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30 Amazing Modern Glass & Rustic Coffee Table Designs

Living in each house is the heart of the home and each owner is trying to arrange the room so that she was not only comfortable and harmonious, but still impressive and exciting. Today an integral part of the living room along with a comfortable sofa, armchairs and a fireplace is coffee, or as it used to call in our country coffee table.
History coffee table
This piece of furniture comes from 1868, its Creator is considered to be the Europeans Edward William Godwin. Though initially the table for the living room was the height of about 70 cm and later acquired familiar to us. However, this person has initiated the development of such an interesting and important functional attribute of today’s living. And although there is no consensus, whence it was borrowed the idea of creating a low table, whether from a culture of the Ottoman Empire, whether from so popular in those days in Europe Japanese culture, the fact remains that today the popularity of coffee tables is so great that this piece of furniture can be found in every home.

Types of tables

Leading manufacturers of furniture quickly picked up so rapidly breaking into the richest houses of Europe in that century fashionable accessory and began to produce tables of various materials: wood, glass, stone and copper.

With the advent of new technologies Arsenal of materials for the manufacture of coffee tables has increased significantly. In addition to this diversity helped to make this piece of furniture are available for every layer of the population. At the same time rapidly developed and design ideas on the coffee table – it is now no surprise primitive table with carved legs or glass top. But the idea of the design is sometimes staggering. So, all coffee tables can be divided into three groups:

Practical or functional tables, in which a fairly large countertop and plenty of drawers and shelves for small items.
Coffee tables – transformers. The design of this table allows easy movement of the hand to turn it into an Ottoman, a few individual tables or bench with upholstered seat. The latest fashion of such a transformer is a table, which of the low coffee table is easily converted into a large dining table which will fit the whole family and guests.
Decorative tables, which are rarely used for their intended purpose and are only decorative element. Typically, these tables are not only bizarre, but they are made of unusual material.

How to choose a coffee table

On what principle are usually people choose furniture? Many will agree that this often occurs on the basis of “I Came, I saw I conquered”. However, is it right? Even for such a small item of furniture as a coffee table, it is fundamentally wrong. First of all when choosing this piece of furniture, consider the following:

the style of living;
the colours, even if it is bright accent interior, it should ideally be combined with your room colors and harmoniously fit into the design space;
the quadrature of the premises and the location for the table, especially when it comes to a small room in the apartment.
A bit of practical advice
As practice shows the undercarriage still coffee tables made of wood. And such a phenomenon has a logical explanation: this material easily fits into any style, suitable for any color scheme and perfect care. In addition, if you select a table from the warm wood tones for a room with cold classic combination of black with a white interior will be filled immediately comfort and warmth, and at the same time not lose its severity.
If there parquet or laminate floor coffee table made of wood similar color will be a great companion to him, and the General picture of the room from this will only benefit.
However, in order to favourite coffee table fit perfectly in your living room it is not necessary to lay the right color floor covering or to resort to other drastic measures. Just throw on a sofa or chair a few decorative pillows similar shade or put a small chair with upholstery in tone countertops.

If in the living room plans some cabinets or racks, it is good, if a coffee table will be of the same material as other pieces of furniture.

Another popular material for countertops coffee table is glass, the legs of which can be made of different material. However, when choosing a glass table need to be prepared to wash the dirt from it, although this disadvantage is completely filled look, because this table even if a sufficiently large size will not clutter up the room due to its transparency.

Anyway, and the coffee table is always the center of attention in the living room, as it is around it are placed with basic furniture, such as sofa, chairs and Ottomans. That is why choice is so important attribute of any living room should be appropriate to consider all the details. Starting from the purpose of this piece of furniture, namely whether it is only a decorative element, or it will be used for its intended purpose, or is just the place for flower vases or storage of various journals and notebooks, and ending with the material from which it is made.
Finally, it remains to say that the tastes of the owner of the dwelling must be decisive, because he must like living and love to your home will fill it with positive energy that you just appreciate any guest house.


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