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40 Really Amazing Hallway Mirror Designs

Mirrors in the interior perform many functions. With their help it is possible to visually transform the space, to create extra volume and lighting, change its color palette. In the hallway mirror is a necessary part of the interior decoration of the room. Many configurations, sizes, options for the location of this element of the decor in the hallway of a stylish and unique interior.

The choice of a frame, the size, shape of the mirror depends on what is the main function it will perform in the hallway.

Decorative mini mirror

Miniature mirror plays the interior hallway role of one of the wall stylish accessories, because it will not be able to fully display the appearance of the person. Small mirror placed in the hallway of a large area, can contribute dissonance in the interior. In such cases, the mirror is better to make in the original frame, for example, in the form of the sun, where the rays are made of natural wood. This item is perfect for hallways natural or rustic styles:

Carved frame fanciful forms are pretty big compared to the small mirror, you can paint in a color that coordinates with other items in the interior. Combine well with the grey walls white accessories.

a small mirror in the form of an elongated rectangle, enclosed in a silver textured frame, will focus on this frame.

In the hallway, which combines several styles of different time periods, will perfectly fit the mirror in the style of the 60-ies, resembling the window of the plane of that era. Such an option will connect multi-temporal objects.

Very nice mirror, hanging on the ropes. They resemble paintings:

Very unusual looks in the mirror, wooden framed by a ring of cylindrical shape. Such a bold decision suitable for interior hallway, combined with a library and where there are already similar segments.

Creative ways to set mirror in hallway

Antiques are always expensive, luxurious and exceptional. Such things in the interior has always attracted attention, and antique mirrors bring a special plaque of mysticism and mystery. You can use this antique mirror or artificially aged. Today there are many ways to make the modern mirror coating in the artifact. Choosing such instances hall, it is important to create the appropriate mini-installation. Rare patinated spots on the mirror tiles are harmoniously combined with other accessories and stand with fading.

Retro style in the hallway will emphasize mirror with patina. Frame made of other materials such accessory is unnecessary, because it is an independent and significant accent.

Antique mirror elements can be used as framing conventional mirrors.

In addition to the effect of aged to emphasize the vintage environment, you can use the frame of the mirror. Thus, the frame with rough wood perfectly complements similar items of decoration and furniture.

Original frame
Beautifully framed mirrors in the interior produce a variety of effects. In massive stucco frame it is an independent element of the decor and does not require any additions. You can find small and inconspicuous accessories, in order not to overload the interior moldings and not give it excessive pomposity:

The moulded elements can be made from plaster, polymer clay or polyurethane, it all depends on the desires and abilities of the owners.

Round flat frame without decorations will be advantageous to look at the solid wall, if it is to cover the paint with metallic effect.

Unusual frame of the small wooden logs stacked along the perimeter of the mirror, will be appropriate in a rustic style. For example, would blend into the hall in the style of Provence.

Round frame ordinary construction – unmatched emphasis in high-tech style. Such detail may be made of metal or black textured plastic.

Mirror framed with small shiny stones or crystals, organically fit into the minimalist style and emphasize your elegance.

In the hallway eclectic style, which contains a wide variety of style, color and shape of the decorative items, frames for mirrors in the form of a funnel will also be a stylish addition to this interior.

For frames used by a variety of artificial and natural materials. The enchanting look of the frame, cut out of the mirror. It is certainly an expensive way to design a mirror, but very effective:

If mirrors are unusual or non-standard form, then frame it is better to choose quite simple.

Options mirrors
When placing mirrors in the interior need to be guided their main functions in the room.

the mirror can visually change its volume, which will create symmetry;
it is able to reflect light and color that will make the room more light, or add the right shade in the interior;
using mirror surfaces can hide some of the defects or the irregularities of the walls, the ceiling.
If you want to create additional volume to the hallway, then the best way there will be a large mirror placed close to the floor or installed on it. Dressing table made of transparent plastic will give not only a sense of lightness, but also will serve as a mount for the mirror:

Placing a mirror in front of any design, you can create the effect of symmetry in the interior hallway. It can be arch, painting, flooring, doorways or chandeliers.

Reflecting light color space, mirror hanging on the wall is very bright saturated color, can reduce the aggressiveness of this colorful decoration:

Mirror tiles with beveled edges, assembled in one canvas, you can achieve visual 3D volume. This is a very extravagant for decoration of the hall.

To visually expand the narrow hallway you not only with bright walls, and mirrors.

Elegant simplicity
Classic elegance interior hallway complemented by mirrors. For this approach mirrors in simple frames round or rectangular shape:

Moreover, the frame as a way of decorating mirrors are not mandatory, if you want to emphasize the brevity of the interior.

Great option for decorating walls can be multiple mirrors oval shapes of different dimensions without the frame.

An ordinary mirror the way to transform the interior hallway.


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