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30 Best Bio Ethanol Fireplace Design

The element of fire… This mysterious and endlessly alluring person. Picture gracefully dancing sparks and flames, the sound of crackling logs plunges into a state of relaxation, away from daily problems. Any beautiful flame: fire, fire, burning candle or a burning match. Our life is impossible without fire. To create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, tranquility in your home will help create a fireplace. This is not just a functional element for heating, modern interior is the main focus of the room. Unfortunately, in urban apartments is almost impossible to equip a real fireplace, so bioclin is optimal replacement of wood-burning fireplaces. Bioclin is an environmentally – friendly device with a real fire, running on liquid fuel of vegetable origin, which does not emit hazardous combustion products.

Environmentally friendly fireplaces are very convenient piece of furniture. A wide range of models to find the work for any room. In the interior of a fireplace will become a part of nature, a source of light, warmth and comfort, if the area around the burner to decorate with natural materials, for example, rounded stones:
The main advantages of bio:
the compactness of the structures;
there is no need to equip the chimney and to harvest firewood;
no smoke, odor, soot and soot;
the originality and variety of models;
easy Assembly and installation;
ease of operation.
How biochanin
The fuel unit is the main element of the fireplace, it includes a burner made of artificial stone or metal alloys. It is filled with fuel of natural origin. Burners may be several.
The area around the fire is made of various non-flammable materials.
Capacity or frame of refractory materials completes the design econamine.
The type and configuration of different mobile (table and floor), built-in, front (wall), angular model homes.

Cozy interior design ideas with gas fireplace 2015

Such models will easily be making a variety of home environment and give a special flavour of elegance to any interior style. Looks great fireplaces small size, mini-fireplaces with one burner, framed with glass, with strict geometric forms, without any decorations:

You can find the original version of unusual shape or frame, complemented by decorative elements that can be used as a functional coasters:

For interiors with rustic elements Ecostyle you can find the appropriate non-standard model. If successful, the placement of such biochanin will be amazing complement the interior decoration of the apartment:

Embedded bio
It is a reliable and fundamental stationary design, which is mounted in the wall or on the floor. Such models are currently the most popular: they can be used to create stylistic features in the interior and to transform the space of the rooms.

Very extravagant looks fireplace, built-in brick wall. This interior is reminiscent of a loft-style:

The modern tendency is such an option bocamina as “fire line”. He is going from several modules of the fuel blocks and can range in length up to one and a half meters. In this way it is possible to equip any wall, niche, podium in the apartment. Room with a line of fire looks very extravagant. Especially in the classic style of minimalism or hi-tech:

In the interior, with white walls built in the protruding wall fireplace will add visual volume of the room and fill it with the light:

Front fireplaces
Wall and wall fireplaces complement interior in Ecostyle, where everything is natural originality: beige color, natural finishing and textile materials and accessories:

In a minimalist living room style 60-ies biochanin will bring the spirit of the philosophy of this period: optimistic and life-affirming notes:

Modern design metal alloy silver color blends into any interior. Such finishing material reflects the flames that creates the ambience of the fireplace designs:

You can choose a model that simulates the LCD monitor to the fireplace were a single entity with a matching interior:

The zoning of the premises with the help of bio
Built fireplaces is an indispensable tool for transform the living space into separate functional areas in the apartment:

Fireplace framed with glass from floor to ceiling to create a stunning effect of volume, light and airiness of the space and simultaneously divide a large room into two parts:

End-to-end model bio can be installed in openings in the walls, which serve as the boundary between different residential areas:

If the layout of the apartment, you can set through tripartite bioclin, which will also divide the space into separate mini-site. This variant of the fireplace is used with maximum efficiency: enough to equip the protruding portion under the functional countertops or shelves:

Angular econamine visually enhance and facilitate space, because their installation involves “passive” part of the wall. This is ideal for rooms small square:

The work is a universal way to diversify the monotonous interior, filled with warmth the cold climate, to add energy to heat and light in the house. This functional device can be arranged according to individual sketches or buy ready-made model.

During the installation and operation of the work necessary to observe basic safety rules:

you should not place the product near appliances and flammable objects;
to install a fireplace in a well ventilated area on a firm horizontal surface;
use only the recommended fuel;
keep away from children.

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