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30 Hot Red Bedroom Designs Ideas

The most vivid and emotional color is red. He has a powerful psychological effect on humans. Its use in the interior of the so-called red bedroom is modern and original design.
When small amounts of this color brings a dynamic and energizing. On the other hand, the excess overload can cause irritation and depression. It is therefore very important to ensure the harmony of color palettes and combinations of colours.

In what combination to use red?

Apply red color in its pure form is not recommended. But to combine it with other colors in the interior of a bedroom must also very carefully. It is advisable to use opposite colors. It is good to look as bright and dark tones.

Red-white interior
The most popular option is the white walls with bright, attention-grabbing red accessories. Very appropriate in this bedroom will be bright curtains on the Windows.

Another option is the red color of the walls. He will prevail, but a rational distribution of white accessories will smooth his obsession and reduce irritating mental effects.

Another option is painting only one wall of a bedroom in red, usually adjacent to the headboard. This is especially true for a small room, because the remaining three wall light colors will create the visual effect of the expansion space.

Monotone clearance red-white bedroom interior is not required. Nice walls and accessories with a variety of ornaments and patterns.

Red-black interior
This interior fits a passionate, active and ardent natures. However, it turns out it is somewhat dark. This problem is solved by incorporating splashes of beige or white in large accessories and linens.

The combination of red with black perfectly diluted beige, gray, brown shades, but get too carried away it should not be.

Other options of color combinations with red
You can paint the walls red bedroom in a relatively calm tone, and in contrast to hold the red strip, or make one of the red walls, for example, with a large flower.

White, beige or grey walls perfectly contrasted with red furniture and red linen.

The red accents in the interior of a bedroom look charming and bright, and in combination with blue color they are refreshing, giving strength and courage.

Combination with yellow color gives the room a bedroom a romantic and tranquil views.

The shades of red that are used in residential interiors, full of sensuality, to mute their help warm shades of green, complemented with light colored floors.

Universal decor will become red pillows on the bed. They are well focus on that color.

The final stroke of the interior will become Mat red or items that I would like to draw attention. They will give a luxurious look to the bedroom.

The lighting of the red bedroom

It is recommended not to apply too bright light in the red bedroom. It must be like on the second plan. Best fit soft, subdued light from lamps or floor lamps.

The perfect solution can also be unobtrusive ceiling light, as if emphasizing their bright walls and backlit separate interior.

Furniture for the red bedroom
Furniture for a bedroom to choose not too difficult. It can be products of plastic or wood, black, white, grey, beige colors.

In the red bedroom furniture can be different, depending on the color of the walls. With the red wall harmonizes well with light furniture beige, brown, white.

Conversely, when the bright walls of the furniture should be red.

It is recommended to focus more on the glossy surface.

It is desirable to use only the direct form, but not curved and quaint.

The Central element of the interior is the bed. The rest of the furniture with accessories complements the style solutions.

Appropriate styles of interior
The red color is almost perfect for bedroom interior design English style. Focus better to do on a combination of white with red. Luxuriously look heavy and rich red curtains.

The optimal solution is a classical solution of the red bedroom – strict form and colour harmony.

The right mix of red and other colors will make the red bedroom irresistible, attractive, comfortable, beautiful and comfortable.

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