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50 Absolutely Amazing Ways To Decorate Blank Walls

Not infrequently, after the repair the problem arises: the room looks clean and tidy, but it is too empty and uncomfortable. One reason for this problem is lack of proper wall design. To the atmosphere of the room was filled with the feel and comfort is important to decorate a blank wall. Traditional options (shelves, paintings) work perfectly, but someone may seem boring. However, it is not difficult original way to decorate an empty wall, turning the usual interior exclusive.

There are several of the most relevant ways to decorate a wall:

Beyond doubt, watch in the house is necessary. However, they may not only be a functional element of the interior, but also be the exclusive focus of the room. Very stylish look with a clock built into the wall – these models quickly gained popularity in the field of decoration. Moreover, instead of the usual dial, you can use anything: pictures, photos, unusual figures. These watches can be a solo accent and is guaranteed to transform any room into an exclusive and original.

Another win-win option for decorating a blank wall clock is a large selection of vintage models. Huge clock in the room immediately attract attention, and their appearance resembling the old design, complements the interior notes aristocracy and sophistication.

Not less functionality: in addition to its direct purpose, using mirrors can visually enlarge the space, to fill the room with depth and light and create comfort. In that case, if you want to create an interesting composition and to emphasize the style of the room, it is better to use a group of mirrors. This decision will also emphasize the originality and extraordinary taste of the owners. Group mirrors in different ways: using the same shape or Vice versa, creating a composition of various models. The first option will emphasize rigor and add to the interior elegance, and the second will give expression and dynamics as a play on contrasts.

Mirror frame is a separate piece that has long been used by designers as a decoration of the premises. It can be performed in a variety of styles and in different materials. For example, for classical interior wooden or stone framed with ornate patterns. Modern styles are applied plastic, metal, wooden frame, usually geometric shapes.

Many home store large numbers of photos, but this is perfect material for decorating the walls. Making collages, we not only decorate the wall, but also create an object that will inspire us daily. It can make a selection of photos can be based on any criteria, here you can give free rein to the imagination. For example, you can pick photos by color: to match the walls or other accents in the room. For the kitchen usually use bright monochrome photographs of vegetables or fruit. In the living room or bedroom can be themed collages in plot or style. Picture frames you can use the same – it will unify the composition.

A nice option is to decorate the wall of family photos. You can draw on the wall family tree, in this case, you will need a lot of photos of all family members. And you can make a selection of images of children – in this case, the collage will tell the story of their lives. In any case, each of the options of the decor will is individual and unique.

One of the most popular items in home decoration. This is not surprising, because a well-chosen picture can turn a simple interior into a work of art.

Charming and easy ways to change your home interior design

Now more and more gaining popularity very large painting without a frame. This technique is used so that the frame is not to detract from the picture. Colors and the image should be in harmony with the rest of the interior and in any case not to overload it.

The subject matter of the image also must not be contrary to the atmosphere of the room: kitchen look great still lifes in the living room – painting and industrial landscapes, and in the bedroom – marine and natural landscapes. One of the versatile options – painting in the abstract genre. However, this option is difficult to find the interior in classic style. The main selection criterion like this picture – the colors and shapes of the lines. The popularity of abstract paintings is partly because they look very stylish and form an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication in any room.

You can create collages of small images in the framework – this technique will form in the youth room design.

No less impressive look of the picture – posters. In fact, the poster is a printed image, and the media can serve as a plain paper, and canvas art. The main advantage of these paintings is a huge selection, quick and relatively expensive customization. If you want out of any of the photos to make a beautiful poster that will enhance and complement the interior.

Bulk composition
Global trends in design art does not stand still, and in addition to eternal classics new decorative direction. Not so long ago, at the height of fashion was a variety of bulk compositions, and their material and shape is a wide field for creative ideas. For example, the decoration of hats looks very unusually, and to create a decorative addition with your own hands is not difficult.

Look very exotic topical composition, the basis for which is a Hobbies and interests of the owners. In this case, the composition, in addition to decorative and informative tells about the preferences of living in the house of people.

Decorative plates – another original way to decorate a wall. Moreover, they can be made of different materials and combined in a single composition. The belief that the decoration of the plates of the walls is appropriate only in the classical interior is fundamentally wrong. For example, wicker dish that will accentuate the style of the country, painted suited to the French style, and the bright, simple form – to any of the modern.

Bulk composition on the wall may be most unusual is unlimited scope for creativity. Different applications, interesting shapes, original materials and forms – all this can be a wonderful material for the creation of exclusive tracks that will adorn the wall and add coziness to the room.


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