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40 Amazing Treehouses Pictures, Photos, Ideas

Practicality and sobriety of modern life sometimes just leaves no room for fairy tales. And sometimes it seems that today can only dream children. And do you have dreamed in my childhood about your nook, such as a tree house? If Yes, then you will be doubly interesting to know that such an architectural structure can be not only a child’s toy, but also quite full place to relax in your home country.
Of course, from the usual structure for its residential area, few will refuse because of their beliefs and the same practicality. However, admirers of such structures will be interested to know that rainfall in Guinea entire villages live in tree houses. Such housing is not the new-fangled trend, but a way of survival in marshland, with the same old as cave houses.

The tree house as an element of the exterior
Just imagine the huge exterior country house with large garden, in which among old trees, there is a miniature copy of a large structure. Agree, the view must be at least interesting.

However, it should be noted that the construction technology involves the use of lightweight materials for such houses. Otherwise, you can repeat the sad experience of English mountain Builder Nelson, who built his house on poplar and used in the construction of brick and tile. Under such a burden and weak tree bark just couldn’t handle the load and the house would not survive even a day.
Back to the exterior, right to designate the role will be to complete the tree house. First of all, this may be an area for children to play, or so-called tea house, where guests will enjoy warm summer evenings with friends or family. Another quite unusual for Europeans, the idea is the tree house as the main structure.
Children’s tree house
Undoubtedly, such an idea will appreciate the youngest members of the family. How to make a house? It may just be a small building with a rope or a wooden staircase or a town with slides, cable cars, swings and horizontal bars.

Such dwelling may be erected on a spreading tree, and a slender high pine. To create a whole town can not use one plant, then between the elements it will be possible to hang the cable car. And can not be limited game elements and make the tree house full bed for a day baby, where you can lie down and read a book or play in the tablet.
To make this item a perfect fit for the exterior, it should be made in the same colors as the main house on the site, but do not forget about bright elements, it’s still a children’s area.

Recreation area in the hanging house

To make a tree house place for family and friendly gatherings is one of the most original ideas. Just imagine how nice it would be to sit on the balcony hanging house right in the green crown and observe everything that is happening down from the height of a huge tree.

The main condition of such structures is a convenient staircase, so it was easy to reach destination. As nowhere else on the balcony of this house would be appropriate wooden or wicker rocking chairs with comfortable soft pillows and warm blankets.

Cool tree houses inspiration, tips, ideas

The tree house as the main structure on the site is pretty extraordinary idea that will appeal to eccentric and advanced people. This home will be a perfect place to recuperate at the weekend after a busy week. But the main thing to choose the right place where you can retire and be one with nature.
The tree house can be quite impressive size and comfortable for the owner of the height. It was convenient to get into a home you can make either a regular or a spiral staircase, or set the building on a wooden platform, a little above the level of the land.

Important details in the tree house
As in the basic premise, it is very important to organize the space. But it should be noted that all furniture should be as light as possible. Here you can equip sleeping and work areas. And if the tree house large enough, then it is possible to arrange several rooms, differentiate thereby the space into separate zones.

The tree house as a work of art
Of course, making some calculations and shoveled a lot of literature, it is possible to build a tree house on their own. But to create a real masterpiece, the designers are ready to connect all their imagination. And sometimes they manage to create a truly magical and fantastic structure from which kind is simply breathtaking. And if you want to see something like that on their site, without the help of specialists are unlikely to cope.

Just imagine the house is an unusual shape, which seemed to have descended from heaven and became entangled in the branches of the tree. Or completely mirror the house in the crown of the tree seems to be some kind of illusion. Anyway, the tree house will not leave anyone indifferent, and therefore investments in its construction is justified.


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