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30 Marvelous Corner Windows: Interior Design Ideas

The rapid development of modern building technology has greatly expanded the possibilities of architectural design. What previously seemed simply impossible, today was really possible. Thus, the angular Windows in homes is no surprise, although they are still quite rare in buildings. These designs look very nice, original and have a number of advantages:

visually make massive building;
improve the level of lighting in the room;
create a feeling of spaciousness;
provide an opportunity to expand the view from the window and to equip panoramic Windows.
When designing a corner window structure, it is important to maintain a harmonious unity of the exterior and interior of the house. You need to use the materials used in the construction of buildings or combined with them by color, texture and style. For example, the window frame can be selected in the color of the flooring, and accessories to the elements of decoration:
Corner Windows can be run from any material, but wood and metal much stronger and durable plastic.

Panoramic corner construction

The Windows are located from floor to ceiling, forming a continuous glass wall. This will allow you to turn an ordinary room into a glazed veranda with a stunning view from the window:

Given the large volume and weight of glass designs, for greater reliability and security to better simulate the window sashes. In addition to durability, these Windows perform a decorative function in the interior: add refinement and elegance:

If panoramic window to divide the transverse partition, you can create multilevel corner of the window. They look very impressive and quite unusual:

Corner Windows in the kitchen

The most convenient and the most prevalent location for corner Windows in the house is the kitchen. Since such Windows fill the space with natural light, the best thing next to them to equip the working area:

The angular configuration of food is very convenient for placement of furniture and equipment. If the sink is part of the corner under the window, on the opposite sides it is best to have those pieces of furniture and appliances, which often need water:

The window in the kitchen can be equipped with various shelves for dishes or jars with spices and seasonings:

If the window is located in the kitchen at the level of the apron, the shelves are more practical and easier to place over the window:

Where allows the layout of the kitchen, corner window can be an excellent way to place under it and work area, setting the table for cooking, and a recreation area if the window sill to equip the podium. This option saves the kitchen area, because in the cabinets under the window can accommodate a variety of cookware:

Positioning the working area of the kitchen and across from the corner of the window. This approach will allow you to create a makeshift bar, which will share the kitchen space into functional areas:

In the case where the angular window is located in a small part of the kitchen and equip the workplace there is not possible, light furniture will transform this space in the dining area:

Bathrooms with corner Windows

Modern bathrooms are becoming more and more similar to residential. They can not only wash, but also to relax. Therefore, the window in the bathroom today have become a necessity in the design of houses. The stylish finish of the opening in the wall will create an original window in the bathroom. The frame can be adjusted in accordance with the style of the interior space:

Very extravagant model corner Windows in a solid glass construction with no visible seams. This window is only for angle sections, and the joint is sealed between the panes of transparent sealants. Such methods of modeling of wall openings create incredible volume effect and weightlessness:

In the interior natural or rustic styles will fit Windows with horizontal wooden covers:

The variety of window configurations for bedrooms

As in any room, the corner window in the bedroom will fill the room with natural light, which will save on lighting fixtures. In the bedroom, the interior of which is made in a minimalist style, the window does not need any additional decoration:

Very unusual look bulky frame, painted in a contrasting color. This decoration method will make bright corner Windows of unusual accent in the bedroom:

For panoramic corner glazing bedroom you can find a wide frame the color of the walls:

In small rooms flats under narrow oblong box, very well located corner place to stay that will provide a cozy atmosphere in the room:

Office with large Windows
If the room with corner window has the shape of an elongated rectangle, the best solution is to equip it in the Cabinet. Under the window you can easily place a corner Desk, and above the window structure as bookshelves. Compact furniture arrangement saves space in a small room:

If the area of the room with corner window has an irregular shape, the inevitable difficulty with furniture. This room is perfect for the office. Natural lighting is what you need to work at the computer:

Corner lounge

Great location for the reception area and dining table – space near the corner window in the living room:

The corner sofa design is perfectly suited to the window identical in shape. Creates a high level of uniformity in the living room:

You can decorate the corner window curtains with valances. This will give comfort and finished look to the interior decoration:

Lounge in style environmental minimalism will be much more effective to look with the corner Windows:

In the design of these window designs it is possible to combine different techniques and materials: one part of the window to decorate horizontal bars, and the other to leave without ornaments. This design can be the basis of a cozy Seating area with fireplace.

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