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Beautiful Reading Lights For Bedroom Ideas and Photos

The atmosphere of the bedroom requires attention to all the details. In addition to pieces of furniture of great importance is the lighting. Bright chandelier or soft light multiple recessed ceiling fixtures can dramatically change the image of the room.
Modern industry production of lighting devices allows the use of models of lamps not only for their intended purpose, but also as a decorative element. To the selected device has become an integral part of the overall picture, it needs to possess a number of qualities.

The shape and placement of bedside lamps

Classic is the location of the bedside lamps on both sides of the bed if it is a double. For a small bed for one, just one lamp on either side. Looks spectacular long narrow interior light mounted on the wall right in the middle of the headboard. Conveniently, if this lamp is controlled by two switches and each of them is at hand for those who use the bed.

The lamp can be put on the bedside table or hang on the wall. Advantages of table lamps:

no need to make holes in the wall;
creates a specific style;
the mobile device.
Advantages of wall lights:

do not take up space on the small bedside table;
the light source is easier to read point;
less risk of dropping or damaging the device.
Interesting can be the variety of lamps, which are mounted directly into the body of the bed. When sufficient power these lamps can bear not only decorative, but also practical purpose.

Beautiful Reading Lights For Bedroom

The shape of the bedside lamp must be primarily soft lines to maintain the General mood of peace and tranquility. The science of visual perception of the outer world suggests that the sharp features and sharp corners can cause aggression and anxiety. And the philosophy of Feng Shui recommends that you limit the use of sharp corners in the place where the person is in a relaxed, and therefore in a vulnerable condition. Rounded and convex elements of the luminaire is able to add overall picture of softness, which, no doubt, should any bedroom.

The material for the manufacture
The most common and safest varieties of materials still remain glass and metal. The advantage of these lamps is that they can decorate the room in any style. Metal and glass in the capable hands of a master can take any form, while retaining all its functional characteristics.

Glass canopy scattering has the best quality. To give light in the bedroom the desired brightness, you can choose the lamp frosted or tinted glass. In addition, the glass surface may be any pattern that will allow the most profitable way to enter the device into the interior. To make a lamp from expensive types of glass that will allow them to acquire a gorgeous work of art that will become the highlight of the interior. This effect is difficult to achieve from plastic or fabric, which are also popular materials for the manufacture of bedside lamps.

Lamp, decorated fabrics, more suitable for a room in the style of “country”. Floral pattern on the fabric adds to the atmosphere of romance and will allow you to maintain the style, even in small things. Important in the manufacture of lampshades fabric is the observance of safety standards. If the device involves the use of a light bulb which heats up the tissue surface should be located at a maximum distance to avoid burning. Paint for fabric should be harmless, as when heated, this material can be spread around the room with poisonous fumes. This also applies to plastic lampshades that are not recommended for use in the bedroom and children’s rooms.

Among varieties of materials for the manufacture of the bedside lamps are the ones that deserve special attention. Rice paper on the ceiling of the lantern is suitable for room, decorated in Oriental style. These gentle products will create in the room that special spirit of inner peace, which is typical of Eastern nationalities, and so suited for the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Wood – the most environmentally friendly material. When properly processed, it is not only not harmful, but they can and will release into the air of the resin that adds to the overall atmosphere of an interesting scent. Featuring solid wood bathroom will always look stylish and chic. The use of expensive rocks for the manufacture of lamps will allow the owner to demonstrate your refined taste and a preference for natural materials. Wooden lamps can decorate the room in many styles, from rustic to classic.

Light in color
Because indoor bedrooms assume soft lighting, bedside lamps must support the overall mood and Shine smooth pleasant light. The power devices must be sufficient to being in bed man could read or just with the comfort of spending time, not straining your eyes.

Pink hue lighting give the room a romantic, but blue or green will add a touch of coldness and would deprive the room. To achieve the desired color radiation, there is no need to search for the specific bulb. Just choose a shade made of glass or fabric the color you want. To change the lighting is sometimes enough to cover a lamp bandana, shining through the thin fabric of the rays were able to paint the room in the desired color.

The table lamp was perfect it needs:

to be safe;
to conform to the General style of decoration;
fit for purpose;
to be pleasing to the eye;
to have a price corresponding to their properties.
But the main criterion should remain the preference of those who will sleep in this room and use the selected bedside lamp.

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