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50 Beautiful Home Bar Design Ideas For Modern Apartment

In our time bar is not the most exotic element of design that in many homes, there is even more than the TV. This piece of furniture has always been associated with looseness, freedom and a kind of rebellious spirit, and was insanely popular even among those who despise alcohol and all that it involves. The twenty-first century gives us unlimited possibilities, and bar can be used to prepare not “bloody Mary” and healthy smoothies and fresh juices, as well as serve as an excellent replacement for the dining table.

A pragmatic approach
Bar, installed in the kitchen – classical approach to solving this issue. Undoubtedly the best option and do not find, as this piece of furniture may vary in its versatility, at the same time performing the role of the buffet, designated for the preparation of drinks and just unusual design element that deserves attention. However, it is worth remembering that a bar is not a single piece of furniture, and item total kitchen units, which must skillfully combine.

If the kitchen area does not allow you to turn around, setting and the buffet and the bar at the same time, it is best to combine our highlight of any kitchen Cabinet, allowing space for cooking gradually develop into a place for eating. To separate these two sectors can smooth change of shade tops or any unusual element of the decor, like figurines or vases with flowers, which will be at the intersection.

Not less than the original decision to place the bar at the window is also quite popular among modern designers. If your window offers a beautiful view of a small Park or green yard, where I love to walk your children, the best location for this piece of furniture is not found. To sit in the kitchen, enjoy the fragrant tea, spending time with the laptop, working or just watching the news, and at the same time to catch one eye to watch your restless child, what could be better?

If you are the proud owner of a kitchen-Studio, a nice option for the bar will be installing on the border of two areas – the living room and kitchen. In this case, to the General functionality will be added, and the role of the septum, which would be neat to divide the space into two parts, not jamming environment.

For fans of noisy companies
In the lounge bar is an island of fun, good cheer and fun. In this room, it often performs its direct function, but in spite of this, can be a wonderful replacement and dining area.

It is best to set the “bar area” in front of the TV, so that during a friendly get-togethers turn his apartment into a real cinema. If the design and dimensions of your sofa combined with the appearance of the bar, not to combine these two pieces of the interior is the real blasphemy. In addition, thus almost twice as increasing the number of seats, but also realized the dream of “lazy”, because the remote control or the newspaper you can now put on the top just behind.

Small apartment kitchen and living room bar design ideas

The material from which your future will be made bar – this is another very important step in her selection. Of course, the first rule is to properly combine this element of the decor with the overall design of the kitchen, so as not to turn the highlight in the “white crow”.

The most popular materials for bar counters consider the tree (often wenge), marble or Corian (material that looks like marble, but more cheap and very durable). More original and universal ideas is the use of plastic or glass, although these materials are not as durable and impact resistant. Also in the manufacture of countertops of chipboards and stone, but these materials are not so popular because of the complexity of their design and processing.

Special attention should be given to the Corian. This material is very beautiful, the color range is not limited by anything, it is quite easy to work with and the price is much more democratic than the marble. It is perfect for any classic design, characterized by rigor and accuracy of the forms.

Glass, plastic and particleboard are much more common in the designs of hi-tech and modern. They look, no doubt, much more original wood or stone, but any scratch on the plastic will be visible even to the blind, and stains from children’s arms on the glass will have to be washed regularly. Such an option for countertops hardly suitable for families with children, but will be a good design decision in the “stag homes or apartments newlyweds.

Wood and stone is a traditional part of the interior of the country style and all those like him. The warmth of nature, natural materials, and minimal damage to the environment – that is the motto of such design plans, which certainly deserve the attention. But, nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the tree is extremely unfriendly to the water, and behind him will have to carefully look, and the stone is difficult to process and it is difficult to deduce spots left after a noisy party.

As the circle inscribed in the square
The bar can be of various forms, but traditionally there are round, semi-round, built in the shape of the letter “g” and oblong. The main thing when working with shape properly fit the rack in the interior, that she didn’t put everything in the room, and it was convenient to get to.

Round bar look best in large kitchens or living rooms. Here they turn into a kind of island of leisure and fun, where they forget all the problems and hardships, especially if the company make good friends. If a circular shape is difficult to fit into the interior, modern designers use a wide rectangular rack, but keep the principle of “Islands” in order not to disturb the atmosphere of this style.

Semicircular rack often find their place in the corner of the room. Whether it is kitchen, living room or balcony, if you have a large window and nice view, the best place to find never. In the only corner of the rack, you can put any decoration, whether a bouquet of your favorite flowers, a statue brought from Egypt or toy for your child.

“G” and “T” shaped bar serve a piece of the puzzle of your kitchen, skillfully combining it into one, but not turning into a regular kitchen Cabinet. Such elements usually replace interior dining area, but additionally can be used as a surface for cooking, if you are on a new year comes all relatives, and various dishes have nowhere to place.

Straight bar is the classic version of this element of the interior, which is no surprise. Despite this, its surprising versatility – it can find its place as an extension of the kitchen table or Cabinet, to settle in the living room behind the sofa, to serve as a partition between the kitchen and living areas, or simply to divide the room into two zones – a home and a place for entertainment.

Let there be light!
Lighting is equally important element of the design bar. Properly installed colored lamps or diode tape can work wonders, turning gatherings with friends in real light show.

Often the lighting built into the front panel of the counter, but that modern designers have considered stale and hackneyed. Much more original look multicolored lights that replace each other within a rack, made of any transparent or translucent material. In addition, if the repair budget allows, your place for friendly fun can be a real stereo system, providing not only the original lighting, and music.

Two levels of happiness
Split-level bar is a new fashion, which is rapidly gaining market in the CIS countries and Europe. They are divided into two types: stationary and dynamically.

The difference between them to define a very simple, even just knowing their name. In the dynamic bar racks, the second level can be moving, hiding, or, conversely, pulling out a niche in order to increase the area of available space if you have more guests than you expected, or sitting over a Cup of tea went into a full-fledged dinner. Stationary have a real second part, on which are placed various decorative elements or useful things, such as napkin holders and the beneficial salt.

Select chairs
Many inexperienced designers, working on the bar, do not take seriously the problem of the selection of chairs, and because of this error, the entire design plan can become impossible. It is worth remembering that the chair, in many cases, is the interface between the interior and the bar, so they cannot be neglected.

Undoubtedly, the ideal solution is always designer chairs that will be made specifically for your kitchen, but this option often requires just exorbitant costs. A much more economical option would be to order bar stools, completely copying the style of all the other chairs in the room, in order to associate them with one idea and thereby create another link for your design plan. If time and budget are tight, then the easiest option is to make the chairs from the same material, which is made stand and other furniture in the room, only experimenting with shades so as to add a little originality.

Bar is not only a great solution to many practical problems, but also the original piece of furniture, a special occasion and not a lot of eyes. Properly inscribed in the interior, not cluttering the overall ambience and comfortable enough, it will become your favorite place in the whole house, where you will be spending every sleepy morning and cozy, tube evening.

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