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40 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas & Bath Organization

Beautiful, cozy, spacious bathroom, where everything is with rationality and practicality – a dream for any of us. In large bathrooms to organize space for storing essential accessories is easy and requires little ingenuity. But when furnishing small bathrooms often have to solve the problem of lack of free space for shelving, cabinets, drawers. However, by taking a creative imagination, listening to the advice of designers and builders, you can convert a private in the original room:

There are many ways to equip the bathroom is a special place for storing items. With proper organization of space it is possible to compactly accommodate a variety of useful and necessary things.

Traditional methods equipment stores

The easiest way to find ready-made wash basins with pedestals. But not always the design of plumbing pipes and hoses, floor plan allows the use of standard furniture, but most residents have to deal with individual projects of the storage system.

The easiest option is to construct a modular shelves of several cube-shaped boxes. This option is the least expensive and readily available each:

Conventional racks can be filled with shelves of various sizes, configurations. Such an open design look very impressive and unusual:

The most popular and traditional place where you can place the bottles with hygiene products, boxes and packages of detergents, towels, and more, is the space under the sink:

Built-in cabinets with doors are harmoniously combined with open shelves to store towels and other items:

For convenience, it is better to have shelves with towels near the sink or shower:


Under the sink it is easy to arrange drawers, divided internally by partitions – this is a great option to keep in order all the necessary items. The configuration of the inner boxes can be the most varied, depending on, horizontal or vertical position, you will store the items:

The boxes under the sinks can be equipped with metal rods on which to hang towels:

Pull-out shelves on the drawout mechanism is very convenient and practical: you will be able to get the most remote objects:

Very convenient and compact vykativshiysya boxes with vertical storage items:

Such vertical racks can be equipped with additional outlets for hair dryers, coffee grinder and other devices:

Built-in design

Built-in furniture is very comfortable and practical, because it is directly for a specific project and takes into account all the nuances of the plan. Large recessed storage system, which has open shelves, and cabinets with doors and drawers will contain all the necessary accessories in order:

Storage space can be a system which is separate from the Cabinet under the sink, and built-in deepening shelves, drawers and cabinets:

Symmetrically located niches perfect for decorating shelves. They will give a finished look to the interior of the bathroom:

Any depression in the wall of the bathroom can be used for organizing racks and shelves. This method does not require the search for more space and building materials:

These stands can be placed in close proximity to the tub or shower equipment. It is very convenient, because the shelves are monolithic unity with the construction of the wall. If you trim them the same material as the walls themselves, these mini-niches, easily cleaned of dirt:

Using embedded design with shelves and lockers easily hide any defects in the premises, pipes, meters and other equipment:

How to squeeze a little extra storage out of a your bathroom

Cantilever design to accommodate a bathroom amenities set and different cosmetic is the most suitable option for small rooms. Shelves can be made of various materials.

In the interior of the loft-style (also called industrial) will nicely fit metal constructions:

Shelves made of wood look very stylish in the interior of the bathroom and are suitable for environmental and rustic styles:

Glass shelves, equipped with additional lighting create a feeling of weightlessness and will be appropriate in all styles:

Console model shelves convenient and rational: they do not take away the free area of not cluttering the space, they can be placed on any free areas of the walls below and above:

Hanging cabinets beneath the sink, it is not only compact place to store things, such models can comfortably be placed near the sink:

If the dresser with cantilever system has a fairly large size, it is necessary to create additional support at the edges. The distance from the floor to the beginning of the boxes can also be used as additional space for storage, if you build in, for example, lattice stand:

Usually the wall above the toilet remains untapped, but in a small bathroom, this plot can be used with rationalization benefit, if you attach there light shelves:

What to consider when organizing storage locations in the bathroom
The necessary nuances in the regeneration of bathrooms:

good ventilation, because towels, bathrobes and woven from vines accessories, wooden items from excess moisture quickly become unfit for use;
good lighting, to more easily find items;
use materials that are easy to clean, doesn’t rust and are not very noticeable water stains.

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