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25 Amazing Ideas: How to Decorate Wall in Living Room

Empty walls in the house look very sad. They spoil the interior of any apartment, but because of this urgent need to do something. When placing an apartment, even the most insignificant detail can play a key role, and therefore it is necessary to consider all the nuances.

The paintings. Correctly selected picture will radically change the appearance of the wall. The main thing to pick the music that will successfully be combined with other interior items. You can choose the painting bright or glossy paints. These shades are perfectly in tune with the empty room areas, and are therefore worthy solution.

You can choose for your home several paintings of a single style, they will complement each other and thereby quicken the room. Very impressive look a few paintings in monochrome style or images of exquisite landscapes.

You can also come up with a more interesting solution is to hang a picture with more saturated colours than other painting – it will stand out among the rest, and will give the room a special look.

Pictures. Probably the easiest and fastest way to decorate the walls. Using photos of different sizes, black-and-white and color, you can create a wonderful atmosphere in the house. Frames should choose colorful, or to stay exclusively on black. It is very important to follow the rules of symmetry to balance the big picture with the little ones.

Vertical pictures visually enhance the ceiling, and the horizontal enlarge the room. Correctly positioned composition will allow you to achieve visual space changes that will go to the apartment only benefit. But we must remember that the place they should exclusively on one wall, as Ueshiba all the space, be able to achieve just the opposite effect, and the room will give a kind of disharmony and chaos.

Decorative stone. There is no doubt that any masonry stone will create a specific effect in the house, giving it the atmosphere of antiquity and even some touches of design of a medieval castle. It does not matter, artificial stone or natural. Usually the walls are made either arbitrary or rectangular masonry. You can organize the corner of the apartment, and you can play vertical stone lane, running from floor to ceiling. It is important to be creative to stick to the already established design space.

Simple ideas how to decorate a wall in living room

And in order to create a truly eccentric architecture, masonry is to choose the right furniture and place it near the decorated area. Thus, decor items will complement each other, creating a combined design combination.

Houseplants. The walls are decorated with even ordinary plants. You can attach multiple shelves for pots to the wall and place the flowers in them, or arrange them close, for example, on the shelves wall Cabinet. It will be interesting to look if the shelves will be made in the form of tree branches and placed the ladder.

Not that any plants clean the room, making the air fresh and pleasant aroma, so they can be a great addition design.

Colored cubes. With these seemingly simple objects, well decorated discreet wall. The cubes can be placed in a chaotic manner, but looks much the original, when the colored particles will emerge in a drawing or pattern. Their rich shade extravagant looks at the background more dull scenery.

Drywall construction. Decorative elements made of plasterboard, will fit well into any interior. You should choose a design with a color different from the color of the walls – so you will be able to achieve contrast areas. Especially interesting are the product illuminated by neon – it makes a striking impression. Thus be able to achieve the kind of mystery that will surprise and delight family members.

When choosing designs of drywall, you need to remember an important detail: to move or dismantle the established materials then it is very difficult. Therefore, before you decide on such a step is to be sure that the chosen design is properly combined with the overall style of the room. Fortunately, drywall is a self-contained product, and it is not necessary to add other elements.

Other items of jewelry. Mirrors, lamps and other lighting fixtures are also an integral part of the design of the house, and therefore should actively apply when creating your own interior. None of the decorations don’t look really impressive if they are not complements of the light source. In the bedroom, with the help of dimmer lamps, you can organize an aura of calm and pleasant home. Among other things, the dim lighting helps you fall asleep.

If the room requires a more striking design, it is necessary to hang up mirrors so that they reflect light from light sources.

Below is a list of other decorative items that you can decorate the walls in the apartment:

abstract circles (colored or black);
wall paintings;
toys (for decorating the walls of children);
decorative dishes;
There are many ways in which can it is not easy to give the walls a remarkable appearance, but also to decorate the house in General, complementing the already existing style. There is no limit to imagination, and therefore to think out and write something endlessly! The main thing is that the song was more original and unique. The more refined and abstract combinations of colors in the interior, the more alive and home it looks like.

Not necessarily exactly follow the development of modern designers, because the landlord is the true Creator! And only his imagination may be limited to the establishment of a small and cosy world that is filled with caring atmosphere of warmth and family comfort.

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