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30 Interior Chalkboard Design Ideas – Amazing Chalkboard Wall Paint Pictures and Photos

Slate in the interior is original, unusual design blank, boring walls. Extensive functionality, originality, availability and relatively low cost of all these facts every day attract more and more creative designers use them in their interiors.

Surprised by the versatility and convenience of this piece of furniture. Wall, fully enclosed like this Board turns into a real live Wallpaper – picture on it may be replaced at least every day, it all depends on your imagination and hard work. Sunny meadow or winter landscape, magical forest or urban city filled with high-rise buildings – the atmosphere of the room can change in a matter of minutes, one has only to pick up some crayons and awaken your inner artist.

Slate in the bedroom
The bedroom is the heart of any home, so its design need to be particularly diligent. In addition, this room should bear the greatest charge of coziness and positive, to help relax after work and to find long-awaited solitude. Due to the small dimensions of modern apartments in this building often takes the role of the Cabinet and a small library, becoming just about the most multi-functional place in the house. So how to find in such a busy atmosphere of a place for chalk boards, and whether it will be appropriate there?

The answer, of course, positive. Yes and applications of this miracle in the bedroom of a great many. Just imagine: you Wake up and the first thing you see is the “Love” from you dear man. The positive charge provided for the whole day, and a burst of energy will help you to work much more productive.

Slate or chalk Board in the interior: stylish and fashionable

In addition, Board records can carry another, more functional role – do list. Very often we forget something simple, everyday, for example, water the flowers, or buy bread. Brilliant ideas about life, work, creativity, and family always come late in the night and remember them is simply impossible. If you begin to write them down, in the morning will be very easy to restore everything, just by looking at the list.

Not counting all the useful features a slate and chalk boards, they, in the first place – a beautiful design element that can transform any interior. For example, in a family of creative people will always be held in high esteem slate from the picture in the frame. This space will become a versatile canvas on which they can throw out their fleeting inspiration, which are unlikely to have been a masterpiece, but it certainly will delight the eyes of others for a few more days or even weeks. Also, these small boards can use students and children to prepare for the exams. It ultradome – chalk to write the formula or the date that is constantly forgotten. So the training material will be constantly in front of your eyes, and you just remember it.

A little creativity in children
Slate and chalk Board in the room of your kids is probably the only way, not including penalties, to wean the children to draw on the Wallpaper. Handing them some of crayons, you will be sure about the cleanliness in the house and perhaps open talent in his baby. Very often creative children, having in the child the chance to fulfill his talent and left it buried among the many computer games or plastic Chinese toys. Give your child a piece of drive and creativity, which he will appreciate.

Also slate will be useful for kids that teach the alphabet or numbers. Agree, not doing homework on the wall in color and a lot more fun than, puffing, trying to bring these strange Sakalouski in a notebook. Now many teachers would say that it would spoil the handwriting of a child, but no one bothers to gradually move to train in a notebook! The main thing is to instill in the boy’s passion for knowledge, then he reaches for the handle and books.

Let’s eat…
It would seem, and what to do chalk Board in the kitchen? And remember, dear Housewives, how often we forget to prepare for General family feasts, for example, New Year, Easter or for someone’s birthday. Constantly at the last moment forgotten family recipe, lacking the last beacons of mayonnaise and it seems that the whole world is crumbling. Nothing like this has happened if you kept under nother similar “a note on the fridge”. Your records will always be evident, and forget anything would be simply impossible. In addition, slate or chalk Board again will be a wonderful decoration: because the same lists can be formalized as soul wants hostess, in the tone of the kitchen or on the contrary, much more contrast, that the Board stood out? Everything is in your hands. And when large-scale gotovac not expected, and a fridge full of food, we can use the Board as a canvas, drawing there some cute faces, or by writing to the wishes of their loved ones.

Plaque at the workplace
The most rational place to put slate – near the desktop, when you constantly need something to record, notice or sketching. Here it is better to use a slate and not chalk Board, in order not to damage the cooler computer dust from the chalk.

Above the table, at the table or even on the desktop, if its size allows a place for notes will be everywhere. Boards for entries is the best organizer that will never be lost, will always be in sight and will be able to help at any moment, we need only to erase unnecessary and record a new one. It can be located any information: how to pick up the child from school when the next meeting with the client, should you buy milk, password from job mail and plan cases for the week. Business and creative people who are constantly busy and can’t find even a minute of free time will appreciate its extra memory in the form of a small Board with slate floors.

Fly in the ointment is which can be difficult?
Probably the only significant drawback when using this kind of wood dust from chalk, which will need to regularly clean up. Yes, it is rather unpleasant, especially if this Board will find its place in the nursery. But this problem is solved very simply – if you are not ready for regular cleaning, buy a slate Board or, for special lovers of purity, you can stay in the third embodiment, marker Board, but it does not create the atmosphere.

“What if?”
The size and shape future boards absolutely universal records! Large or small, round or square, oblong or oblate – all in your hands. To measure, pick up the form, to give everything in the hands of the professionals and enjoy, what could be better?

Many people who crave creativity, confused by the color black as a slate and chalk boards, but they are sorely mistaken. The color palette is not limited, as long as the text and the pictures on it were readable, and the overall look of your organizer pleasing to the eye. Colorful Board can be ordered initially or create your own but it is best to trust the professionals, so you don’t accidentally make a mistake.

Not necessary to place the Board with reminders on the wall or a special stand – the place for it can be placed almost everywhere. For example, in the kitchen Board-updo looks good on any of the cabinets or on the side wall of the refrigerator, and in the bedroom it can be placed on the Cabinet.

An unusual decision for fans of experiments may even become an old dresser or faded bookcase. The most economical and original solution to cover their slate paint, because then your whole piece of furniture can become immense scope for creativity. To write and draw on anything, and your closet or an old refrigerator will be the most unique. If all your furniture is exceptional and new, and you wish to paint, try to turn in slate interior door.

You painted the entire Cabinet, and the paint is still left? Add a slate of paint in the other home interior detail! For example, unsigned jars with cereals or spices can transform even one careless stroke. The filling of the jars is constantly changing, and everything you will need to change the labels – just erase the old one and sign your favorite spice again. Also a small slate stripe would look good on the shelves with books, especially if you have a large library. Now you do not need to be long to explain household, where to look for the “Harry Potter” where the works of Leo Tolstoy – all shelves will be possible to sign the names of authors, genres or countries in which these works were written.

Do not want to buy the finished Board, but messing around with paint you do not like? At online stores you can find strips of adhesive of any size with applied slate floors. Ordering such a miracle of modern technology you can for a few seconds to transform your interior, completely changing it or just a little tweaking some of the details.

Slate or chalk Board is undoubtedly a universal element of the interior. First, they are much more functional and convenient than paper organizers. Secondly, the atmosphere that they bring to your home, incomparable, and no marker boards will never be able to compete with them in this field. Playground for creativity, assistant in household Affairs, portable tutorial and best toy for your kids, all this is your new Board, made universal and unique in nature. Once owning a similar tool in the home you will no longer be able to refuse it.

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