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The concept of “workplace” has existed since time immemorial. But if before the concept existed only for outstanding scientists, writers, poets, composers, for the modern man it has become a universal place where he can do some work, but at home a comfortable environment, and here to have fun. Modern “workplace” and is often a place for rest and free time activities.

This fully applies to the “workplace” or, more simply, the corner of the student. Because in the modern world, every person dreams about this place, and your child – especially because it will be his personal space where it will feel like the master. But how to make this area a compact and comfortable for the student, and most importantly safe for your health? What they say on this issue, doctors and designers? This will be discussed further.

Let’s start with the global question – what should be the emotional atmosphere in the surrounding area space, and how it is created.

Emotional atmosphere of the area schoolboy

I think everyone understands that the atmosphere needs to be calm and focused the work of the student. The main role in this matter is the color scheme of the room where the corner of the student. Its importance for psychological and emotional well-being cannot be ignored, and this confirms medicine. What color can provide that atmosphere? About this talk.

Green color and its shades
Will help you create an atmosphere in the room of rest, but not overwhelming positive energy. Remember your high school years, what color was predominant in the class? It is, green. He filled the students with positive energy, which is then expressed in their active work during lessons. So green can be employed for the corner of the student, if not as the main, then, as a Supplement, will help you to create the proper atmosphere. But by choosing to green area, you should know that its abundance can cause excessive relaxation of a student that will affect its performance. A sense of proportion needs to be present in this case.
Yellow and its shades
Perhaps the most suitable color for area schoolchildren. Doctors its effect on humans is estimated as a tonic not only physical but also intellectual activity, that is, just what is required for the student at home. Designers, in turn, is not recommended to use yellow in pure form and in large areas (walls, ceiling). It is better if he will be present as accents – furniture, all kinds of accessories.

Of course, these colors and their shades are not the ultimate truth. The question of the choice of the color of the background of the room is a very complex question. His decision can be found in all sorts of colored illustrations of interiors of the rooms. It is possible that in them you will find the color that will suit both you and your child. But do not trust your first impressions of the illustrations, remember the advice of experts.

Having defined background color of the area schoolboy, you can move on to more “mundane” issues such as site selection.

Correctly choose a location for the corner desk

The first question is solved by the choice of location of the area is the availability of natural light, that is, the window, the left side of the Desk. If possible, consider the best places to area in the room is not found. But if your child is left-handed, this rule just need to change the exact opposite. The best option of finding a Desk – side near the window or near it. The main thing is that the light source was located to the side of the writing hand of a student.

If your family has two apprentices, and you can not create two parts, here, for normal natural light, a table will be placed against the window. In this case the normal lighting will be provided for both the student.

Next, we must determine the allocation of the area from the rest of the room, that is, zoning. Proper zoning will help to eliminate temptations for the student, which many in the room. Psychologists strongly against a “blind” corner offices. According to them, this will create some closed space that will overwhelm the psyche of the student and adversely affect its performance. The best option would be the allocation of area easy of the screen that will solve all questions on the fruitful work of the student. After the zoning of the area, go to his arrangement.

Equip corner of the student
First of all, you should decide what will be in the designated area of space. We will focus on furniture for the area – what should be in it, what should be the furniture, expert advice on its proper selection. Therefore, before you start to arrange the corner of the student, nice to know what they say about experts. But as they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times. Therefore, we offer you to watch the video experts ‘ recommendations on choosing the right furniture for area schoolchildren.

Is the main element of the interior area of the student. What it should be, advises medicine.

As you have seen viewed from above the roller, the table plays a very important role not only in matters of functionality of furniture, but even more important in maintaining the health of your student. Therefore, when you decide to buy a table, be sure to take with you and your student. The requirements of specialists to the Desk you already know, but without student you will not be able to determine how the table fits him to work in conditions recommended by experts. And, of course, personal opinion of a student about buying too will not be superfluous – favourite on the table he will do with great pleasure.

Colorful and Modern Study Space

Modern workplace of the person, including area schoolboy, is unthinkable without a computer. Good deal, but also requires adherence to certain rules. Most of them have already been presented above. Additionally, in the organization of the corner with a computer, you should know that the monitor on the table, written or computerized, should be under a visual angle of thirty degrees. Only in this position of the monitor, the cervical spine will be in the normal state.

Chair (chair)
Most often, loving parents buy their child a seat (on the chair today prefer not to remember, as a relic of the past), but is dominated by its comfort, external efficiency, but in no way is to care for the child’s health. Physicians in this situation in the first place, urging us to follow certain rules when choosing a chair, which fosters the health of your student. This video below will introduce you to these rules.
Lighting corner of the student
In the beginning of the article we have already spoken lighting area, but natural. As for his artificial lighting in the dark, the experts recommend to use a Desk lamp with a bright but soft light. Set it to the side of the writing hand of a student (if right-handed, left if left-handed – right). The lamp must be adjusted for height and direction of light.

Medicine recommends that local illumination of the workplace is harmful to the eye. Therefore, over the area to have a dispersion ceiling light – this will help to remove excessive eye strain learner.

It is very important that the back of the chair (chair) adjusted according to the height. This function allows you to adjust the backrest for the proper maintenance of the back of the student in the desired position.

If your chair does not meet the requirements of physicians and throw him a pity, some deviations from norms, for example, the lack of lumbar bend, eliminate laying under your lower back ordinary pads. All ingenious is simple.

Auxiliary furniture
From the very first class student should be accustomed to the order in the workplace. But on the procedure appropriate to speak only when there is an opportunity. Agree, about their position in a corner of the student can be discussed if for all sorts of tutorials, books, writing utensils missing its storage location. Therefore, you should take care of the nightstand or even a bookcase with lots of drawers and shelves. Good to have open shelves on the wall.

The main feature of auxiliary furniture is ease of use, that is, the furniture should be within arm’s reach of the student.

In conclusion
As you know, the creation of a zone for your student is a difficult question. But it needs to be solved. Because, by and large, it depends on the health and future life of your child. In a well-organized area schoolboy maintain their health, well understand the school curriculum, which in the future will allow him to achieve excellent results, but on the adult workplace. Unfortunately, not every photo illustrate corresponding to the recommendations of the medical profession corner of the student, as here, the emphasis is on the effective design solutions. And here the choice is yours – a spectacular view of the area or the health of your schoolboy. I hope that we helped you to effectively address these issues. Good luck to you!


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