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30 Amazing & Creative Ideas For Bookshelves

Despite the age of e-books were not translated lovers of reading a traditional paper copies. And this is not surprising. It has its own special charm: it is possible to turn the pages, smelling of printer’s ink, in this case, for example, sitting comfortably in an easy chair. The only trouble is that at one point books in the house accumulates so much that seriously raises the question of how they would better organize, Yes, so that the original interior with a twist. Let’s try to solve the problem, playing with several options, the most popular.
Books as decorative item
Very original way to highlight color accents in one – or two-tone interior. Such arrangement of books by selection of covers with bright vivid colors will create a unique style in the room. And just what will need to do is just wrap the books in colored paper and show all of your creative imagination, good space here for this abound. Collecting and putting books on colors, can, thus, be a perfect complement to the interior bright and colorful detail.

Use skins with the same color
This option can be called almost perfect, because books get decorated in the same style, not variegated, as they usually look great. For this purpose Herzegovina cover, which can be one color or several, but not necessarily those that will blend in with the overall color scheme of the interior.

Original bookshelf

Unique and unusual turns out the interior, if you use the original bookshelves, which can look quite different. For example, spectacular and unusual look these bookshelves, creating a very high foot books:

Equally original and winning inverted diagonal bookshelves, which can be placed in a niche, using classical framing:

For owners of libraries impressive size fit the usual rectangular or square book shelves or racks, which can sometimes take in the whole room at once the wall: by the Way, this book wall is very stylish and looks impressive in the spacious and illuminated the room.

Often bookshelves are placed in the bedroom, for example over a doorway or a headboard that also seems to be very comfortable.

For a system of book shelves most important it smooth and easy accessibility to any of its parts, and the possibility of easy removal if necessary, individual items, bypassing the sorting. These racks are placed with the maximum convenience and therefore you first need to consider what elements of the future racks you will need and why.

By the way, using the wall near the window is a practical solution for storage shelves with books, saving space in the room.

Book shelf under the ceiling

Such an option of placing books in the interior optimum, when you want to save space in a small room, especially if your ceilings are high enough. In addition, this solution seems very organic and unusual. Only that in this case will inevitably need is a stepladder to get a “high” literature. Oh and one more unexpected moment – it is possible that the book will begin to fall right on your head. If it’s not scary, the idea is very good and creative, especially for owners of tight spaces.

Don’t forget about the rules of placing of books in the interior
Placing your home library, you must take care not only about the external and aesthetic side, but also on other very important points:

you should not put the books near heating appliances – this can lead to deformation of paper or cardboard due to the high temperature and dryness;
you keep books away from direct sunlight, that will lead to yellowing of pages, but also to fading and breakage;
should not be aired in wet weather – it can trigger the growth of microorganisms that can destroy paper and glue;
for easier access to books, preferably placing them in the same row;
it is recommended to put books in an upright position – this will help to avoid deformation of the book block and the cover;
it should not be too tight to place books – hardcover break;
it is not desirable to fill the free space above the books lying instances should be air circulation, which will provide space 3 cm;
when using bookshelves to the ceiling, the top should be removed books are not for frequent use, because ideally, any book should be easily accessible to a person standing on the floor;
using closed cabinets, the book is much better to retain their appearance, because they will be protected from dust and dirt; it is desirable that the stack does not exceed a height of 10 cm in the horizontal position should be placed only journals or books with large sizes, when they are not is the shelves with a suitable height

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