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30 Amazing Swimming Pool Design Ideas, Pictures, Photos

Country house with private pool is great. Because swimming is not just an enjoyable pastime, but also a very useful exercise for man. But just want to warn you, if you really decided to build a swimming pool, the ideal option is cooperation with engineers and architects, because they can give good advice in this matter, so as not to compromise the design of your home, and also, to provide the necessary microclimate. Besides, the first thing you should decide is where you want to see the pool: indoors or prefer an outdoor version in the fresh air? Of course, a matter of taste, but it should be noted that the majority still has them outside of their home, i.e. near the building, for example, on the plot. However, for those who reside in a country house year round, probably, the pool is still more relevant on site.

If the pool is in the building

To build a pool in your house, the most suitable places for this are the ground floor or basement, because the placement of the pool on the upper floors is strictly prohibited, because the consequences can be very undesirable. At best, what you can afford on the top floor is a font or a small sauna.

If you have to choose a basement, you have to remember about engineering communications, such as the presence of ventilation. By the way, the pool inside the house, it is much easier to follow, and you can use them all year round, regardless of the weather, what he is good.

If the pool is located on the plot

The placement of the pool outside the building, of course, has a number of advantages, chief of which is that the presence in it, accompanied by a more active holiday, because swimming takes place outdoors, close to nature. Also, such a pool is a marvellous addition to the various parties with friends, held at the house. However, there are downsides. For example, the fact that swimming in the outdoor pool directly depends on the weather, despite the production of “all-weather” pools, which in case of rain or strong wind borne special in this case the canopy. In addition, such a pool is more susceptible to contamination by leaves and other litter, i.e. for its purity much harder to follow than a swimming pool inside the house. Not to mention the possibility of freezing in the winter to avoid this, you should also carry out protective measures.

Model selection pool

Thus, the location determined. Now you need to determine the model of the basin, namely, the form and depth. The next step is to proceed to the main point to consider is the type, filtering, and, with the finish of the pool. As for types, they are three: fixed, folding and inflatable. Depending on the type of your building, and, from the size of the dwelling and the choice is made. Of course, the most durable and reliable on – site pools, although requiring considerable preparation. Typically, the basic material from which they are made, is a hydraulic concrete, and is used for facing tile (if desired, you can use another material). Relative sizes and shapes – let it all depends on the area and your personal imagination. To install a pool should only professionals who, by the way, can give valuable advice and about design. But typically, these pools are equipped for diving with everything necessary, and can accommodate many people. Is also possible to add additional functions, for example, hydro-massage or other Wellness functions. The deformation of such pools too safe unlike other less resistant species. And of course in terms of price stationary view of the pool is the most expensive.

As for the other two species – they are much easier, they are smaller in size and not as versatile. It all depends on the goal of building a swimming pool. If it is aimed at children, it is quite suitable variant of the inflatable reservoir, which is easily assembled and disassembled.

Collapsible view of the pool a little more difficult to handle than an inflatable, but also stands a greater number of people.

More about the filtration system

There are two types of swimming pools – overflow and skimmer, and the choice depends on its shape. For a classic rectangular variant of the basin is the most appropriate skimmer filtration system. The skimmer is a device that takes the top dirty layer of water, after which it is disinfected and cleaned. Makeup already purified water through wall openings. The difference overflow pools is that the water’s edge with a side they are on the same level, in this case, the water is poured into the side of the chute as a result of displacement net which comes from the bottom of the pool.

In all of the above, well-designed project can only be done by a professional who will take into account everything you need, including the complexity of the supply of communications and will help you with the choice of design. After all, agree that it is premature to repair the pool is absolutely undesirable. And this usually results in a breach of containment, for example, due to poor quality of construction materials, has resulted in the leakage of the pool.

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