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50 Adorable Kids Curtains/Drapes Design Ideas

Textiles and color to create the mood of the house. On a set of curtains and bedspreads imposed aesthetic mission, able at once to transform a child’s room. Parents are always banal desire to make the window openings and at the expense of paintings to add color, visual impressions of the interior and at the same time to maintain a conceptual idea.

The search for new ideas in textile design leads to unique results. Elements of art Nouveau, Chebbi-chic Rococo asymmetrical paintings in the spirit of art Nouveau, classic curtain in copyright improvisations look original. If you have the desire to make the bedroom fairy-tale motifs, using fabric, multiband eaves, a variety decor the plot is easy to materialize. Over time, the development Outlook of the child will need correction processing based on new interests. The easiest way to do it again with curtains that puppet room is transformed into a space for a teenager. How to manipulate colors and ideas we will consider in this article.

In accord with style

Curtain creativity begins with straight blades. Classic curtains out of fashion, and children as appropriate as in the living room. Universal Duo is designed for the manipulation of light flows depending on the time of day. Their tightly close at night and during the day to regulate the light intensity by a light muslin or partial screening. Tulle, nylon or organza can be in color, with lace or embroidery, which gives the room a stately appearance. Dense texture and a transparent veil traditionally often complement the pelmet.

Window kit will be perceived differently, if we move away from the standard of decor and resort to sewing technology. Normal pelmet looks interesting, if performed obliquely, to combine with different textures or sew the lining. The finished neck is permissible to perform pleated or inverted pleats. As a result of manipulation of the room will be decorated with beautiful Swagga.

Austrian (Estonie) curtains are often required to decorate Windows. The length of the cut sewn cords that form when lifting the folds. Their lower part resembles the French “Marquise” with the difference that in the expanded position, the fabric remains smooth – no wavy lines. In the assembled position are formed at the bottom of the volumetric festoons. According to this principle, it is logical to make the pelmet. For such models of good silk and blended fabrics with graphic or floral patterns.

Grommet curtains on not similar attachment method to other models and identify with Provence. Plastic or chrome ring inserted in the fabric, strung on a round rod or mesh cloth hooks, threaded into the ring. This is a quick way to create a three-dimensional draping without additional tissue elements. Small eyelets are located in close ranks and form a lush frequent tails. This type of drapery implies medium or low texture density of matter. Large round design sewn first to the tape at a decent distance from each other, and on the cornice form an impressive amount. For country characteristic variation hinges with ruffles at the bottom and the top Assembly on the ledge. The abundance of ruffles and Flirty bows on cambric, linen, cotton or silk touches.

The yards of fabric, randomly collected on the tape or intentionally gathered on the rod look nice due to the asymmetry of the paintings. Artistic mess initially thought, and loose rectangular cuts your cord or beautiful grabs, interpreted from the perspective of modernity. More complex compositions are made easy by the negligence thrown paintings through the eaves, reminiscent of waves.

Fantasy solutions

There is a sense to make curtains for kids functionally and banal: to decorate bright clips, appliques Velcro. Will charm the sight reflective elements attached to the top ready set, effectively replacing their flickering nightlight. With their help it is easy to create a story of a starry sky, supporting the theme of space. On the lower part it is better to sew pockets for small parts. Wearing letters and numbers to cope with the training mission, and committed long cords and ribbons will serve as a decorative tool for the development of motor skills. Fabric of the game images from fairy tales, cartoon characters, large bright pattern will create a relaxed atmosphere.

The quest for pink idyll, floral sarcasti and gentle palette is typical of small lady. Hard lambrequin ready to take the place of paintings and large-scale pattern on the fabric horizontally fixed over the window area, able design to support a given concept. Originally look and side grabs, made in the form of toys-holders. So, Bunny or bear, signing into the arms of frills canvas, will be a bright accent point of the decor.

Version with bows, tied with the involvement of ribbons of different colors and different width, overnight will give the room a front view. Ruffles, edges of paintings, decorated with metallic braid or lace cords, fastened clips butterflies, angels and such attributes are in principle responsible girly nature. In General, gamma presents iridescent colors, but fashion is a bold combination, as pistachio with a pink-red tones.

Bright colors, geometric prints, sketches on the theme of astrology, fantasy, animal series, abstraction and universal pictures on fabric priority in the selection of young gentlemen. Neck with textured appliqués, figure draped in the form of waves or sails hit the bedroom for a boy. Especially look beautiful such variations in thematic design, when the decorative components of the model space according to the idea. Colorful textiles initially does not require sophisticated draping, and often quite freely flowing paintings to the doorway looked decent without the participation of additional accessories.

Color and texture combination is perceived unusual. The reason for the mix can be the color of the walls, headboard, pattern and colors on the canvases, soft accessories. Relatively dominant tones are selected monochrome canvas, giving a chic effect in curtain sets. Look how perfectly complex models – judge for yourself.

It is important to Priaralie two openings in the same textile, choosing the length and model of the type of curtains and architectural features of the room. How organically perceived such filing, can be seen in photo.

How to decorate children’s room with drapes

The constructive part of London and Roman blinds are identical and differ only in the shape of the folds. The first nominee for leadership in the drapery in the open position, are formed small flat tails. The second model of the circuit Assembly are presented as follows: the fabric is folded at the top of the horizontal segments across the width. However, depending on the design, the fabric may look full-length painting or become a bright spot in support of the entourage. In children, this system is considered the most secure. Lightweight design, unlike the heavy cornices with layered drapery, securely holds the cut and copes with svetozaschitnaya and aesthetic functions. Options enough among the moving mechanisms with exactly stretched canvas, to find a suitable model.

Along with the indicated types of practical and roller blinds. They are a wonderful fit for modest sized rooms, ergonomic from the window. Canvases are made from different tissues, but is particularly relevant opaque matter Black-out, providing a full blackout. With them it is convenient to manipulate the intensity of the penetrating flow, effectively protecting the monitors gadgets from glare. Recently, they are increasingly being equipped by the automatic system and the rise going into a roll – wound on the shaft.

Japanese (panel) screens are increasingly cover glass. The system presents translucent panels in parallel attached to the frame or the version with suspended weights paintings. Absolutely smooth bright streaks can close the glass or be an elegant addition to the curtains, if you fix in the niche. If necessary, the separation of functional areas in an original screen not found.

A new perspective on familiar designs
Design ideas changed the attitude to the blinds and today they are often found on the Windows not only offices, but widely used in home decoration. Modern design presents expensive slats of wood, fabric, metal, colored plastic, eco-friendly straw. Blinds are easy to make exclusive, if you move them photo from the family archives, paintings of the masters through the photo. Framed by curtains window looks elegant and if you adhere to the schema draping seasonal striped canvas will not get bored.

To get unusual design, it is possible to combine horizontal blinds, built right next to the glass, Roman blinds prioritise in the upper part of the niche. It is appropriate to hang from the top straight or asymmetrical pelmet, impressive Swagga – picture, to play on the contrast, combining pure colors in one kit.

If you advocate for green space, as draping consider Chinese curtains. They can be as canvases for managed systems, to fold by hand and attached to the strap, which is not very convenient to use. In this case, stickers, drawing stencil or by the technology of printing on one of the many delicate weaving, more than compensate for the absence of functional options. In the open position of the picture-the curtain will close the glass and will merge with the space.If you use exotic option complete with curtains, you should keep their color neutrality. In the absence of decoration on the bamboo, it is appropriate to add optimistic colors on the curtains. The choice of curtains in the nursery assumes multivariate solution. You should have the right improvisation and find other formats.

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