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30 Amazing and Luxury Living Room Design Ideas 2015

Living room is a room for rest and communication between all members of the family, its atmosphere should unite people and to set them in a positive way. The living room not only provides comfort, but also creates the impression of the whole house and its owners.
To create a room that will reflect the personality of the house, while maintaining maximum functionality is rather difficult, but interesting. Exclusive design should be developed taking into account the wishes of all family members, while preserving its essential purpose.

Designer furniture for the living room

The sofa is the main piece of furniture in the living room. The correct sofa will ensure comfort and form the character of the entire premises. Therefore, this piece of furniture should be chosen carefully. Luxury sofas are distinguished by the fact that made of precious wood and the upholstery is leather, silk and velvet of the highest quality.

The last few years one of the leading places in the world of fashion in furniture occupy the sofas unusual shape. Unusual lines and materials, beyond the usual – these sofas become a real masterpiece in the living room.

Do not lose their relevance large corner sofas. This model is perfect for large spaces, three-dimensional design will provide comfort and design will create a sense of comfort.

Sofa eurobook, in addition to progressive design, very easy to use. Modern models can easily be transformed into a wide bed. This option is perfect for those who would like to streamline the space.


Another piece of furniture that fits perfectly in the living room chair. If desired it can be made the basis for the design of the room. The unusual shape of the chair will contribute to the diversity and originality, and next table will form a cosy sitting area.

In addition to the unusual shape of the chair for emphasis and create original design, you can use unusual colors. For example, chairs with bright upholstery in the room, decorated in pastel colours, looks spectacular and lively atmosphere of the living room.

The traditional set of furniture for the living room is a sofa and two armchairs with the same upholstery. To the interior didn’t seem banal, it is possible to exclude the sofa and leave only chair. This option is perfect for a room in a minimalist style.

The fireplace in the interior

Special comfort and elegance living room gives the fireplace. It can serve as a wonderful decoration of the room, able to create a warm atmosphere, soothes and energizes the positive emotions. Types and locations of fires there is a huge number, all limited only by the imagination of the designer.

The fireplace can be placed in the middle of the room, making it a Central piece of furniture. This option is suitable for large areas and has its advantage: a review of the fireplace accessible from anywhere in the room. This type of fireplace is equipped with a special glass walls for all round visibility.

Another exclusive option – built fireplace. This option is perfect for small spaces. Wall fireplace accentuates the sophisticated style of the interior and associates design with aristocratic subjects.

The classic version of the fireplace has always relevant. He blends in with any room style and contains strict laconic lines. This fireplace will add dignity to any interior and will never go out of fashion.

The addition of interior decorative items

Make your interior unique and give the character a living by means of additional items: paintings, pillows, Ottomans, lamps, rugs.

In a light room wonderful addition will be vivid detail. To create a single song you can select objects overlapping in colour. One of win-win options decor is bright picture and pillows of the same color.

Lovely decorative pieces can make a bright and original even simple, at first glance design.

Another thing that can set the tone for the room – this is an unusual book shelves and shelving. If a standard solution will be maintained in the forms of other elements, the room will get a fantastic image.

Decorative and architectural design living room

Important when creating a room interior has the geometry of space. The apartment of any size can be personalize by changing the shape of the ceiling, floor or walls. Drywall is the most suitable material for this purpose. With its help you can create multi-level ceilings, niches, walls, decorative columns.

In addition to the aesthetic, similar designs fulfill a practical function: they can be used to fit out the space and create a focus on selected areas of the room.


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