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30 Great Green Bathroom Designs Ideas 2015

Green paint for bathroom design is the best option, because green is associated with nature and is perceived as fresh and moist shade. However, like any other, green interior has a number of features and nuances that must be followed in the arrangement of the room, if you want to create a positive atmosphere and to achieve the desired effect.
Green has many shades
Like any other color, green has many different shades that can create in the interior of a certain mood. And this point must be taken into account. So, for example, light colors are best suited to modern interiors, to the classic style more suited muted shades of green, close to the turquoise color, giving the interior a special elegance. But if you need to visually expand the space, then you should use a combination of green with pastel shades.

Generally, green has some feature – it can control the properties bordering shade. This refers to the fact that the interior in shades of green can be perceived as warm or cold, depending on whether you are warm or cool shade of it combined. An experienced designer knows about this property green and skillfully uses it.

Also it should be noted that green has a very beneficial effect on the human nervous system. It relieves the stress and irritation, soothes, relaxes and relieves stress. A morning ritual, which is held in the green bathroom, excellent charges you for the whole day, and therefore good health. Green is the color that allows people to feel rested and refreshed. And in order that the bathroom was the most comfortable area for relaxation, it is very important to choose the right combination of colors.

How to choose the right shades
First of all, choosing the right shades depends on the size of the room. For example, if the bathroom is small in size, in this case dark shades in large quantities is not otherwise visually it will decrease even more. But if you combine rich shade of green with white, and white must be more, it will be a spectacular interior even for small spaces. Moreover, this kind of bathroom will be a very noble look.

Green color blends beautifully with shades such as brown

yellow, silver, gold, black and white. If you use a light green hue in combination with yellow, you can bring the interior a feeling of purity, rebirth of nature and the freshness of the spring bloom.

Modern green decor ideas for bathroom walls

A good option would be making green only one wall, i.e. as if its underlining and emphasis. If the bathroom has a window, a frame, it is desirable to white, and add additional white accents in the interior.

The walls, floor and ceiling
For the walls, for example, it will look good now popular green mosaic tile, with a flicker effect, and adding elitism. Incidentally, as for the cost, it is equal to the cost of a good tile. However, stacked it a bit more difficult.

You can use any other material, such as vinyl Wallpaper, which are easy to care for, or wall panels. And you can use a combination of tiles with different textures and colors, good selection of ceramics today is just huge. As a floor coating you can apply the heat-treated boards, and you can put floor tiles.

For ceiling suitable technology of suspended ceilings. Such material is not afraid of moisture and can withstand up to one hundred liters of water (if you suddenly flood the neighbors). You can certainly use and ceiling tile, which in most cases is sold white. However, it can be absolutely any shade, if you apply a normal painting. The main thing to remember is that a relatively ceiling wall color should be darker.

Ideally, ceiling and floor should have the lightest shades. Plumbing and furniture in the classic sense of design green interior should be white. But if there is a transparent shower cabin, on a green background walls it will look perfect

It should be noted that it is not advisable to overload the interior of the bathroom abundance of all kinds of furniture. Here is the minimum set designers:

Cabinet or shelf for toiletries;
heated towel rail;
clothes hanger;
shopping for clothes
To create an interior green bathroom is only possible with the help of some accessories green color, such as towels, rugs, curtains, and all kinds of little things such as hanging sponges, cups and other interior items.

To the interior of the bathroom with green trim, special care must be taken in combination with metallic accessories. The fact is that if there will be in excess, a feeling of freshness and harmony is broken, but rather the impression their narodnosti. The use of any colors will always create a revival of the interior. Fresh flowers will be as good in a floor vase and hanging from the shelves.
Oh and don’t forget the mirror is an important and indispensable feature for the bathroom interior.

Frame mirrors can be arranged in any other color and can be painted in the same green.

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