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40 Marvelous Under Bed Storage Drawers Design Ideas

Rational distribution of space is one of the major challenges that should be addressed, in order to obtain convenient, comfortable, functional and at the same time cozy room. In the right decision especially need small city apartments, which can be rather difficult not to put favourite furniture, but also to accommodate at least the bulk of it. A particularly acute question concerns the bedroom, it was in this room, you should install a bulky bed with bedside tables, a huge wardrobe and on top of a dressing table. Not to mention the fact that many people dream about a comfortable chair with a floor lamp, where before bedtime could spend some time at your favorite book. This decision will provide additional storage space. In these boxes you can easily put extra bedding or store them in the winter things in summer season or Vice versa. And if you put a bed in the nursery, you can forget about the problem of storing toys after all niches such built-in drawers are big enough and open so easily that the child will be able to open and close the drawer. While on a mission to put the toys on the shelves of high rack can be a pretty difficult task for the crumbs.

Bed with drawers for children

Quality sleep on a comfortable bed is key to health and harmonious development of the child, but because the first bed of the baby should be the most convenient, green and safe. However, it is also important functionality of this piece of furniture, because the bed toddler could combine several functions, namely to be a comfortable place to sleep and quite full Cabinet for storing baby accessories. And this is an undeniable advantage beds with built in drawers will save the space of a small child’s room and it does not limit the place for personal belongings.Often the boxes in such a multi-functional beds are located on the side or end. Of course, this model several weight space, in contrast to a regular bed, but this is doubtful lack of fully restored functionality.

The drawers in the bed can be either in one or in two rows. On some models you can even find retractable top. It is clear that the more floors of the boxes, the higher the bed itself. Therefore, the model should be selected to calculate the age of the child. For kids it is best to give preference to the bed with one-story boxes small height that was less likely to fall from a height and scared. But older kids should evaluate the so-called model loft bed, which will not climb without special stairs or stand. Due to the fact that most of the beds are quite impressive height, they will be equipped with special removable bumpers that will ensure the safety of crumbs and which can be removed when the child grows up.When choosing a model beds with drawers for a child’s room, you should decide what exactly will be stored in a recess under the bed. Because the bed even with one tier of drawers divided into sections will be easier to store toys, and the model with one large drawer is best used for storage of bedding.

The basic rule of choosing a baby cot should be easy to manage, after all, you see that the bed was really functional it is necessary that the child himself could nominate and close the drawers without the help of adults.

Features of the arrangement of furniture in the nursery

It is also very important to put the bed in the room relative to other pieces of furniture that nothing will prevent access to things in boxes. And if the layout does not allow you to install the model with drawers from the side, it is better to give preference to the opening of the niche with the end, not to make boxes, for example, a table or Cabinet, because it is visually highly cluttered room and it will seem that the furniture is simply pushed into the room for some time.

If children live with two children, the arrangement of the beds should be given special attention. Boxes one bed should not interfere with the opening niches second. The best option is to put both under the bed on one wall, but if the quadrature of the premises is not possible, then they can be arranged opposite each other or the letter “G”.

Many will agree with me that even one of the great wardrobe is often not enough to accommodate all the clothes, sheets, blankets, pillows and other accessories. This problem facing almost every woman, even if the family consists of 2-3 people. And for every meter of the room be used with advantage instead of a regular bed on legs to fit a model with built-in drawers.Bed with drawers for bedroom
Unlike the case of bed for a child’s room model for the parent’s bedroom can be a mechanism for the upper opening. This is very useful if the room is very small and it cannot be opened a drawer. However, in such a niche, you put things that are not very often used, because constantly raise the mattress, agree, not quite uncomfortable. At the same time to drawers should be constant, not cluttered with other items of furniture access. If the opening side, you may want to think about how to be with bedside tables and floor lamps. The presence of a pull-out side drawer does not mean a complete rejection of these items, as a bedside table or lamp can be attached to the wall. This will give the room a special charm and will not affect the functionality of the bed.When the area of the room can be left around the bed about one meter pass, you can choose the model with drawers on three sides of the bed. There are several sections in the niche under-bunk bed will allow you to organize things. For example, in one drawer to download the pillows and blankets, in another place warm clothes, and in the third to store linens.

Bed with drawers in the interior

If we talk about the interior style, in which most will blend bed with drawers, we can say that this design is pretty universal. But the main thing to choose the right design. So for colonial style suitable furniture made of dark wood with carved panels or texture of the facades of the boxes under the weaving of bamboo.

For a minimalist style, you should choose a bed with simple lines without unnecessary decorative elements and tones.

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