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50 Beautiful Rocking Chairs: Interior and Exterior Design Ideas

The rocking chair is associated with a cozy comfortable stay, the atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Moreover, this piece of furniture not only decorates the interior, but also has a positive effect on health. Swinging promotes relaxation, distraction from unnecessary thoughts, and, consequently, strengthens the nervous system.

The modern furniture industry is a huge number of shapes and models of chairs, made of various materials. It is therefore suitable to the interior of the rocking chair at the present time is not easy.

Rocking chairs: diversity of forms and materials
Rocking chairs are often made of rattan, wicker, wood, metal or plastic. Each material has its own advantages, disadvantages and specific style:

Rattan wicker furniture, which is characterized by its elegance and sustainability, and is usually made manually. These rocking chairs are very light, practical and well suited to the interior of a country house, porch or Conservatory.
Wicker chairs can be made in a variety of styles from country to contemporary.

Tree: this material can be made to either the frame or the whole chair entirely.
The main advantage of rocking chairs wood is durability, comfort and wide selection of materials and forms of upholstery.

Choose the design of the chair can, depending on the style of the room. For example, a small chair with original upholstery molds perfectly fit into the interior in the style of pop art.

Carved armchair with dark wood fits to the interior in the style of art Deco, art Nouveau or modern classics.

Plastic chairs from this material possess high durability and practicality. Moreover, designers like this story for the bright colors and the opportunity to take an unusual, original form.
Rocking chair made of plastic perfectly fit into the interior of the ultra-modern style, such as hi-tech or minimalism.

Cozy interior design with rocking chair

Metal rocking chair is the most durable and long lasting. Usually this material is made only the frame of the chair or the base part, the most exposed to the load.
However all rules there are exceptions: for example, a metal chair unusual shape, made of metal, may be the main focus of the interior in the style of the avant-garde.

The rocking chair in the house: the location of the
Usually rocking chair is associated with the interior of a cottage or country house, although a variety of shapes can put a rocking chair in any room, regardless of its function and style.

For example, a rocking chair for the nursery best to choose wood in bright colours.

Will also add to the atmosphere of the nursery comfort of the big easy chair upholstered. This model is ideal for feeding baby.

In the living room rocking chair can be positioned in front of the TV, a coffee table, or, according to tradition, next to the fireplace. The main thing is that the chair design was in harmony with the interior of the room.

Bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, and this piece of furniture, like a rocking chair perfectly complements the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

In General, for the location of the rocking chairs in the apartment, there are no restrictions. A suitable design of the chair can be positioned in any part of the house.

Rocking chair on the terrace or spacious balcony looks very harmonious. For the location under the open sky usually choose chairs made of wood or rattan.

Can be placed on the terrace a few chairs for the whole family or for entertaining.

If space on the site is equipped with a fire, rocking chairs around it will create an even more intimate atmosphere.


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