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45 Beautiful Kitchen Chandelier Design Ideas

The room lighting depends on the overall mood and functionality of the room. The light sources are divided into major and minor. In any kitchen, the main source of light can become chandelier. What it will be, depends on the style and size of the kitchen, as well as from the imagination of the designer.
What to choose from the variety
In order to satisfy the wishes of even the most capricious customer, the manufacturers offer a wide range of chandeliers for every taste. This element of the decor in the kitchen can become the highlight of the interior, but you need to spend on a choice some time.

The appearance and quality of this lighting device is mainly dependent on the style of the room and the role of this element in the overall environment. Kitchen furniture should be the main guideline for the selection of chandeliers.

If the design made in the Italian direction or in the style of Provence, we will look perfect wrought iron lamps in the form of suppositories. Metal parts can be artificially aged. This technique allows any accessory to look like a rare thing spanning a century from the date of manufacture.

Modern interior in modern style, minimalism or high tech, you can decorate a chandelier bizarre. Suitable materials can be plastic, glass, metal. Chrome parts like this chandelier will be in harmony with the similar material of handles of doors and furniture. For a minimalist direction will be the perfect product in the form of a sphere, cube and other correct forms. This kitchen is the Central figure may be a designer chandelier, made in appropriate style colors.

Classic style allows the use of chandeliers-chandelier with crystal pendants. Classic design for chandeliers will be the shade fabric. These lamps are characterized by complex cleaning, so use them only better in the dining area. This will help to minimize the amount of pollutants reaching the canopy.

Elegant and Exquisite Kitchen Chandelier Photos

Ethnic style kitchen requires compliance with the lighting device according to the colors, patterns and shape. Under Japanese interior fit lamp with a frame made of wood, covered with rice paper. Here come the Moroccan style lanterns, colored glass and other varieties.

Modern design idea is to exploit the imagination when choosing the right chandelier. The combination of styles and playing on the contrast will make the interior unique. Classic lamp, made of modern materials, will be the final chord in the kitchen, decorated in a classic style. Furthermore this feature allows the lamp to be more practical.

Eclectic and fusion is a popular variety of modern styles, which involve a mixture of various styles. Such trends may occur in crystal chandeliers on high-tech kitchen, or in a minimalist cubic bubble on Scandinavian cuisine. This trend allows you to use the interior is more practical things, not limiting themselves to the overall style of the room.

The impact of technical features chandeliers at lighting effect
The chandelier harmoniously blended in the kitchen space, its size must match the dimensions and ceiling height. Small rooms shall be illuminated compact lamps with miniature lampshades. And for low ceilings ideal would be “recessed” devices or overhead ceiling-plates.

For modern chandeliers are most often used:

ordinary incandescent lamp;
halogen lamps;
the LEDs;
fluorescent energy-saving lamps.
So the light in the kitchen was more enjoyable and less irritated eyes, designers recommend the use of the simple chandeliers bulb. The room, bathed in the yellow light, looks cozy, and the food is delicious. Some led and energy saving lamps also Shine in yellow, while possessing the ability to save energy.

If used for classic lighting halogen or led bulbs in the chandeliers, it is possible to visually raise the ceiling. However, note that the design of this lamp requires suspended ceilings for installation of transformers. Picking up the lamp for low ceilings should be calculated so that the lamp is located not closer than B1,2 m from the surface of the table.

The ideal combination of chandeliers other lights and zoning with light
Large kitchen can hardly do a chandelier. The only exceptions are elongated patterns with multiple lamps in a row. Such a device can illuminate a larger space. Alternatively, you can use varieties with two groups of horns. Some of them are directed down and give local lighting, others look up and give a more diffused light. For this device, you can use the dimmer light.

An alternative to this technique may be the use of two chandeliers in the same kitchen. They can be divided into two zones: the working and dining or to further illuminate the bar.

If the design space involves only one chandelier in the center, the remaining zones can be identified in other modifications of lighting fixtures. Spot lights or spots can be placed in a row above the working area on the ceiling or built-in furniture. This is a universal way to illuminate any place in the apartment. Outdoor floor lamp or lamps can be used near the Seating area in the kitchen, which is commonly used for recreation. Directional light from the respective lamps can distinguish decorative niches and other accessories used to decorate the kitchen.

While it does not matter whether the chandelier to work in combination with other lamps or will be the only lamp in the kitchen. The main


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