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50 Amazing Ideas for Your Backyard Fence Design

Fencing on the plot have multi-functional purposes. The main function of the fence was and remains protective. With it, the owners try to limit outside access to its territory. Besides using fences are zoning within the area and separating it from the next.
It is also important decorative function of the fence. The variety of ways of making and decorating allows you to achieve a stunning effect. The main criteria for building good fences are material and method of construction.

Types of materials for fences and their properties

For the construction of a dividing fence you can use a variety of materials:
metal mesh or rods;
decking and much more.
A fence made of natural wood for centuries has not lost its popularity. Despite the high price of structural elements made from high-quality wood, this fence will have an attractive appearance due to its naturalness. To assemble the planks and timbers in various ways:
wood shingles;
fence (braided);
the Planken.
To modern products include composite wood with polymer. This fence will last longer than pure wood. It requires less care, not afraid to temperature and sunlight. The appearance of this design is not inferior counterparts from other sources. At the same time, the wood will require its owner care: treatment with antiseptic, paint, varnish. This is due to the lower toughness of the material compared to brick or metal.

The advantages of the material in its accessibility and functionality. The disadvantages include the fragility and complex care.

A fence made of brick, will allow to close their territory from intruders. If a design idea allows you to build around the site of the fortress, this material will best ensure the safety of the object.

Positive features of this design will be easy to maintain, does not require cost and time. The brick gives the opportunity to build a different appearance of the structure, making the original fence. Built of this material, the fence will last for many years. Negative characteristics include high cost and the need to prepare a solid Foundation.

Decking, is selected as the material for the manufacture of fence also has a number of advantages. A large number of species classified by the size of the waves, color, texture, gives you the opportunity to find the perfect option. In addition, this fence is simple to install and is relatively inexpensive. This fence can last for over 30 years. The disadvantages include unpresentable appearance. This problem can be solved by combining the sheeting with more noble materials.

The concrete slab as the fence will give maximum protection against penetration of foreign. The appearance of such plates will require some refinement. Modern varieties – Eurosatory – due to the additives in the composition of the concrete has gained some traction, but significantly lost strength. The advantages of the product is low price, simple installation and the ability to give it an original look. The duration of use of this design is limited to a hundred years. Negative characteristics include the need to use special equipment to install the plates.

Metal mesh is a fairly reliable means of protecting the area from outsiders. The bars of the fence often covered with PVC. The service life of this product will be up to 30 years. Among the advantages of the possibility of using near garden plants because of the lack of dense shade. At the same time from prying eyes this screen defend will not be able.

There are other types of metal fences:
of the metal profile;
palisade of metal rods and others.
Using metal for the manufacture of fence, in the end you can get a real work of art.

A variety of ideas to decorate your fence

Before choosing the type of fence, you must remember that high fence casts a shadow on the beds. If the zone is cultivated plants, this effect can negatively affect their growth. This does not apply to delicate transparent structures of metal or wire netting.

In order that the fence did not spoil the appearance of the site, and became a beautiful decorative addition, it is worth applying a little imagination or to seek the assistance of a professional designer. Even the most simple wooden fence can be a decoration on the land and the pride of the owner.

Color paint can work wonders and dull fence to make a bright and cheerful fence. Some waste like old tires or cans can be a decorative addition to such barriers. Elegance site will add a white fence. It attracts attention and refreshing atmosphere.

Unusual will look a fence with vertical components of different lengths. To ensure that the fence does not look dull, but it was protected from prying eyes, you can combine opaque elements with transparent. For example, the lower part may be left blank, and the upper run of the openwork designs.

For zoning within the area, you can use a lattice fence. This design will also be an excellent basis for weaves creeping plants.

Design some arbors and pergolas involves merging with the fence on the site. To the resulting structure does not look bulky it can be painted in white color and use for decorative climbing plants.

Fences in rustic or country is perfect for green areas, as close as possible on your way to the natural mind. Such fences will not cope with protective functions in full, but the decorative effect is stunning.

A variety of materials and methods of fences allow their owners to make the site exactly the type and mood, which wanted to make the owner of the farm. With a little effort and imagination you can get the pride and zest of landscape design that you will remember for a long time all visitors infield.

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