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40 Curtains Ideas For Your Stunning Kitchen

When creating modern interiors no detail is unimportant and unnecessary detail. Sometimes it happens even that at the forefront of those accessories, which initially overlooked. This fully applies to the design of the window opening in the kitchen.
Several myths about kitchen curtains
The first myth
Modern designers completely refute this view. Indeed, there were times when the curtains are almost completely out of fashion – they replaced the blinds of various types. However, now there is a reverse trend in the change of office curtains come again pretty curtains, and home-like curtains.

Not at all. This design of window openings to the kitchen and dining room are no longer considered a sign of bad taste and prosaicness. Moreover, many modern design associated with the use of accessories to create in the home comfort and sense of security.

This misconception is also very easily refuted. Even if the store made-up textile articles not find kitchen curtains that match your taste preferences and characteristics of the window opening cuisine, you can place an individual order for tailoring the product in a workshop or a special salon.

What should be used for selection of curtains for the kitchen?
First, of course, considerations of practicality and convenience of use.

How to Decorate Your Kitchen Windows

In rooms designed for everyday cooking, are wholly inappropriate textile products made of:

heavy draped fabrics;
flammable samples;
bad otstiryvaniya too light and materials.
In addition, selected curtains should complement the overall style of the kitchen (or dining room). Agree that products with “rustic” flavor would look pretty ridiculous in the rooms decorated by type of fields such as hi-tech or loft.

It is best to focus on products made from natural materials, such as linen. Curtains made from synthetic fibers (lightweight tulle) is more suitable for spacious kitchens, in which the plate is located at a considerable distance from the window.

In the design of kitchens-dining rooms can be used even voluminous draped curtains with valances. This design element not only beautify the space, but will change the proportions of the room.

Textiles for kitchen design: most popular options
Traditional fabric curtains
Such products are usually made of tulle or lungs natural materials. They can be issued the window openings even in small spaces. Fabric curtains give the kitchen area incomparable coziness, create a feeling of comfort. Often with this type of textile style dishes and Cutlery in the style of Provence and country.

Pestunova (French) curtains
In these kitchen curtains fabric is cut into sections-scallops (hence the name). French curtains are used in different cases. Their style both classic and contemporary interiors kitchen area. One “but”: this kind of curtains should not be used in too small spaces.

This variant design of window openings suitable for many styles. Elegant French curtains looks great in kitchens, decorated in keeping with the spirit of Provence, country, Baroque, and even modern.

Curtains “French” allow you to define the window opening view of the arch, and also make it asymmetrical. The lower part Pestunova curtains are often decorated with ribbons, beads or delicate fringe.

Roman blinds
These curtains are composed of numerous cross sections. Inside each element is hidden by the bar. By coherent lifting the fabric is lifted up and lies smooth folds.

This option is very handy when decorating window openings in small kitchen spaces – wherever it is not recommended to hang wide and heavy Drapes. Roman blinds are very easy to use.

Multiple curtains can be called universal, because there is no style that they would not be combined. Roman shades style cuisine from avant-garde to classical.

Using Curtains and Draperies in Your Home Decor

Another idea finally
There is another way to design the kitchen space, which is suitable for those who are not afraid of making brave decisions in design. Using expressive curtains-screens, made from a dense natural fabrics, you can decorate (or hide) some kitchen areas, such as the space under the sink.

And if you choose to sew curtains material bright colors, combined with the color of the curtains on the window, the interior will not only be stylish but also harmonious.

Here’s what they are – modern curtains used for kitchen decoration. Which one to choose? Decide for yourself. Whatever you prefer – the interior of the room will change for the better.




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