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30 Cool and Modern Floor Carpet Designs

This carpet, like wine, with time to become even better. The more it goes, the stronger the unwound thread, becoming more fluffy. The picture becomes clearer, the pile is thick and soft. Therefore, new carpet, a carpet was spread on the road, so on it went, the people and even animals. In the East, so did with valuable silk carpets. Since the beginning, the carpets were always home decoration. In addition, they had a practical value. At the time of Shahrazade carpets were fenced off a small room. In the Nordic countries fully veiled all the walls, insulate, so the castle. The carpet could hang instead of a door. However, to afford it could only rich people.

We even have a couple of decades ago, the carpet was required attribute on the wall near the bed. Then changed the style of the interior, beds have been increasingly set the headboard to the wall and the carpet more decorate our room, lying on the floor.
How to choose the right rug size
The carpet in the interior, as the finishing touch. It not only provides comfort, but also makes the design of the room is completed. With carpet you can emphasize the unity of subject and style. Flooring can make your room appear more spacious or light, warm and bright, or simply to highlight a specific area.

The selection of carpet proceed when the furniture is already set. Start with size. If you have a little situation and mostly on high legs, then well it will look a carpet with a pattern that will cover almost the entire floor.

To make the floor look good, it is advisable to leave not closed at least 20 inches from the baseboard around the perimeter. In large rooms the strip should show up half the floor.

But much better look of the interiors, in which carpets are between furniture. From the sofa is better to leave a small strip from 5 to 10 centimeters. If the Palace is a table, then not only all the legs should be placed on it, but preferably on the sides of sixty centimeters of free coverage. Then the furniture will harmoniously fit into the space zone.

Zoning of certain groups of furniture in the great room, you can use several different, but the combination of products. They must have a common color, style. Then in the recreation area sofa may be partially or fully stand on the carpet and chairs to be outside.

The choice of style

The carpet is chosen in such a way to emphasize the style of the room and arranged the furniture. If you have an interior with colourful decorations, then lay on the floor something soft, pastel tones.

Simply furnished room with colours in the dark or cold palette, bright spot on the floor will create the mood and make the room more warm and Sunny. For example, in the style of minimalism is often used yellow, red and green tones, which only emphasize the simplicity and functionality of the furniture, and the brevity of the walls.

Shaggy carpet will decorate the interior with a smooth, simple surfaces and leather or smooth plain upholstery. But under furniture classic or Oriental style is better suited sheared carpet with a tight weave and a short NAP.

Color and pattern

The color combination of carpet and furniture or decoration required. The basic tone should be repeated in small fragments, such as pillows, upholstery colors, decorations, vases. And a small but eye-catching fragments on the floor to be the same with large parts of the interior. It is the color of the chair or sofa, table or tables.

The combination of the carpet and the floor is of great importance, even if the floor is visible only slightly along the baseboards. In the cold light floors will be warm beige or yellow Palace. On the floor of unpainted wood natural tone yellow-green range. If the floor is grey, then it will be in harmony with lilac, pink , purple and olive.

Classic red-brown painted floors will refresh marsh, all shades of green, ochre. The dark hue of the stone and laminate accentuate the bright carpets, ranging from white to its warm palette milk and beige, you can use blue and pink hues, but bright.

If you are going to shop for carpet, take a pillowcase from the pillow, and the sample with upholstery. Ask you liked the carpet to put on the floor. This may slightly change the shade. Then place it next, or samples that you took. Harmony and combination of colors will immediately reveal itself. If not, choose another product on the floor or change the pillows.

Varieties of carpets

By way of manufacturing and material carpets are divided into several types. Here are the most popular of them.

Wool carpets made from wool. Share on manufacturing , machine and hand work. Over time raspisyvayutsya and become softer and more beautiful. There are cut – korotkobaznye and shaggy. Long pile looks better plain or with large simple pattern. Small, colorful and complex picture you can create products with short hair and clean lines of color transition. Serve very long.

Wool carpets differ slightly lower price and the composition of the yarn, in which the wool is replaced by synthetics. Everything else is the same.

Silk carpets, warm in winter and cool in summer. Made only manually. A thin thread allows you to create very small figures, due to the large number of knots per unit area. Very expensive, because they relate to works of art. Amazingly beautiful and practical.

Knitted carpets have a solid Foundation because it is run in conjunction with the weaving of threads. The lack of low water resistance. Cannot be washed and the wash water solutions, only foam and vacuum. Relatively high value at low life.

Sculpted carpets appeared in our shops recently. Thread fill on the basis of the technique of tufting, needle-gun. Then they cut to different levels depending on the picture, creating a volumetric relief. It is possible to combine not only different colors of thread, but also quality. Items made of wool can be combined with synthetic.

The change of space and lighting

Light plain carpets or drawing diagonally visually enlarge the room. Cold room , especially with Windows on the North, warm yellow or orange floor area. If the rug is large and darker than the walls, the ceiling will seem higher. Also with large carpets with dark colors and small patterns.

The South room will be quieter and cooler with cold blue carpet and gray tones.

The different rooms of different carpets
In rooms where you spend a lot of time, intensely moving, it is better to put a carpet or a carpet with a short NAP. They better clean from the constant dust and less zataplivajutsja.

In the middle of the living room recreation area can be emphasized shaggy or sculptural carpet. They will decorate the interior and how long it will stay where it is smaller there. Also you can decorate your bedroom and make it more warm zone near the bed.

In the nursery pick up silk or wool carpets. Natural products are more suited for kids. Especially interesting may be the interior with textured carpet for the nursery theme. You can put a small shaggy rug near the crib, and a games area to allocate more practical short-haired carpet. But they must have a common color and style.

If you decided to put all the carpet, it should cover no more than half the floor space. Among the items of furniture should be all the elements. It can be ceiling, table or other items.

Determine the quality of the carpet

When buying in the store do not hesitate to check the level of the manufacture of flooring. The easiest way is to bend the canvas. Qualitative filling the basics knots quite dense and fluffy thread will hide the base, not divided.

In synthetic carpets with the adhesive of low-quality material glue bending may flake or peel off. The carpet must be equally gently lean towards the base of the thread, and diagonally.

The carpet with your hands

To make a large rug with a complex pattern without special equipment and skills difficult. And here’s a little shaggy fans to decorate the house with their hands can try.

Need a frame can be made of wood slightly larger than the size of the carpet. It stretched vertically warp with a gap thickness of the carpet. The Shuttle will fit and that the husband weaves network. Miss the Shuttle twice in the beginning, weaving basis in a checkerboard pattern. Then each thread tie. This is done simply. The pile thread bend in half and pass through the ends into the loop. After each series of the passage of the Shuttle, and using fix everything dies down.

If you are interested in knitting, knit crochet track of balances by type of homespun. It would fit well in the kitchen and in the room in country style.

Of thin rope with a thick hook, you can create all kind of matting. Knit openwork circle, and then decorate it along the perimeter of the fringe. It will add charm to a strict interior. Linked from synthetic thick filaments of the Mat before the door well retards the sand with the sole of the Shoe, and you would be less abuse of children. The carpet not only decorates the room, but also has practical value. So choose the carpet slowly and by all the rules. Then he harmoniously fit into the interior, will unite the existing environment and will highlight the style.

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