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40 Marvelous Green Kid’s Room Design Inspirations

For the full development of the child needs personal space. From its design depends on the psychological and emotional condition of the child. For this reason, to design a child’s room should be approached responsibly. The main parameters that need to be considered in the design of the nursery is a color scheme, ergonomics, quality of materials, the main area and the lighting of the room.
Shades of green in the interior of a child’s room
The atmosphere of a child’s room should be set up in a positive way and promote concentration, but not to burden the mind. One of the most preferred colors for the decoration of a child’s room is green. In fact, it is a combination of blue and yellow. The blue color refers to the cold colors and tends to calm, to set at rest, and yellow improves mood and performance. Green – universal variant: it promotes diligent activity and at the same time relieves emotional stress.

And green can have a warm or cool shade – it depends on what color is more green – yellow or blue. Warmer increases activity, and cool – soothing. So for hyperactive children, it is recommended to use jade, mint and emerald shades in the interior.

Olive in the nursery must be combined with other colors, because in its pure form it can give the despondency of the room. As background olive creates a calm, neutral atmosphere, but has the ability to absorb light. Therefore you should carefully consider the lighting of the room. Also it will be good to dilute olive bright colours: beige or white. Given these features with this color you can create a comfortable, quiet and elegant design of the nursery.

Olive in the bathroom for boys is perfect for creating a style of “military”.

Mint shades give a sense of coolness and lightness, and are associated with spring freshness. In the nursery it is appropriate to use this color – it does not strain the eyes, no psychological tests, creates an atmosphere of coziness. Combine mint shades better with green, white, yellow or turquoise colors.

Another soft shade of green pistachio. It is natural, tranquil color that is versatile. In a room with walls pistachio color is good to relax or engage in quiet activities. To little to enliven the atmosphere, you can simply add bright color to the main. This is not difficult, because neutral pistachio combines perfectly with almost all shades.

Jade shade is quite vivid and rich, so it is recommended to use in combination with a lighter. The use of pure jade, without dilution, overloading the atmosphere, because it bears a large amount of energy. But in combination with calm shades, jade sets in a positive way, gives strength, and does not overload the mind.

Color Lyme able to fill the room with light, charges and gives optimism and cheerfulness. Very well apply this color in rooms with Windows facing North to allow for a small amount of sunlight. In the nursery you can safely take the color lime based: for all its brightness it does not irritate the eyes and has a positive effect on the psyche.

Color combinations

Green is the universal color and is suitable for decoration of bathrooms for girls and boys of any age. To create an interior that reflects the personality, you can complement the main color of other shades. Green, natural color, goes well with brown. This color combination creates maximum comfort in the bathroom and is suitable for children of any age.

For girls green can be combined with pink: this combination forms a soft, romantic atmosphere. The basic rule when combining the two colors is the choice of the same brightness level. For example, if a rich green, and pink should not be pastel.

In combination with white, green creates a feeling of freshness and purity. This combination is good for small rooms, as can visually enlarge the space. White look good any shades of green, from the most intense to pastel. The main rule is that white should not be too much, otherwise there is a chance that the room will look like a hospital ward.

No less successful green combined with turquoise and blue. This combination activates brain activity and improves your mood. Depending on the color saturation, the interior of the child will be of different nature: the brighter shades, the more active and more energetic will be the atmosphere.

To successfully apply the green color also can be in the details. For example, very effectively in children’s furniture looks green. Paintings, textiles, various decorations green is the best stress the active atmosphere of the nursery.

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