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30 Cozy and Functional Built In Bed Design Ideas

Rational distribution of space in our days one of the main tasks, which tries to solve everyone who is decorating their homes. And this approach is quite understandable, because the city apartments are not very spacious. And sometimes in a small two need to get along for a family of four people and each must have a residential and working place, not to mention the recreation area for the whole family and living room for gatherings with friends.
How to properly design the interior to the premises not to overload and all necessary items of furniture to place. For solving the difficult tasks of modern designers in their work have resorted to the use of modern furniture. A striking example of which is the Cabinet with a built-in bed.

Functional practicality

Today in the furniture market, you can find two types of these cabinets. The first is just a hoax and hides in itself only a sleeping place, and the second in addition to the hidden Lodge is equipped with shelves for storage of various things. This is just the perfect solution for a small room, which will allow you to sleep at night on the large and comfortable beds, and a day to hide it behind the beautiful facade of the Cabinet.

The design of this bed is its storage in an upright position either head down or on its side. In either case, the bed takes up the minimum amount of space, freeing up space for free movement around the room.
Another quite important plus of this berth is that this bed does not need to be refilled every morning and spread them out before going to sleep. Just press the button and the mechanism itself will Lodge in the right position, it will be enough just to spread the blanket on the bed.

Built-in bed in living room
Having dealt with all the benefits of this wonderful invention, you need to think about where it is appropriate the item of furniture. First of all wardrobe with hidden in it, the bed will become the ideal solution for the living room, which plays the role of bedrooms. Let us return again to the same kopeck piece, where a smaller room usually given to children, and parents forced to settle in the living room. In this situation, it turns out the majority of young families. And in order to organize the space available in the rooms should be made a maximum of fantasy.

Just imagine, in this room you should put a small sofa and armchair, a small table with a TV, wardrobe and bed. Under such circumstances, in the best case, the room will remain narrow passages between items of furniture. And in this state, the room will seem at least uncomfortable. The other matter, if the berth will go to the floor only at night and during the day these square meters will be available.
To have a wardrobe with a built bed is along the narrow wall and leaving sufficient space for omitted berth, put in the bathroom the rest of the furniture. It is also worth noting that the Cabinet can be the corner that will allow you to create a sufficient number of shelves and drawers for storage of personal belongings. If the width of the room allows, a wardrobe with a built-in bed will perfectly fit and along most of the wall, but the main thing correctly to calculate how much space will take other desired items of furniture. In either case, you should consider the location of doors and Windows, so at night when laid out beds can be easily moved around the room.

You cannot ignore bed-transformer and those who frequently hosts guests in his house and does not have a separate room. Thus, do not need to be members of the household to settle for the night.

Built-in bed in the interior of the child

The idea of the built-in bed will be good and in the nursery. It’s the place where the child needs enough space for games. Particularly relevant decision will be, if in a small living room with two children. Putting a large Cabinet with two built-in beds along one wall is easy to equip children and the workplace, and an area for games. And to the child himself could put your bed, it is better to give preference structures with lateral position.

Relevant to this decision and in the teen room, especially if the child is engaged in some kind of art, because a folding bed in the closet, the room will be released this creative workshop. To create this interior should only find the right furniture for the working zone. Large leather chair and glass table modern design will be very appropriate.

Bed, built in wardrobe and style

Speaking about the style of the room in which the Cabinet with a built-in bed will not seem foreign, it should be noted that the external appearance plays not the last role. And given the demands of practicality and functionality in our day bed similar designs can fit perfectly in any interior, the main thing that the exterior of the Cabinet is consistent with the selected direction.
Glossy facades bright shades or doors with print will look perfect in the interior in the style of hi-tech, muted tones will be the best fit in the modern and minimalist, but the mirrors and carved wooden facades will be the original elements of aristocratic and classic style. Not to mention about stylized facades antique, Provencal style, country, or even disguised as brickwork. In General, the limitation here may be just my own imagination or the skill of the wizard.

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