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25 Amazing Brown Bathroom Design & Decor Ideas

Let’s start with the fact that brown color in the interior is perceived just fine. He is warm, cozy with a number of shades, which miraculously combines with light colors, such as coffee with milk, light beige or simply black. It’s not a secret that color can have an impact on the human condition, both on psychological and physical. Today let’s talk about how brown interior bathroom affects their owners.

The pros and cons of bathroom interior in shades of brown

relaxing effect, creating a feeling of calm, security and peace of mind
the use of accessories and furniture brown creates an unusually noble appearance of the entire interior as a whole
neutral unobtrusive hue, from which it is impossible to get tired
if you use brown tile, the room may be too dark;
brown in excess may cause the visual effect of decreasing the space
The combination of brown with other shades
Consider the most popular and spectacular color combinations:

Brown and white – this combination creates a vibrant atmosphere in the interior of the bathroom, you can even to say, solemn and very effective;

brown and coffee with milk – with this combination, the interior is very warm, cozy and comfortable;

Brown and light beige-not less striking combination that creates a nice warm and soothing atmosphere in the room bathroom.

Varieties brown

Depending on the selected style, you must make a selection tone brown color, in other words, a shade of brown that might serve in the interior as the main independent color and how bright addition. Let’s dwell some of the most spectacular shades of brown:

Dark chocolate is very popular now a dark shade with a barely viewable shading stains, perfect in combination with a light beige, light olive, and peach tone, with the most delicious combination of all is a combination of bitter chocolate with light beige shade – it turns out wonderful composition;

reveny color – natural shades that do not lose its popularity for several years, and always looks very nice wooden furniture;

Enge is a very peculiar tone in which there is brown, like the tree itself, wenge has streaks of reddish color and looks great, especially in combination with light colors;

Milk chocolate is a classic beautiful soft shade, yet easy on the eyes, and causes appetite, especially in duet with “tasty accessory, looks great in combination with dark brown color;

coffee with milk is favourable for relaxation, gives coldness and dispassion


Walls can be decorated with different materials, for example, brown tiles, which if used wisely, the interior can not spoil, but on the contrary, to give it a special appeal.

Brown tile is of three kinds: just plain code tree and stone. Solid option if honest, will look pretty boring and uninteresting, so it is better to exclude. Tile wood looks much more impressive and complements both modern style and classic, giving the interior a warm and cosy atmosphere. Tiles with simulated stone is very elegant and noble, though, give the interior a certain coolness and freshness.

You can use the combo by alternating the primary tile with accent, ceramic decoration and mosaics.

The decoration of the ceiling

As a finishing material for the ceiling you can use stretch ceilings. Also look good and ceiling panels. In order, the room had a higher floor should be done on a darker tone relative to the lower part of the wall.

The floor finish

The most spectacular design of the floor is brown and white tiles laid in a checkerboard pattern. And you can perform a patterned version of sex by combining tiles with different texture and color, as well, and a plain floor is no less impressive to look.

Furniture and accessories

A good solution is brown veneer bath plus white furniture – like interior looks expensive and is about good taste. Also a wonderful option is the decorating tiles under the tree, with furniture of the same tone. If you use the tile under a stone, it is best furniture to buy glass, mirror or metal.

Brown wooden furniture looks very harmonious in the interior of the bathroom.
As for accessories, there can brighten and liven up the interior of absolutely any vivid detail, for example, towel, fancy lamp, original candles etc. If you want to add a bit of passion, we want to place the accessory in red. Also accessories can be blue, green and orange.

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