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Amazing Accent Wall Ideas

Working on a design project of his apartment, many are wondering how to create an exclusive and extravagant interior. However, over time the brightness and extraordinary can disturb the calm and measured life, will cause irritability and poor health. Always be in the room with bright colors or unusual pieces of furniture and accessories not everybody. In such cases, an accent wall is a kind of compromise in interior design. Accent wall stands out from all other structural parts of the room due to the unusual color, texture or pattern. She is able to balance the interior of the room.

Using an accent wall can make the interior brighter, more colorful, interesting, to divide the room into different zones. In addition, eye-catching wall can draw attention to yourself or, on the contrary, will distract from the ugly pieces of furniture and visible construction defects. This eye-catching part of the room, you can combine different composition, color or style details.
If you have decided to create this element of decor in your apartment, you should consider some tips and rules for its improvement.


Color accent is considered the most simple and common way of registration of a wall. It is enough to paint one wall in the room more vibrant or contrasting color.
Originally look at contrasting plain background with various patterns and ornaments made by stencils.
In addition to painting, the focus can be done using other Wallpapers. It is important to choose colors that would combine with the main color scheme in the room.
It is not recommended to use in the color accent more than two shades, because excessive passion colors will disturb the harmony in the interior. An exception may be thematic image or children’s rooms.
Color accent panels might be the final chord in the game of shades and various accessories. For example, solid bright blue wall will join the blue elements in different parts of the interior:

Textured accents

The embossed pattern on one of the wall panels will focus on the wall. Here the emphasis is not color and whimsical dimensional patterns, which will help you relaxation. Very appropriate this wall will be in the living room or the lobby.
Finish, artificial stone or surround Wallpaper, resembling masonry, create emphasis, filling the house with the breath of nature. This way you can decorate the panels in the dining room, the kitchen, in the living room.
Three-dimensional applique on the wall is a great way to draw attention to this unusual accent.
A kind of rhythm will give the interior panel, decorated with geometric shapes in different shades of wood, arranged in a checkerboard pattern:

Where better to settle accent wall

If you want to fit out the space of the room, accent wall will easily cope with this task. This way you can separate the dining area from the living room. And you don’t have to use other colors or textures. Quite enough to place on the wall in different functional zones of different accessories: a picture or a mirror
In pediatric separate place to rest from other better with the help of accent walls. Other Wallpapers will help to transform the space of the room.
The bedroom is the perfect place to create an accent wall. The wall near the head of the bed – space for the design. The effect of focus on the panel can be achieved, glued Wallpaper of a different color or use a stencil technique. At the same time to preserve the organic design is better to pick a few other accessories with similar items or shades.
Very unusual look paneled wall at the head of the bed. This option is more suitable for ecological style or country.
If it is not possible to allocate the headboard, you can move the focus to another wall.
In the study of classical style accent wall can be issued in combination with furniture, selecting the material, mimicking the leather upholstery of the chair or chairs. Very interesting look geometrical figures on this panel.
The kitchen panel with contrast accent at the same time performs the function of a wall for placement of shelves and other accessories and feature walls.

Unusual and creative ideas for decorating walls

In the living room with two-tone design accent wall can become the center connection of these basic colors.
I would like to stay at accent panel in nurseries. In addition to the division into different parts, the wall can be an interesting place for children’s creativity. Applique on a smooth solid surface is a great activity for a child with parents. The picture that you plan to put on a wall, you can buy ready-made, but you can perform yourself. It can be themed picture with a logical continuation. For a basis we can take one color stickers. Pinning him different items (for example, autumn leaves, bright flowers or snowflakes), the child will independently create variety in my room and learn how to create wall panels.
Mostly for accent walls in children choose Wallpaper with pictures. This can be the training images, for example, letters, figures or animals.
Or just lines that form patterns and designs. Kids love looking at the lines forming an intricate maze. Don’t forget that the shades on the wall must find partners in other interior items: pillows, furniture upholstery, textile parts.
Summarising the above, it can safely be noted that accent wall can visually transform a room to create a feeling of extra volume.

Make the room lighter and more spacious

To beat a variety of parts, accessories and patterns used in the design of the room.

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