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30 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas With Stone Walls

In our days, when the imagination of designers restricts only the budget of their project, any room can turn into a dragon’s den, the planet of the little Prince or pleasant, warm kitchen of stone, which create a unique comfort and unique atmosphere.
Pros and cons
The stone is considered the most environmentally friendly material for construction, second only to the tree, so if the concept of the designer includes care about the environment, you should pay careful attention to it. Another little plus of this material is its durability, which is able to surpass the no man-made material.

In addition, you should pay attention to the durability of decorative stone. Unlike tile or tile, it is much harder to break and almost impossible to scratch. Stone floor has water repellent properties. Take care of decorative stone is a pleasure, because it can be washed with any detergent, not being afraid to spoil the floor. Do not forget that the stone – antistatic, so it will not collect dust yourself and wipe it will need much less.

Speaking about why designers love to use the stone, it is worth remembering how great selection of sizes, textures, textures and colors of this material. Usually it doesn’t even need to change and further processed, it is necessary only to choose the appropriate type in the directory. And last but not least, with the stone simply to work because there is no need to create special conditions, and also to prepare the surface.

Is it possible to overdo it?

Working with stone facing, improper planning and mistakenly selected a number of materials can ruin the entire design. In fact, the stone is a very demanding material, if used as a decorative element. Most often, when this kind of material added to the interior of the small particles, it starts aggressive out of the General background, constantly drawing attention to himself and irritating people. If the stone in the kitchen to overdo it, the designer runs the risk of creating the atmosphere of the old, cold and damp castle, devoid of any medieval romance.

Stone countertops

The minimum that can bring the stone in the interior of the kitchen is part of the furniture. Marble and granite countertops have started to come back into fashion about fifteen years ago, when the market began to emerge more often expensive and high-quality furniture. Stone details of the interior is pretty expensive, but their durability and elegance are worth it. Marble top will last much longer than wood, and it looks like this noble material more presentable, perfectly well with almost any style ranging from the Baroque to art Nouveau.

The stone in the kitchen area

Very unusual and aesthetically pleasing looks masonry near the plate, creating an image of the old stove out of a Victorian estate. Picking up the stone, color and texture suitable to the rest of the kitchen furniture can easily fit it into the overall design plan. In addition, this coating in the area of the plate can be very practical: the stone is much easier to clean from dirt or stains fat than tile or Wallpaper.

Also, experimenting with the stone, you can impose them only the hood, killing two birds with one stone. First, unsightly and bulky hood suddenly turned into something unusual and pleasing to the eye, and secondly, the correct stone will help it to properly fit into the interior.

Stone arch

The use of stone revetments will be particularly effective in the kitchen-Studio or in a simple kitchen, where the door was replaced with a wide opening. Using stone to create the arch is a risky step, which, when properly performed, will meet all of the invested funds.

It is important to note that the use of stone in the narrow arches irrational, since he only visually reduce the space, creating discomfort for all households. But anyway, this material will perfectly emphasize the contour of the arched doorway, selecting it and turning it into something unusual tale. Here, to create the right atmosphere, it is best to use a relief, not flat, shaped stone.

Particularly impressive arches of stone will look in a minimalist, simple kitchens, not piled extra furniture and additional elements. The stone itself is very “heavy” decoration, which requires special attention and does not tolerate “competitors”.

Aprons made of stone

What is different kitchen apron from the wall, completely made of stone? In principle, anything, if you look at the situation superficially. In fact, between these two concepts there is a huge difference. Kitchen apron covers only the “working” part of the wall, combined with Wallpaper or other facing materials, and the walls are formed entirely of the same material (in this case stone) over the entire area of the kitchen. Aprons made of stone is very practical and unusual solution which fits perfectly in country music, minimalism, modernism (solid stone slabs) and luxury Provence.

Reasons for this popularity stone kitchen aprons are a great many, but chief among them are the special adverse area where you will install this facing material. In this part of the kitchen is always especially humid, very often on the apron can get water or other liquids. In addition, there is a chance of damage to the cladding material due to temperature changes or negligence of the person is much higher, not to mention the constant dirt and greasy stains that are almost impossible to withdraw from many other materials. The rock is particularly fortress and the longest will be able to maintain its original appearance, unaffected by moisture, deformation and easily cleaned from dirt.

Wall of stone

If the kitchen is spacious enough, and the extra space you need to fill, not jamming room, stone cladding can be the best option. Here the imagination of the artist in choosing the shape and color of the stone will not be able to limit none. Warm and convex pieces of this material in combination with light, but not very bright furniture will help to create an image of the early summer, cozy and warm, but not scorching in its rays. If you enlist the help of flat stones cold palette, you should pay attention to the styles of modern and hi-tech, which are able to correctly transform cold motives, so that the room seemed empty and lifeless. Special attention should be paid to the type of paving stone: horizontal urged outwardly to expand the boundaries of the room, and vertical lifts ceilings, but visually make the room much smaller. Experimenting and working with stone, you can achieve any of the most original and unexpected way, but, more importantly, any of them will remain alive and will create an atmosphere of hospitality and comfort.

Work with the texture – flat or textured stone
What often scares many young designers when working with stone is the infinite variety of its forms. Actually, the texture of the stone veneer can range from completely flat to angular and jagged.

Any clear rules for choosing a particular type of stone for facing no. To rely just on their feelings, sensations, prepared a design plan and a few truths designed rather not tell the designer the road, and to remind you of something long forgotten.
Convex stone much better combined with warm colors, and its main partner – tree. Squared or angular, it is not so important, it goes well with rustic style and country style, which are distinguished by their unique coziness and softness characteristics. In this environment, even a rough and, at first glance, cold stone saturated with warmth and love, perfectly fitting into the creation of designer atmosphere.

Magic color
Work with different shades is one of the main stages of selecting the perfect stone for cladding. Stones, unlike wood, plastic and other materials do not paint, because he paint makes it artificial. All the charm of this type cladding coatings lies in its naturalness. Warm sand shades or cold, steel color by themselves much more attractive and natural patterns will not be able to repeat even the most skillful master.

Light stone

One of the many unique features of the stone facing is the ability to visually expand the space while using lighter shades of the material. Furthermore, humanity is still difficult to understand why the stones are yellow-orange, sandy colors seemed to absorb heat, unlike their cold, grey-blue brothers.

Light stone goes well with dark furniture and light. For example, the situation wenge perfectly easily combined with any stone colors and textures, ranging from light gray, almost white coating and finishing pale brown or bright orange.

Dark stone
Working with cool tones of the stone you need to take into account the fact that he totally does not fit with bright furniture. When such color combinations walls begin to sharply differentiate and to put pressure on the people in the room. This situation will not be very cozy and comfortable, so to prevent such a mistake is impossible.

Best dark stone used in large kitchens with dark furniture, where he will play a dominant role, but will not stand out from the General concept.
Talking about the kitchen of the stone for a long time, because by itself this material is unique and has no analogues. Artificial stones are bred man, saves and most of all its useful properties and characteristics. If the design plan and the General concept allows you to add into the kitchen stone facing, without any doubt, this should be done immediately.

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