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35 Beautiful Blue Kids’ Rooms

Choosing the main color for the nursery, you should investigate in detail all the features of one or another of them. You need to approach the issue from all sides. You should start with the psychological impact of colors and shades. In addition, attention should be paid to the compatibility and practical characteristics of the resulting coating.
What is the impact of the shades of blue on the child’s condition
Shades of blue are perfect for the room hyperactive child. Heavenly calms and soothes. Surrounded by blue and blue child will learn to control their emotions and think clearly. In this situation you can have is the ability to limit the manifestation of irrepressible temperament. Additionally, the shades of blue will allow the child to grow in self-esteem.

The influence of color largely depends on the tone that was chosen by the designer, as a background. The brighter and more saturated blue – the more calm he will make in the situation room. Simultaneously with this dark blue can cause a restless mood, and even cause depression.

The overabundance of blue interior can stimulate the development of melancholy, so it should be diluted in different colors and shades. Opposite effects become orange and yellow. They can be added to the environment to offset negative manifestations blue. Among the positive features of the impact of shades of blue on the development of logical thinking and ability to analyze.

From the point of view of physiology is considered that the room is decorated in blue, helps to cope with high pressure and temperature. In addition, this color has a great impact on the hormones of the body.

The combination of shades of blue in the children’s room interior
In comparison with other colors, blue is not particularly popular. Perhaps this is due to his coldness, which does not allow to achieve comfort as easy as using warmer tones. But this does not deprive the shades of blue of the right to occupy a Central position in the room.

Blue and other shades of blue suggest the thought of a nautical theme. This trend in the last days again gaining popularity. To mitigate the negative manifestations of colors will help competent work by combining shades. Nautical theme will help maintain the shades of gold, coral and pink. Such children will be moderately bright and calm.

The classic combination of white and blue can give the image areas of romance and sophistication. Such children will always be filled with fresh feeling, while maintaining the rigor, more suitable for a teenager.

Blue and other colors, is decomposed into a lot of shades:

The magnificent halls and Seating perfect dark deep colors of the night sky or sea depths. For children it is better to use the blue sky and turquoise. If, however, the choice fell on dark shades, it is preferable to paint a room on the Sunny side. It is very important that such children rather were highlighted as natural light and plenty of lighting. The main thing is that the room where the child spends a lot of time, not carrying a depressing mood.

We should not exclude one feature dark shades: they are able to erase the edges of the room. With proper lighting such children may be much more comfortable, bright and spacious rooms.

For children still recommended more cheerful shades of blue and deep colors (cobalt, Indigo) may be present in the form of pieces of furniture and accessories. Dark blue can also be used to decorate children’s patterns in Gzhel style. This technique looks favorably in moderation for design of window openings, door openings, frames for mirrors and paintings on the walls.

Perfect combination with all the shades of blue in combination with sand and beige tones. This neighborhood will make blue more soft and pleasant to the eye. On the contrary strengthen this color will be bright red, pink and fuchsia. This combination also should be used wisely when it comes to children.

Noble will look interior, complemented by a brown color and its shades. It is possible to do this, use the wooden elements of the natural color. Any natural shade will help to give the room a teenager chic look:

dark oak;
dark walnut;
cherry and others.
Metallic elements will also add to the room’s elegance. While this situation can be diluted with bright spots that the children’s room could successfully perform their main mission.

The combination of shades of blue between them also gives interesting results. We should not forget about the possible consequences of excess blue in the room.

The blue room for girls and boy

It is believed that the shades of blue is better to get the boys ‘ room. But clear rules on this account does not exist, so there are many combinations in which little Princess will feel good.

The simplest is the use of gentle shades of blue and turquoise. The color intensity will be crucial: the deeper the shade, the more brutal will be room.

Another way to make the blue background in the girl’s room will be the use of pale pink shades for harmony. Moreover, such a color may be present in both the materials and furniture and accessories. There is nothing easier than to add pink pillows on the bed and curtain of the window transparent pink haze of tulle. This room will not allow us to doubt that her mistress is a girl.

There are thousands of ways to give the nursery this or that mood. Importantly, the obtained results of the experiments liked the room her little resident. For this it is necessary to heed his wishes.

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