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40 Absolutely Amazing Glass Door Designs

For glass processing in modern industry are used increasingly sophisticated methods. They allow you to achieve amazing strength and unusual beauty of glass surfaces.

The use of glass as a material for the manufacture of doors and interior partitions justified its high decorative and performance. A wide range of options will allow you to create the illusion of a Kingdom of ice or water world. Just need to let your imagination and spend on finding the best door a little time.
Classification of designs glass doors
Mostly doors are divided on the basis of opening on hinged and sliding. Sliding varieties are divided into subtypes:

the coupe.
Sliding doors look like the glass sheets are simply superimposed on the wall. If necessary, they just pushed to the side. Typically, these mechanisms work in both directions. To use this kind can in any room. It is only necessary that the wall to the right or left of the doorway had the proper length to accommodate the door leaf.

Cassette doors are distinguished by the presence of so-called cassette, through which the canvas can be rolled right into the wall. This method also assumes that sufficient space on the wall, but looks more impressive. The advantages of this system include the protection of expensive door leaf when it otetiani into the wall. To the negative sides is difficult to classify the installation associated with the dismantling of the wall for inserting the cassette.

Door coupe operate exactly the same as their furniture analogue. One glass leaf on rail calls for more. It is advisable to use this principle only for wide doorways or partitions instead for the zoning of the premises.

The main advantage of sliding doors is recognized significant savings in space, which must swing the doors to open them. The second option is much cheaper than similar sliding doors through ease of installation.

Hinged doors are divided into those for which the required box and those for which it is not necessary. The presence of the box will give additional insulation, which cannot be achieved using the door without the box. No box characteristic of the doors in shops or offices. Usually they open at both sides, which is useful for their large bandwidth.

Unusual but spectacular phenomenon steel radial door. They are used for semi-circular walls or wherever you need to arrange entrance at the corner.

The choice of installing a door depends entirely on the features of the room, so as to take into account the size of the room and its structure. Then the door will be purchased to effectively perform their tasks without damaging the glass cloth and the surrounding objects.

Modern home interior design pictures

Besides the fact that with the help of modern methods of treatment of the glass cloth is endowed with the special strength, it also acquires various decorative quality. Many methods of forming the relief and unusual texture allows you to create a unique interior with glass doors. Matte surface securely hide the room from prying eyes, and transparent gloss will create a feeling of fullness room air and fresh. It is only necessary to make the right choice.

The glass sheets with drawings create a unique mood. There are many methods of application:

the polished finish;
the use of mirror decors;
stained glass technique and much more.
Sandblasting will blend in the interior in the style of “high-tech”. In addition, these doors can be used to design vintage rooms and facilities, designed in the direction of “techno”. Techniques of manufacturing lies in the direction of the jet of sand under high pressure that forms a predetermined pattern.

The polished finish allows you to Matt canvas while creating a transparent lines of the drawing. As the basic substance is used hydrofluoric acid, which makes the most of opaque doors. This method allows you to create a unique product design that will brighten up even the most elegant living room. Looks great doors, framed in this way, the room in the style of “contemporary” or “minimalism”.

“Fusing” is to weld non-ferrous elements on the glass surface, making it possible to achieve amazing drawings. This door will fit perfectly in the style of “art Deco” or “classic”. The technique helps to keep the romantic mood and to dilute the situation with new bright colors.

Mirror doors using sandblasting equipment turn into a work of art. The game of light will make the room more bright and cheerful mood. The effective combination of these doors with modern styles will allow visitors a lasting impression.

Exquisite modern method of using textiles to decorate glass doors can be surprise to those who first hears about this. But the effect produced by such products, sweeps away all doubts. Stunning patterns on the doors look like a combination of opaque glass with a bright pattern. This way you can make the interior of juicy shades and make the door a Central element of the room.

There are a huge number of ways of decorating glass door panels from which you can choose the one that will fit in the circumstances. In order to make the right choice, you just spend a little time learning their specificity.

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