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30 Best Ideas: Flowers and Plants in the Interior

Who in our time are not like plants? Perhaps such people have no, or very few. Because green flora only one of its kind to bring joy and peace, and how many of them good. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so necessary, especially for urban residents. He settled in his house or flat plants, we make down cosy, lively and joyful atmosphere.
Of course, in any case it is not necessary to fill the room with all sorts of plants in large quantity, so you will not achieve anything. It would be better to buy some beautiful instances, it is perfectly suited to enhance your interior. You also need to be careful in the choice of exotic flora, you should be sure that you will be able to care for them.

For each interior of each room fit certain green plants.

Plants in the interior of the hall (the hall)

The first place we find ourselves and our guests, entering the house is the lounge or hallway. With this room and starts a presentation about our lives, and, of course, here, too, can live and flourish green plants. If enough light, it’s just luck, but if the light is low, which is typical for modern apartments, then do not despair – fit shade-loving plants, which, in General, unpretentious. These include: fatsia, peperomia, arrowroot, and dracaena, sanseviera, which are very resistant to temperature changes and light inherent in the hallway.

You also need to focus on the available space in your hall or entryway. If there is enough space, it will look great lush large plants, such as ferns that look great and a separate focus, and group plants. But if you do not have sufficient area, fit and small flowers, placed, for example, on the shelves, special supports, which in our time is a great set. Ivy Header refers to the smallest plants, which can drastically change your hallway and to give her a fabulous comfort.

Plants in the kitchen

Kitchen is the most favourable place for potted plants, there is enough light and humidity. But still, you must consider several factors in choosing the plants for food. As in the kitchen very often food is prepared, then you should choose heat-loving plants. If you choose flowers for the window sill, then definitely you need photophilous. There are shade-loving plants from a large number of light just die, but they are ideal if you want to put plants away from the window, somewhere in the shadows of the fridge or something like that. Also in no case should not “settle” flora near the stove, excessive heat and steam from cooking can be harmful to them. Place near a sink is not good, because from there on plants can fly soap sprays and residues of fatty foods.

The size of your kitchen will depend on the size of the plants. What else do you need to consider when choosing green “neighbors” for the kitchen, so it is a constant temperature difference, this is a significant disadvantage of this room, but all are solvable. There is, for example, ficus, Chlorophytum, ivy, aloe, spiderwort, asparagus, which can easily cope in such conditions. By the way, Chlorophytum very useful plant for the kitchen, as it removes the air from harmful fumes.

In principle, if desired, in the kitchen are grown in almost all (lemons, oranges, coffee and tea trees and so on), but what a great idea to make the kitchen a little “garden”. You can grow onions, dill, parsley, mint, Basil, ornamental pepper. Very original will look instead of the usual pots cooking utensils – cups, pots, pans, and so forth.

Plants in the living room

As a rule, the largest and most “friendly” room is the living room. So here are often the plants are large, outdoor, broadleaf. Here too, as elsewhere, the focus is on where exactly you want to put your green friends. At the window – sun-loving, shade – shade. However, if you have enough space for large plants, perfectly decorate your interior small instances in hanging baskets, look great vines.

As decoration for the living room is equally well suited freshly cut flowers and potted species of flora, of course, you can use them in tandem.

To create a natural and soft interior designers advise small and soft composition, or high and airy. The role pots suitable glass vases, clear bulb, balls – aquariums, all of these variations will retain the lightness of the interior.

Plants in the interior of a bedroom

Plants in the bedroom will fill its softness, warmth and tenderness, really have to sleep. But many colors undesirable to put in the bedroom, especially for plants with a strong aroma, it threatens you with a bad headache in the morning. Very dangerous for bedroom lilies and ferns, these plants absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide.

If the size of the room, perfect plants outdoor type, you can color pots on the table or nightstand, or on the windowsill. But aloe and Kalanchoe will create the perfect microclimate – at night they emit oxygen.

Green plants is always to enhance any interior, they make notes of naturalness, freshness and emphasize the individuality of the character of all family members. And can hide any flaws of your premises.

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