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30 Best Ideas for Small Bedroom Design 2015

The feature of the interior of the small bedrooms is based on its limited space and your boundless desire to have it all there in the big bedroom. And that’s all. But, alas, hasn’t he, and large to small will not choke. This is only possible in the virtual space, on the representations of the illusionist Emil Kio, or for the account of certain visual design techniques for the. But you live in the real space and are not even a relative of the famous illusionist. So I think I’ll start with visually increase your small bedroom, in order to solve the remaining issues on the interior.

Increase the space . . . visually
There are many techniques for a visual increase in small spaces. The main and most common and effective is the use of bright colors in the surface finishes. Therefore, the walls and ceiling are running in neutral tones.

If you still doubt that the implementation of the interior in dark colors will make your small bedroom even less (visually), we can see this by comparing this photo with the above. In addition, a depressing feeling it causes. Such an environment is not very conducive to rest your body and soul. Although, of course, is a matter of taste.

However, excessively fond of bright colors is not necessary. Too monotonously looks “landscape” like this bedroom, even in calm tones. But monotony will soon cause you irritation, that in no way is unacceptable in the bedroom on her status. So experts recommend to warn the abundance of bright colors. Everything should be within reasonable limits, and in the color scheme of the bedroom should be other colors, at least as accents.

How to decorate small bedroom

Expensive, but very effective in visually expand the room is a mirrored wall. It may not be the most appropriate method for most people. Because people who can afford such a wall, hardly able to “afford” to have such a small bedroom. But still, to know about this variant does not hurt, because the lining of the small mirrors of the surface is not too costly. But the effect is striking.

The purpose of visually enlarge the space it is recommended to use low furniture (bed, bedside tables). In conjunction with the long, almost from the ceiling, curtains, this technique will allow you to visually increase the height of your bedroom.

In this section we will look at the bedroom lighting as part of a visually enlarge the space. The essence of this method is that the bedroom lighting is hidden light sources built into furniture or ceiling, and upward.

Layout. We select and arrange furniture
Now, having finished with the “extension” of your bedroom, going to do more mundane, namely, selection and placement of furniture. Here it is necessary to consider many factors. Even the type of door in her uncovering plays a significant role in the interior of your bedroom-Babes. More details about the types and criteria for selection of doors here.

Bedroom primarily for recreation, so this room should be separated from the rest of the apartment. The best option would be the installation of sliding doors, which will help you to preserve precious space. But conventional, hinged doors, with proper planning you will not be a problem for furniture placement.

The furniture in our case plays a crucial role, especially the bed. It is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, especially a small one. Before purchasing a bed in the small bedroom, you should consider its size and installation location. Of course, one double bed looks more attractive, but she “steal” a substantial part of the area. In this case, the chance to feel in free space for you to be quite illusory.

Using, for example, single beds will allow you to additionally get some free space, real and not visual. And it is your main goal in the design of the interior of a small room. Of course, for a young family is not very suitable. But what is suitable and what is not – you decide. The task of this article is to familiarize the readers with options interior small bedroom without losing detail.

There is a very original solution to the issue of installation of bed, even in conditions of severe shortage of space in the apartment. By the way, this idea is not new. Since ancient times in Russia resting place was the space above a Russian stove, attic black. The years go by, times are changing. But the idea remained and to this day, albeit in a somewhat different form.

An acute shortage of space creates the problem of storing underwear and bed linen. But the modern furniture industry has found a way out of it embedded in the wall or in bed drawers, cupboards, cabinets. The result is a very modern bedroom furniture and the maximum space.

For small bedrooms built-in meter cabinets with frosted glass-door will be a real boon. Thanks to him, you not only save space, but also increase the space. Frosted glass will create a kind of blurring of the interior, thereby increasing visual room.

Excellent storage space can be high, from floor to ceiling wardrobes. Appropriate and will be modular furniture, which is made according to the size of your bedroom. Simultaneously with the storage of things, it can be used as a workplace. Furniture double values are very welcome in the small room.

Very often the owners of the small bedrooms forget about the space above the bedside tables. But in vain, it works fine for all kinds of shelves. Also, to save space, as bedside tables, perfect wall shelf.

How to make small bedroom look bigger

In conclusion, I wanted to bring to you the opinions of experts, what is not recommended in a small bedroom:

to use the beds are sofa beds. In this case you win in the square, but lost in space. High back of the sofa is visually reduces the height. And again the choice is yours, because it is only the recommendations of specialist designers.
to do different ceiling level. The layout of the ceiling will negate all your efforts to increase space.
foolishly wasting scarce space, cluttering it with unnecessary items and furniture. In this bedroom you can not help feel a sort of elephant in the shop.
use a low-hanging chandeliers and lamps. Otherwise, all your attempts to increase the space of the room will be reduced to “no”. In principle, in a small bedroom is enough lamps on the bedside tables. Ceiling light can take place in the absence of the bedroom Windows, that is, natural light. Logical recommendation of specialists.
to install a large mirror surface on the side of the bed. This is already the advice of psychologists, concerned about possible psychological injuries you or your family members. The best option would be the installation of such surfaces bedside.
I hope that this article has destroyed your opinion that small bedroom – this sentence. Most importantly, seek and find the way out even from seemingly hopeless situations. In this article we have given only a fraction of those techniques that will definitely help you to make a miracle with his “baby”. And then, hopefully, we’ll help you “deal” with a spacious bedroom. But it would be a different theme and other details. Good luck to you!

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