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40 Brilliant Ideas for Small kitchen Design

For some small kitchen is a big problem, but let’s think positive. Just think about that for a kitchen do not have to spend a lot of money, and the repairs will take not much time. This article discusses a few tips for decorating a cozy kitchen.

Finish the walls white will be the perfect solution to visually increase the size of the kitchen. But if you get bored of such an environment, you can easily change it by using decorative items, textiles and accessories.

How to equip a small kitchen: a few tips
In order to get rid of a large number of cabinets and kitchen utensils, you can get rid of it upper cabinets. They are too bulky look inside. And if you leave the bottom cabinets and built-in accessories, you will save a few centimeters.

Extremely creative small kitchen (9 square meter or 100 foot) design ideas 2015

The most necessary things such as pots, pans, food, spices and various culinary items, you can organize a special rack. It won’t take up much space and will free working surface. Thus, it will be easier to maintain order in the kitchen. Some designers propose to replace the sill on the countertop.

Hid lights on the ceiling and around the perimeter of the kitchen will be smoothly and softly illuminate the room.

The ideal solution would be a failure from the dinner table. Let in a small kitchen will be only necessary things. Position the cabinets, the sink and cooktop so that you can cook.

A good idea will be serving table. This design is quite mobile. On it you can serve Breakfast, put the necessary utensils and cooking dinner. This table is quite high, so it is convenient to cut food. If you still have space for a dining table, a good solution will be tables of irregular shape. They are specially designed for a small kitchen.

Many organize the kitchen with the living room. For such a solution should seamlessly fit the working area and sitting area. So a good idea would be a failure from the curtains on the lighter versions. For example, Roman shades or blinds that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

If the tables and countertops are always used harmoniously, the chairs can hinder move. To solve this problem, we propose to change them for folding seats. Such chairs can be safely removed, and the place they don’t take much.

These tips will help you not only solve the problem of space in the kitchen, but get rid of the headache.

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