood and health for the whole day. Each of us has our own understanding of comfort, organization of recreation and therefore personal criteria in preference of design. Below, variants of the projects, inspiring ideas and personal creativity.

Making rustic traditions and commitment to the ecology of housing – relevant topics of our time. Judging by recent trends, designers are actively interested in the rural way of life and do our best to get in touch with nature. So, for 15 years the Institute Pantone color selects the color of the year, reflecting the spirit of the time. This season fashion favors textiles, design apartments in the wine shades, namely, to a natural spectrum. Marsala – precious Sicilian drink, outlined the fashionable tone and became the personification of the popular scales. He successfully accentuates the nuances of grey, pastel colors, also in harmony with amber, brown, Golden, turquoise, pale green palette. Especially frequently exploited for emphasis in the bedroom.

In contact with nature

Theme country increasingly being offered in the housing arrangement, and finished projects differ only in the cultures. French Provence, American, English country, stylized Russian hut designated national features and allow you to recognize as belonging to one of the mentioned directions. The use of wood in buildings furniture and facing to the liking of fans of unpretentious design. Patterned Drapes, patchwork bedspread, wicker chairs, Pastorals on the walls, fine thread in the finish create a warm atmosphere. The canopy over the bed of muslin, linen, or cotton colours supports colours and blends in with the background.

Wooden bed base flawlessly in terms of decor and quality. Solid fabric acacia, yew, boxwood, hornbeam are considered the most valuable and expensive in cost. Corps of oak, birch, walnut slightly inferior in price but not in strength. Pine and other soft rocks are considered to be available to buyers of the category average. The presence of eco-friendly material in advance due to sleep deprivation and aesthetic appearance. Enough sanded natural wood pattern, expressive structure contributed to the decoration of the room.

Boards in the bedroom – an unusual decision, however, to argue the merits of such processing is difficult. If you want to be fit fashion, instead of a headboard build a low fence or move the bed to the wall, attached to it by logs or paneling.

Different solutions
Bedroom – sitting area, where there is no place fussy thoughts and unnecessary things. And if someone does not represent the relaxation without gadgets, people prefer a Spartan conditions and austere life. The Zen garden is not active neglect of materialism and the philosophy of life and perception of reality. It is appropriate to complement the room with candles, dried flowers or a beautiful bouquet, brick walls, wooden panels or stone.

For Biedermeier style characterized by solidity, comfort, quality materials. This is the case, where appropriate any combination of matte and shiny bases, different textures and encouraged personal creativity. Of course, you can get a standard set of furniture, universal drapery and decor, however, have the opportunity to showcase the talent in needlework, materialized in the form of wipes and other paraphernalia made with inspiration. A prerequisite is that the collection of plants, which is great quickens the perimeter.

In the room with minimalist design and is easy to breathe and sound sleep. In the interior are operated light tone with a valid inclusion in a contrasting colour. The number of items is strictly limited and only due to functional necessity. If such a decision and equipment not inspire optimism and pathos will add art Deco. It features bright colors, expressive accessories, glare crystal chandeliers, the opportunity to combine East and ancient, exotic and great art. Smooth lines, ornate feet of interior items, the combination of glass, wood, plastic, stone will indicate modern. Vintage bedroom waiting for the multicolored patterns, retro furniture, accessories printing time, it is interesting rhyming with modern items.

Add colors and creativity
In the project there is always a place of their own opinion. The desire for maximum comfort while preserving stylistic kernel allows a certain transformation. Bedroom might look like a man simple, feminine cute and cozy.

The design of the bed and pair of nightstands determines the composition of the room. Play on the contrast of textures, color combinations allow you to avoid the clichés in the design. There are 3 colors, beautiful duet from lamps to provide the bedroom presentable.

How to decorate your bedroom of 18 square meters

The picture at the head – a tactic overnight to redefine a space. Nothing can dilute the monochrome perimeter, as a bright spot on the wall. To create visual impressions rather than 1 large-scale canvases. By the way, the big picture better than collage of small plots. Primarily, this applies to abstractions and their presence in contemporary styles. Depending on the concept consider different options. In hi-tech, to set off the whiteness, you need to add color. In this manner the embodiment of the idea is characteristic of the stories on the wall: they are clearly marked compositional background, what can be said about the eclectic mix.

Inscriptions on the wall, embroidered pillows with names or individual letters, laid out in words, personalize the perimeter. The idea is wonderfully realized in other ways. Luminous panels, the text of the poster or mural – part of creative solutions. In addition, the achromatic perimeter is appropriate to use the door as a canvas. The surface is allowed to paint in colors, to make stained-glass panel, using plastic to make the inner surface in the form of a chessboard, decorate daisies or applications from a fabric. In alternative versions of the accent is proposed to be done on one of the walls. The question is easily solved as in fashion multi-format Wallpaper, ranging from paper basics and ending with the collections with texture simulations.

In harmony with textile
In the perimeter of the bedroom textiles in a special position. A set of curtains and bedspreads, made from a single substance, guarantees excellent effect. Amazing results likely to be achieved with tissue-companions in linen with two-sided figure, when the background color is duplicated on the canvas. Not less beautiful composition, color covers and cloth upholstery headboards are identical and coincide with window drapery.

Monosyllabic solution implies a dynamic alternative. If you find boring intimate atmosphere of a room, contact the racy combinations or change the drape relative to the seasons. A thick curtain of warm palette should hide in spring and prefer colored curtains, organza, light muslin and other lightweight texture.

You should pay attention to the duets with blue and brown, tandem pistachio and chocolate, brick and khaki, purple and yellow. Colorful schemes recognized by the fashion and designed for maximum visual effect. For this reason, the colors have a high saturation. Paint is most clearly manifested on solid foundations, as linen, satin, cotton and blended compositions with the addition of synthetics.

A few rules for a cozy bedroom:
Engage in design 3 colors. On the background 2 is calm, there may be a contrast or a more expressive relatively basic.
Look for matches with the bed linen and curtains. Perhaps it will be the same as the color or shading of the wall.
Bed with high headboard or requires dynamic drape window, or similar textile colors. The background looks good curtains with large color prints and the dominant tone of the upholstery fabric. The elements covered desirable to repeat and in drapery.
Do not clutter the space with unnecessary items (Ottomans, tables, couches), including paraphernalia. Air circulation and the free movement of energy – the key to healthy sleep.


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