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25 Amazing Rooms With White Walls

Among the huge variety of different colors for walls difficult to navigate. The most versatile is white.

There is a prejudice that white walls weight cons: the opportunity easily soiled, it’s too simple view of the Association with the public spaces and others. All this is far-fetched. White walls is the ability to create in the room in any style, using any tools and fittings. In addition, modern materials minimize impractical quality of the coating.

It is believed that such stylistic decision arose in the 20-ies in England. The wife of a businessman involved in the sale of coal, he decorated the walls of his house white. This move was a protest against the primary occupation of the husband. After that the idea was adopted by popular designer and embodied in their projects.

The influence of the white man
Before using for any room in any color, you need to figure out what impact it will have on the people there. From this point of view, the white color has a number of advantages over other. Among its properties:

the ability to energize;
encourage to action;
to banish fears and nightmares;
beneficial effect on domestic animals;
to give a sense of peace;
to create the illusion of perfect purity;
compatibility with other colors.
Color is positive, combining in itself the entire color spectrum. Therefore, psychologists, psychiatrists and other doctors are turning to white in the treatment of patients. This can be attributed to the ability of the entire color spectrum evenly load all three phones are the color perception of human vision. This feature dampens excessive emotions and soothes.

If it gets tough choice of color, white is able to replace any of them without damaging perception. It is not recommended to overload them the space, as this can create a false sense of superiority, or conversely of inferiority.

According to researchers of the effects that produce colors and shades on people, white is beauty. It is believed that it helps to fill the cells with moisture and stimulates their update. Thus the white walls in the interior of the dwelling to help maintain the skin’s youthfulness.

Advantages of the white walls in the apartment

Besides the positive influence of white color in moderation on the person, it has other advantages. Chief among them is the ability to increase the illumination of rooms. White objects reflect light. In a room with white walls just can’t be dark corners. The feeling of the presence of additional light sources.

To use this feature in the rooms, Windows face North or closed trees. This property is clearly expressed in the cold time of the year when daylight hours are very short and there is a risk of the development of seasonal depression.

The second important property of the white walls is the illusion of expanded space. The ability of white to visually increase in premises is transformed into an increase in the volume of the room, visually extending the walls. An interesting feature of the visual system of man makes us perceive light objects, such as distant. Due to this tight room in white will seem more spacious.

Another quality white color, which allows you to use it for the walls, it’s versatility and compatibility. There is nothing easier than to create a harmonious interior with the white walls. If the surface is patterned or colored elements are already obliged to look for shortcuts, then white walls will allow you to use your favorite colors without the danger of creating disharmony. Even a flashy shades will be perceived more gently surrounded by white.

This fact will allow at any time to change your mind and completely change the situation without worrying about the compatibility with the walls. Every new thing in the house harmoniously fit into the interior, without entering into conflict with the interior surface.

Very useful can be considered freedom of choosing the style of the room. White wall looks great in a classic and high-tech style. Any accessories, paintings and lamps will look good on a white finish. Additionally, such surface can be used as the object of creation and to paint it paint or use a stencil.

If the owner of the premises be proud of stylistic solutions and items that he chose for the interior, white walls accentuate all the uniqueness of the item. Even the most sophisticated decoration will be noticeable on such a background, and visitors will always be able to appreciate the taste of the decorator.

Combination with white walls in different rooms interior
Despite all the benefits of white, one, he looks presentable. In the room of white walls do not dilute colored elements, winnows the spirit of the state buildings.

Creative ways to decorating rooms with white walls

If you want to preserve the purity and tenderness in the room, without the use of a bright and sharp shades, you can combine white walls with elements of sand, milk, cream, grey-blue and other pastel colors. In addition, you can use champagne, cream, ivory, coffee, and then the room will looks stylish, retaining all the properties of white.

For the decoration of a room with white walls, you can use any of the content. But it is especially advantageous look of natural wood, leather, linen, cotton. The natural theme is very relevant option for this room. Here will blend live potted plants and animals. Floral design on textiles will be a perfect addition to the interior.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the white interior, this color is a sign of luxury and wealth. The elegance of the building will give the accessories that emphasize the uniqueness and chic white surfaces and point to the delicate taste of the owner.

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