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40 Impressive and Modern Bathroom Sinks and Wash Basins Designs

The sink is one of the Central link in the design chain design bathrooms. This ordinary object can become quite extravagant accent in the bathroom. Among the many different options of wash basins is not easy to choose the best for a particular project. The choice of shell depends on the style and color palette of the interior, layout, size and configuration of the building. Today, manufacturers offer models of sinks not only from the usual pottery, glass, stone, metal.

By way of attachment can distinguish the following groups of basins:

console, or hinged, fastened to the wall;
with outdoor column, or “Tulip”;
embedded design.
Depending on the material of the shell, they can be categorised as follows:

natural stone, particularly marble;
artificial stone;
composite or carianovia.
The optimal design for the price and functionality of each chooses their own, but it is useful to consider some of the tips designers and consumers.

Petite shell

In small bathrooms are the most appropriate will be small basins. It is very important to avoid dissonance to the small sink to pick up the mixer of appropriate size. Among such instances can be found of the original form or attachment methods. For example, washbasin on a stand is very convenient to use and saves space. The shelf can be used for the location of the washing materials:

Flat shell is not very convenient, because the water from the faucet sprayed in hand, so it is important to choose models with beveled walls of the tray. Plus from such basins that lift can be equipped with a place to install a washing machine:

Bowl-shaped basins definitely mounted on any base. This can be a hanging shelf, dresser or cabinets:

Oval Cup-shaped shell saves space. If you stand under it to perform in the form of boxes, you can hide all the plumbing communication:

Sinks made of different materials

As mentioned above, for the production of shells and used natural and artificial stone.

Marble models are more expensive than synthetic ones, but life while preserving the look of them much longer. They are made from a single piece of marble. These luxury and inimitable shell can be called a work of art, therefore, and to use their best offer appropriate design. Agree, such a chic vanities will look ridiculous in a typical rooms:

If the style of bathroom you choose a custom, marble washbasin unusual shape will fit perfectly into a design like this:

Marble can be not only sinks but also a shelf for it:

Not less attractive shell made of artificial stone. Their cost is considerably lower instances of natural marble, and apparently they are not. The life they have less, but it will allow easy replacement of worn or obsolete by more modern. You can choose the color, shape and size of the laver in accordance with the décor of the bathroom:

The facades on bathroom furniture can also simulate marble. Very impressive look such design in minimalist style. The glossy surface does not reduce the space:

Composite shell made from a mixture of acrylic, mineral fillers and colour can simulate any material: stone or wood:

Glass sinks give a lightness to the room, don’t clutter it. The only negative stains from dried water and detergent on the surface of the glass more visible than on other materials:

Metal shell
Shells of various metal alloys typically used in the kitchen. Modern designers offer models suitable for decorating the bathroom. Console sinks square shaped stainless steel suitable for high-tech style:

Metal washbasin round shape will perfectly fit into any interior, it is only necessary to place in an appropriate style area near him:

Extraordinary model

Flight design ideas in the configuration of the shells today do not know the limit: from the most simple and traditional to elaborate and eccentric. However, it is important to note that bold non-standard model is not always convenient in installation and operation.

The sink in the form of oblong petals will become a real highlight in the interior of the tub, despite the standard white faience:

Effectively look shell unusually curved shape. Such a model can not be called a practical, yet stunning look to the interior decoration of the premises provided:

The hinged design (console) structures may also differ originality. Roomy massive structures occupy slightly more space than conventional models, but very comfortable rooms in a large area:

Double sinks
The vanities with two sinks – rational and practical solution. Morning water treatment can take just two people. One of the shells can be adapted for children, or separate WC on the male and female parts. Options like dual plumbing fixtures there are many. It can be detached from each other shells:

or is divided into two parts surround tray:

Embedded design sinks

Built-in furniture and appliances have become popular in the arrangement of space. Shell constituting one with Cabinet or countertop, allow to hide all the plumbing communication. Thus, the shell is protected from external influences and secure:

Very rational decision – embed washbasin in the niche. Rectangular model is perfect for this location:

The space between wall partitions, you can take the sink molded form:

Very unusual look in the interior recessed sink-waterfalls. This design mini-waterfall harder to install, but will create a unique accent in the interior of the bathroom.

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