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30 Beautiful Stone Wall Interior Design Ideas

The use of natural stone in construction and decoration consists of many centuries. But in the past our ancestors often had no choice, in our days, the fashion on the use of stone, the interior and exterior of buildings is experiencing a Renaissance.

Currently afford the use of natural stone can, perhaps, only the very wealthy homeowners. But thanks to modern technology, we are able to use artificial stone, color palette, texture and texture that practically nothing is not limited.

The use of stone in the design of the bedrooms

Stone is one of the most durable and reliable materials which can be used for construction and decoration. The use of stone surfaces in the design of living rooms always adds some interior luxury, a hint of richness. Even if the stone is not natural, which is much more common in our time, its design, color and texture is almost impossible to distinguish from natural material.

The harmony of stone and wood used in the interior of a country house will not only help to create a warm atmosphere of comfort, but also to bridge a gap in nature, which we have lacked in dusty and noisy city.

Stone, with his clear, straightforward and unwavering form, can be integrated to almost any interior style. The only limit is your imagination (or the ideas of the designer) and financial capabilities.

Use natural or artificial stone, you can finish almost any surface, but in the bedroom, as a rule, stone wall post, often at the head of the bed. In combination with wood-beamed ceilings, this natural material sets the tone for the entire room, adding luxury and style.

Apply textured bright stone in the bedroom minimalist style is obviously a good design decision. Simplicity of design combined with reliability and durability of stone material for finishing.

The use of stone in the living room

Living room, fireplace, stone – this classic trio literally created for a country house. The use of stone for fireplaces and stoves was born so long ago that nobody believes passed dozens of centuries. Modern man is not much different from the ancient in its desire to keep warm, relaxing, looking at the fire, and listen to the crackling. But in our time there are many more ways to make it more advanced, from an aesthetic point of view, by the way.

Living in a country house – this is not always the animal skins on the floor and antlers on the walls, carved wooden furniture and velvet curtains. The use of lamellar stone for finishing the space around the fireplace, allowed to give this living room in an industrial style with a hint of minimalism, a truly warm and welcoming character.

In the stone living room of the country house can not be confined to the wall where the fireplace or stove. Unlike city apartments, cottage style allows you to think and act bigger in the finish, rustic rooms.

The use of stone decoration in the living room, connected with a games room, a more than appropriate. Practical, reliable and resistant to all kinds of influences, this natural material will last more than one generation of the family cottage.

Stone apron for the fireplace from floor to ceiling give your room a truly Royal scale. In combination with refined furniture and antique décor, the room gets a unique character.

The interior is modern stylistics stone looks quite appropriate. Artificial material allows you to choose the colour scheme that is able to comply with the General palette of the living room or Vice versa – to be effective by contrast, it all depends on what goals are tenants, using the stone in the decoration.

The use of stone for the walls of the living room, connected with veranda, blurring the boundaries between street space and the inner part of the room. The good natural stone – it can be used everywhere and not be afraid of the impact the environment for many years.

Stone kitchen design

Finish cooking apron above the working area is a traditional reception rooms in a classic style. Where as not in the kitchen, place the stone – symbol of warmth and comfort to our homes for many years. But not only in facing the mill, you can use the stone material. Marble tops, border, quartzite, Sandstone and soapstone are used to design kitchens around the world. Resistant to all kinds of influences, strong and durable – these items interior will be a great investment in your room and will decorate any interior.

Gas or electric stove in our kitchen is a symbol of hearth and home, it is often the focal point of the modern zone cooking. It is not surprising that many people want to make this area a stone finish. A little bit of luxury and aristocracy will not interfere with even the most modest kitchen.

On the background of neutral shades of natural stone, used in the decoration of dining room, bright contrast are painted kitchen cabinets and fittings.

Traditional country house kitchen. Where wood is used in the walls, floor, ceiling, and furnishings perfectly diluted with stone in the form of very large pebbles. Despite its size, these light elements brought ease in the atmosphere of the kitchen space.

In this kitchen stone is present everywhere – the walls and the kitchen apron, consisting of countertops, kitchen island and work surfaces. Thanks raznofakturnoy and skillfully chosen colours, the room looks luxurious. The impression that we looked in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals for senior people of the Royal court.

Stone walls, wooden carved furniture, marble countertops and pendant lights style candles – everything in this kitchen indicates the wealth and comfort that was able to almost seamlessly integrate modern kitchen appliances and fixtures.

Bathroom with modern stone finish

The combination of dark stone with white walls and modern sanitary ware gives the bathroom a festive and positive views. Spacious room allows the use of raw stone for walls and wooden beams and vaulted ceilings, which combine perfectly with each other.

Natural stone does not harm the moisture, which is why so often you can see the design of this sustainable material walls, exposed to the greatest wear.

The use of thin plates light stone in the facing space around the bath, allowed to soften the sharp contrast between light walls and dark color palette of furniture and ceiling beams.

To create a unique eco-friendly bathroom design natural stone is the best fit. The use of large pebbles indoors allows you to extend the theme of nature, which is evident from the huge, floor-to-ceiling glass doors.
Warm sand-red hue of natural stone successfully blends in with the dark chocolate palette bathroom.
Spacious room, whose walls are almost completely covered with stone finishing material, creates a mood of relaxation and rest. Notes Japanese style, in which, as a rule, there is a contrast of colors and natural greens, configures the household on infinite Zen.

White bathroom with light cream stone looks incredibly modern, practical and spacious. The unusual design of lamps and minimalism in the execution of the furniture gives the room a lightness and airiness.

The unusual design of bathing in a wooden tub, in perfect harmony with the stone wall, made of elements of various shapes and sizes. This furnished, complete with carved wood decoration sinks, sends us into the medieval past, but fortunately, with hot water.

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