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25 Creative Ideas: Interior Columns

Column – the personification of classic and antique architecture. Many people are wondering why the columns in the interior still has not lost its popularity, but on the contrary, is strongly attracted to both architects and designers. As for historic interiors, there are columns were used exclusively for the support. Today, they mainly play a purely decorative role. Although, in some cases, columns are used in order to hide communication because they pose the best way. And use in the interior of the better dual columns or in pairs, i.e. indoors can be two or three pairs, can be more, it all depends on the area of the premises.

In which the interior columns are used

Not hard to guess that the columns used in those houses that resemble castles and palaces and is made in luxurious Royal style. Only then the columns will look majestic, triumphant and proud, and housing will take the image of classical beauty. However, in modern interiors columns are also used, because now there is a huge variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

The materials of construction of columns

Traditional materials of which the columns were made, were considered such as concrete, granite, marble, etc in Other words, reliable and durable materials. Currently used modified artificial stone, and the processes of creation has improved significantly, thanks to the rapid development of technology.

Although, marble columns still successfully used and are very stylish and fashionable accent in the interior, as well, and wooden columns.

Only now the columns are of different sizes, configurations and functionality. In General, the recommendations of designers, material is determined by the style and functionality of the space. For example, for the bedroom, it may be appropriate columns of polyurethane foam, living room with balcony and access to the second floor you will need a more durable material such as concrete or basalt, because in this case the functionality of the design is not just decorative, but also serves as a support for sustaining the weight of the balcony, i.e. in this scenario, the columns are already part of the architectural plan of the building. As the material for the surface finish is selected, based on the design. For example, to the classic style of the interior may well be suitable as an imitation of marble, and just a smooth surface covered with paint. For a country wonderfully suitable stone veneer.

Functional assignment of the columns

In addition to decorative functions, columns can be used for other purposes. For example, for the visual correction of proportions of the premises. Also they can be used to disguise a supporting structure or unsightly protruding structures of communication, ie, for example, any pipes that you do not want to flaunt. The column in this case is the best method for masking. Very often they are also used for the zoning area.

Techniques to do this, there are many, for example, columns to circle the dining area or by the number of columns to be arranged in such a way the entrance to the premises

And in cases where the design of the house is made from scratch, and the ceiling has a very big load, then columns, as in the past, can serve as a great support and some of the weight to take on. To visually expand the space they, too, could not be better suited, because they are nothing but vertical lines, and thus, as evidenced by the law, pull up the room. If placed on the perimeter in a number of these slender and graceful pillars, the height of ceilings in the room will greatly increase. As for modern interior, with the help of false columns you can apply the practicality and use them, say, as a locker, but if you place a column at the bar, if not it will be possible to adapt a mini bar.

And yet, in what areas would be appropriate columns?

In connection with the currently available a variety of shapes, textures, sizes, and colors of columns, appropriate they will be in almost any room. The most common ways are stair openings, arched walkways, fireplaces, balconies, verandas.

If you design the interior living room with columns, you must use a pair, or better yet a whole composition of these decorative items.

Moreover, the design of the columns is subject not only to the classical style, but also modern. For example, modern square columns will be very stylish look to the interior, as well, and in high-tech style. The columns give the room the solemnity and Majesty. They are like exclamation marks, not to be ignored.

If it’s a Studio apartment, with the help of the great colonnade separating the kitchen from the dining room

or a corridor from the living room.

For the zoning of the premises with a large area just to use different columns with different trim and shape, but with some generality, and any logged-you have a guest will subconsciously divide the space into separate areas – such are the characteristics of our perception. The main thing to remember is that all the elements and components of interior should organically combined with each other – this is the basis of any interior design with columns.

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