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25 Simple Ideas For Striped Wall

Today the strip is trendy trend not only in clothing but also in the interior, because of the schedule, namely, striped pattern, is still relevant, despite all the diversity of existing decorative techniques. Because the strip can solve many architectural problems and is easy to get along with any materials and surfaces. In this regard, designers often use this technique which helps to make the interior more dynamic and alive. Because the strip is a sequence of colors, in most cases, contrast, therefore, always attracts attention.

Striped wall

The strip may be used as a decorative technique, in virtually any environment, except perhaps that of those styles that do not have straight and even lines by definition, but not many (art Deco, Baroque). Moreover, it is possible to apply the strip to only one main wall,

and can be used at all, so experimenting with visualization space. Generally smooth neat stripes look quite elegant and impressive. And varieties of a lot of bands: subtle, moderate, and elaborate and even fantasy – what to use, it depends on the style of the room, because the strip should fit in the overall design of the room, and be in harmony with each detail of the interior.
If used for decorating stripes only one wall, it is desirable that the lanes were wide and contrasting colors. Then your interior will look very solid, especially if it will still be suitable in color Wallpapers and different fashion accessories.
By the way, to create a bright accent of the room very often used the alternating bands, whether it be painting or Wallpaper.

What bands should I choose?

Well, first of all, if you choose vertical stripes, they will make the room more visually symmetric, second, elongated in height.

If you give preference to horizontal, then will come back – room visually become wider and the ceiling is lower.

Regarding the selection of the width of the bands – here we can say that a broad look at the spirit of modernity, always attract attention, because the look very impressive and fashionable. In addition, a broad band soothe and relax, especially if you use pastel shades.
The trouble narrow strips that at a certain distance they can just merge into one shade and become completely invisible. And if you use a contrasting combination of narrow strips, or even the design of the room will cause irritation.
In General, the success of any interior, which features a striped wall, very largely depends on the proper selection of colors. For example, will look wonderful combination of olive green with gray metal, but do not forget that the shades should be in harmony with the rest of the interior.

What areas are suitable striped wall

Yes, in principle, for all. Of course, the most common ways are:

1. Bedrooms
2. Living rooms
3. Priorie
which because of this finish look very unusual and original.

For the decoration of children’s rooms reception decorating the walls with stripes also quite often and successfully used.

For example, for room girls are considered to be the most suitable light stripes, giving the room tenderness and romanticism. Actually, for the decoration of the bedrooms is used the same option. Very good for children to use combinations of stripes with patterns or children’s drawings.

Colors may be different, but usually room for decoration for girls in particular are pink shades, and blue for boys, blue or even red color. Less strip is used for the walls of the kitchen,

as the bathroom. However, with the help of experienced designers can be in these spaces to create a sophisticated and stylish interior.

Little tricks of using the bands

Using certain bands in the interior, you can very well thus to correct the room. There are a number of tricks, things you should know:

  • if you make one wall and the ceiling broad vertical stripes, the room visually stretch;
  • if you make the wall horizontal stripes, using different tones of the same color, the room will become wider and more interesting;
  • if you do not use the narrow contrasting stripes, full freedom of choice of style and colors will be provided;
  • if you make only one wall vertical soft wide strips, the interior will look more respectable is important to maintain the color of the Wallpaper with stripes any more accessories.
  • if you design the interior broad vertical stripes, he will be remembered for a long time, because immediately attract attention;
  • if you design the interior horizontal or vertical stripes that are on equal levels, it will be a wonderful option for room decoration creative individuals

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  1. These ideas are very great! Those who will apply it in their home will surely love to see those designs. It looks pleasing in the eyes and very attractive.

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