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30 Stunning Wooden Staircase Design Ideas

The main purpose of the staircase in the house is a relationship between its floors. The main factor in choosing this design should be its safety and reliability. Aesthetic characteristics in this case are secondary in importance, but is also important.

Varieties of shapes and designs
Each option has its positive features and drawbacks. Steep stairs with a large angle will come in handy when the space allocated to it, is restricted to a small area. For such wood products necessarily need a handy railing. In this case, they will not only be decorative in nature, but also to ensure safety.

Twisted (spiral) staircase may be a Central element of the room. To make it from wood of any shade. The main thing is that this design harmoniously joined to the interior. Dark colors will make the ladder more compact in appearance, which will eliminate the feeling of zagromozhdyonnost premises.
If you have space, you can make a ladder with a mild lift installed at a slight angle. This design is more convenient to use and decline less dangerous.

There is such a variety as curved stairs. Such products are often unique and are used to make the original location.

Selection criteria wood
It is important to remember that well-made ladder can transform a house. The wood should be thoroughly dried with modern methods and prepared for use. This process is very important because it determines the duration and the safe operation of the resulting design.

The tree can become as the basis for the stairs and finishing material. You can use the following types of rocks:

the solid.
For a spectacular finish will fit:

teak and others.

Rustic and modern wooden staircase design inspiration

It is important not to combine the supporting structures of wood, which have different expansion coefficient of the fiber. This process occurs when the humidity in the room and can cause unpleasant changes in the design.

If solid wood for some reason is unavailable for the material, then it can be replaced with laminated in multiple layers. The most acceptable of such material will be in the design of the railing, open strings and steps.

The choice of material largely depends on classification, belongs to the future of the structure. Stairs are divided into:
the outer.
According to the method of use they are divided into:
To mount the ladder on:
the open strings;
the bowstring;
The nuances of design
Many designers base the development of models of wooden stairs on the combination of wood with other materials. Most of the other materials are the railings. The most popular are steel, acrylic and glass types of fencing. Such a variety of additional textures and shades will allow you to fit a ladder in any style.

Special attention should be paid to materials, which will be finished stage. In addition to the decorative effect of this coating is to give maximum grip soles with the surface of the stairs.

The space surrounding the stairs, you can make a variety of accessories. This house is easily converted into a small gallery. As you move up the ladder of people will be able to see lots of family photos or paintings, United by a common theme.

Use in the design of transparent elements will allow the light to a sufficient degree. Security is an important factor. Durable glass or acrylic rays easily pass in the required quantity. These railings will not be broken and will not suffer from high temperature closely spaced lamps. If necessary, a broad staircase you can do it without a railing. But such elegant option is suitable only for those homes where there are children and Pets. This kind of ladder can be supplemented by a railing running along the wall.

Common method of decorating wooden stairs was the carpet nailed to the stairs. This textile product will not only decoration, but also will assume insulating function.

Finishing steps and the steps you can selfmoving with other design elements of the room. This way you can add interior style and harmony.

Interesting way to use a wooden staircase in the interior is its location along the panoramic Windows. Day this ladder will be sufficiently illuminated. While using it, you can admire the views.

Wooden ladders can be used in a room painted in any style. More spectacular, this structure looks in combination with parquet flooring or interior, decorated with laminate or natural Board. It is difficult to imagine a house in country style without wooden stairs to the second floor.

Other interior design options will require some refinement to the classic wooden stairs additional materials. In any case, wooden staircase able to fit in any room requiring access to the upper floors.

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